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A Closer Look at The Air Jordan 9 “Fire Red”

Air Jordan Fire Red

Nike is full of surprises and you never know from one year to another which innovations or resurrections from the past will be offered. The Air Jordan 9 in a Fire Red colorway is coming back for the 2022 season of new releases. It's a retro-styled sneaker that makes an occasional appearance, delighting sneakerheads who love the looks and the fit of the shoes. Nike recently announced the pending release and here is what we know about it so far, along with a few interesting facts about its history.

The history of the Air Jordan Fire Red

Laced of the UK explains that the Fire Red colorway became a sensation when it made its debut as a model in the Air Jordan 4 collection in 1989. Designed with Jordan's Bulls colors in white, black, and red, his endorsement was all some needed to make it one of the hottest selling sneakers of the year. His collaboration with the design genius Tinker Hatfield opened up a floodgate of possibilities for the Air Jordan sub-brand of Nike with many retro editions to come on the heels of the original.

The Air Jordan Fire Red as a cultural icon

The rich and storied history of the Air Jordan in Fire Red includes an appearance in the Spike Lee film "Do The Right Thing," and Michael Jordan made an appearance to boost advertising efforts in commercials and marketing posters. It wasn't a hard sell as the sneaker was court worthy, but comfortable as an everyday streetwear accessory. A basketball shoe with high performance, but attractive enough to dress up any casual outfit.

Well-spaced retro re-issues of the AJ Fire Red

Nike repeated the releases with hyped release dates in 2006, with a gap of seventeen years in between the retro drop and the original release. They brought the sneaker back six years later in 2012. The Air Jordan Fire Red became a popular go-to model for retro releases such as the AJ 4 Fire Red Mars Blackmon, and the Jordan 4 Retro Fire Red. Comparisons from each release show slight differences, but you would need to view them together to notice. True sneakerheads caught on to the deviations immediately and vocalized their dislike of replacing traditional Nike Air branding with the Jumpman logo.

Another chance to get it right in 2020

After two retro releases that were loved by some sneaker fans and reviled by others, the retro reissue of the Air Jordan 4 in Fire Red dropped. The Jumpman logo appeared on the tongue in red, but the Nike Air branding on the heel was reinstated. You can find a few pairs on Stock X for $200. This version of the Fire Red was released on November 28, 2020, with its signature black heel tabs, the original Nike Air branding, the white leather uppers, and Fire Red and Black accents on select components of the shoe.

Impressive statistics from Stock X

The online vendor sold 11,517 pairs of the 2020 Air Jordan 4 in Fire Red with a twelve-month trade range of $151 to $612. The average sale price was $372. It's not a stretch to infer that a lot of fans of the model were happy to pay prices over three times its original retail cost for the privilege of ownership. It's a collector's sneaker, particularly if you have a pair of each of the previous releases. There's another on the horizon, and here's what we know about it so far.

Two new Air Jordans in Fire Red for 2022

If you're in a hurry to try the latest Air Jordan Red, you're going to have a wait. It's won't arrive until later in the Fall. Sneaker Bar Detroit confirms that the first new Red will drop on September 10, 2022, with a price tag of $210 at select retailers. It's an Air Jordan 3 in Fire Red. This retro issue dating back to previous versions of the AJ 3, popular in 2017. It's enough to hold fans of the Air Jordan brand over until the latest version is available later on in the year. Nike is on fire with its intermittent releases of the retro line.

The Air Jordan 9 in Fire Red

If you're looking for a replica of the original from 1989, it's not happening with the AJ 9 Fire Red. This sneaker will feature its personality with new aesthetics and a modernized design that doesn't resemble its predecessors. The only elements that remain the same are the white leather uppers and the inclusion of red accents. While dyed-in-the-wool fans of the original may not be interested, the updated Fire Red will have a new following of enthusiasts.

Nike starts with a white leather upper with Cool Grey overlays in patent leather for big sophisticated bling. The glossy-grey midsole attaches to the white leather upper, following it up to the collar. It highlights the perfect tight stitching with an upper-end quality that screams "durable". Contrasting red accents for the eyelets that hold the grey laces in place, stitching across the top of the grey tongue, and branding on the heel add an attractive contrast. There's a Jumpman logo in red on the midsole, made of white material, followed by a white rubber outsole.

When will the Air Jordan 9 be here and how much will it cost?

The current updates report that the new Air Jordan 9 Fire Red sneakers will hit the stock rooms of select retailers on November 5, 2022. Nike will also offer the sneaker at its online shop. The manufacturer's suggested retail price is $200. Nike appears to be establishing a new tradition with the Fire Red colorway now offered in its AJ 9 model. It doesn't appear to be a retro sneaker to any degree, as there is little resemblance to the original. If that's what you're after, the Air Jordan 3 is closer to the first sneaker. It's a new model for the modern generation.

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