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The 10 Cheapest Pairs of Jordans Money Can Buy

Jordan Sneakers

Some people desire Jordans sneakers for their attractiveness and visual appeal, yet are unable to afford most of them. According to Business Insider, the average price of Jordans sneakers is $145. Due to the relatively high cost, some people may opt for cheaper sneaker brands. However, did you know that you could get a pair of Jordans sneakers at an affordable cost? If you are fond of Jordans sneakers, you do not need to buy other cheap sneakers that you may not even like. Without further ado, here are ten of the cheapest Jordans that you can get today.

10. Air Jordan 1 Retro High’ Family Forever’ ($120)

The sneakers were released as a Father’s Day gift for Michael Jordan. According to Sole Collector, the idea of releasing these sneakers came from his children; Jeffrey, Marcus, and Jasmine. They approached the Jordan brand with the idea, and the resulting sneakers were predominantly denim. Other visually appealing features of the sneakers include the multicolored upper eyelets, a powder blue outsole, and a classic white midsole. These sneakers have attractive tread patterns on the outsole.

On the upper part, there is a circle at the center with straight lines coming out from it. Around the circle, other circular shapes enclose it, which form a pattern you commonly see in optical illusions. As attractive as the treads are, we cannot fail to acknowledge their role in reducing slips. Treads provide a firm grip when you make contact with slippery terrain, e.g., muddy paths. The reason they can offer a grip is due to their teeth-like function since teeth can grab onto an object.

9. Jordan 1 Low SE Tropical Twist ($120)

This brand appears to draw inspiration from the 2005 Nike SB Dunk. These sneakers mimic the 2005 sneakers by matching their black tumbled leather overlays with a mint green leather base. Although the sneakers use a two-tone colorway of tropical twist and black, the orange color is reserved for the Nike swooshes and “AIR” label. These sneakers come equipped with cup soles. A cup sole is a rubber outsole with a tall ‘sidewall.’ The sidewall cradles the upper of the shoe, hence the name “cup sole.” The role of the cup sole is to protect your feet from injury.

The reason it can protect your feet is due to it being made of EVA, which is a type of cushioning. That means you can stomp as hard as possible without any injury occurring. The sneakers contain an Air-Sole unit in the heel, which contribute to their general lightweight. Due to their lightweight, the sneakers are best used by people who walk a lot. When you walk, you lift your feet. If the sneakers were heavy, you would use a lot of effort to lift them, which means you would get tired quickly. Thankfully, you can walk in these sneakers for long distances without experiencing so much fatigue.

8. Jordan 1 Low Limelight ($120)

The brand’s upper boasts a breathable mesh fabric that is hued in white. As for the leather panels that cover from heel to toe and laces, they are donned in pistachio green. The combination of the white and green colors makes these sneakers resemble a tennis ball. These sneakers offer effective support due to the paddings around the ankle area. In games like basketball and football, there tends to be a lot of shoving. If you played with sneakers without the paddings, you would easily fall over after being lightly pushed.

Some shoes have paddings which make them bulky. Due to their bulkiness, they occupy so much space that the shoe may not fit them. Fortunately, the paddings are thin while still being able to offer the needed support. Another notable feature of these sneakers is that they facilitate free movement since they are low-top shoes. They make movement easy since they do not cover your ankles, unlike high-top shoes. Since your ankles are not restricted when you wear this shoe, you can easily make maneuvers as you run or walk.

7. Air Jordan 4 Military Blue 2006 ($115)

These sneakers contain white, neutral grey, and military blue colorways. The white color has been reserved for the leather upper, while the other colors occupy the remaining sections of the sneakers. When they were originally released in 1989, they stood out from other Jordans sneakers. They had an unusually extended tongue and plastic “A-arms,” which this edition still has. The sneakers have mesh panels on the top part and sides. Mesh is a breathable material, which means it can expel moisture like sweat.

You are likely to sweat on your feet during a heavy workout routine. The more it accumulates, the more it attracts bacteria which contribute to foot odor. Fortunately, the material allows air to circulate within your feet and expel the sweat through evaporation. Therefore, you can take off these sneakers in public without fearing disturbing people with bad foot odor. The upper of the sneakers contains a combination of suede and leather. Both materials are durable, but leather is more durable. Suede is instead preferred for its smooth appearance since it is soft. Since suede is more susceptible to damage by itself, it explains why it is combined with leather.

6. Air Jordan 1 Mid “Orange Peel ($110)

Due to the combination of black and orange colorways, these sneakers would look good if worn during Halloween. Additionally, the sneakers’ bright and bold colors make them resemble the Air Jordan 1 High “Shattered Backboard” brand. These sneakers have an unusually large orange swoosh, an embossed ankle Wings logo, and a Jumpman tongue tag. The upper of the shoes are made of nubuck leather. Nubuck has similar properties to suede due to its softness and durability. However, there is a difference between the materials.

Suede is made from the underside of the animal skin, while nubuck comes from the outer side of the skin. Nubuck is naturally thicker than suede, which makes it more durable. It tends to have some imperfections, so it has to be stained to remove them. Another advantage of nubuck is that it is easy to clean. Unlike other leather materials that require polishing, this material can be cleaned with only a brush. So, it is not necessary to apply any cleaning product to the brush.

5. Jordan 1 Mid Triple White 2.0 ($110)

Unlike most Jordans sneakers, these sneakers use one colorway throughout. The sneakers use an ultra-clean white color for the shoes, which gives them a luxurious feel. Due to the brightness of the color, you may not spot the Jumpman logo and Jordan’s Wings logo on the tongue and collar, respectively, at first glance. These sneakers have perforations on the uppers. Their role is to prevent water accumulation in your feet in case you accidentally step on a puddle. The perforations are designed to allow water out of the shoes and not in your shoes.

Additionally, they provide ventilation that cools your feet to eliminate foot odor. These sneakers offer comfort to the wearer since the outsoles are made of rubber. Rubber is an excellent shock-absorbing agent, which means you will not feel the hardness of the pavement as you move. Additionally, by reducing the shocks generated by your feet striking the ground, the material also minimizes blisters. The blisters would usually occur due to the continual striking of the ground.

4. Air Jordan 1 Mid ‘Multicolor Swoosh Black’ ($110)

This brand takes inspiration from the original Air Jordan 1 sneakers, which explains the sneakers’ black and red colors. The red color has been reserved for the Universal Red Swoosh on the lateral side. As for the medial side, the sneakers use a Hyper Royal Swoosh. Some sections of the upper are made of synthetic leather, which is more advantageous than natural leather. First, it is more durable. Synthetic leather does not wear and tear due to prolonged water exposure or continuous running. If you are environmentally-conscious, you will like these sneakers since synthetic leather is environmentally safer.

Natural leather requires a lot of treatment through chemicals, which may make their way into the soil or water. Meanwhile, synthetic leather requires less chemical treatment. The remaining section of the shoe is made of suede. Compared to leather, suede does not crease as much. Even if it did, it wouldn’t be that noticeable due to the upper’s black colorway. However, the creasing of the material is not a reason to be concerned. All you have to do is to scrub it with a nylon toothbrush or suede brush.

3. Air Jordan 1 Centre Court’ White on White’ ($104.99)

This brand draws inspiration from tennis shoes, based on the predominantly white colorway. The upper has a white leather construction with tonal stitches that highlight the heel. Next, the shoes have grey suede heel patches that include a debossed ‘Wings’ logo. The patches contain oval-shaped figures that resemble a fish’s scales. Since these shoes are white, it makes them versatile. For instance, you can pair these sneakers with casual outfits (skirts, slacks, or shorts) and formal outfits (white tuxedos and military white duck suits). Their versatility also means you can wear them at any time of the year. For instance, you can wear them during the summer to show off your tanned legs or during spring formals.

2. Air Jordan 1 Low ($90)

These sneakers were first released in 1985 along with the Air Jordan 1 High. The release of the sneakers would mark the beginning of several collaborations between Nike and Michael Jordan. Most Jordans sneakers from the 1980s had a “NIKE AIR” branding on the tongue. These sneakers were the first to replace the “NIKE AIR” branding with Jumpman logos, and the trend has remained popular today. The feature that stands out about these sneakers is that they are premium leather. Premium leather is famous for its aesthetic and durability. In terms of aesthetics, the material develops a patina with time.

Patina is a brown film on the surface that gives it a glossy look. As for durability, premium leather resists moisture which means it isn't damaged by water like ordinary leather. In terms of comfort, these shoes use Nike Air technology. According to Nike, the technology stores pressurized air in a flexible bag which is then fitted in the midsole. Its aim is to protect your feet from injury by absorbing the impact of your movements.

1. Jordan Series .02 “Dear Dean” ($75.97)

These sneakers tribute to Dean Smith, a man who is a coach and a father figure to Michael Jordan during college. It explains why they're blue and upper colorways to represent Michael’s alma mater. Additionally, the words “Dear Dean” are on the lateral sides.

This is the brand to consider if you have wide feet and need the proper sneakers. These sneakers contain some stretches, which means your feet will automatically fit into the shoes. You will therefore not need to resort to using ice or a hairdryer to stretch them. Part of the upper is canvas. The material is lightweight, which makes it suitable for any sporting activity. Additionally, the material is versatile. That means you can pair these sneakers with a wide range of outfits. Also, you can decide whether or not you want to pair these shoes with socks.


Believe it or not, this is not a comprehensive list of cheap Jordans sneakers. There are still many cheap ones out there, but this listicle is a good place to start. The beauty of the cheap Jordans sneakers is that they are just as good as their expensive counterparts. For instance, you can get durable ones since most of them are leather and suede. Besides being durable, these sneakers also deliver in terms of aesthetics due to their creative colorway choices. So if you know anybody who needs some budget-friendly Jordans sneakers, you can point them to this article.

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