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A Closer Look at the Air Jordan 11 "Cherry"

Air Jordan 11 Cherry

Every year Jordan Brand releases their sneakers during the holidays. Today, we will focus on the Air Jordan 11 "Cherry'' sneakers, which will be launched in December 2022. Since they are yet to be released, you may think the sneakers are new. However, according to SneakerFiles, they were originally released in 2001 as low-top sneakers and redesigned in 2016. These sneakers have a white mesh upper with varsity red patent leather overlays. As for its outsole, it is translucent with an ice-white colorway. Now that we know what the sneakers look like, let us explore what they offer in terms of functionality.

Mudguard Material

One thing that stands out about these sneakers is the red and glossy mudguard. The mudguard is glossy since it is made of patent leather. Patent leather is glossy because it is coated thrice with a polyurethane/acrylic solution. Each component in the solution has different characteristics: polyurethane is responsible for the shiny appearance, while acrylic is flexible. To seal this coating, it is then vacuum dried. The mudguard is appealing by itself, but it also keeps these sneakers visually appealing in another way. The mudguard protects these sneakers from mud and water. Mud and water stain the sneakers and make them unappealing. Thankfully, the mudguard does not allow mud or water to cling to it. Instead, you will easily wipe it off with a cloth and not scrub with a brush.

Rubber Outsole

One reason people admire rubber outsoles is that they are slip-resistant. According to Work Gearz, rubber is slip-resistant because of its soft composition which provides an effective grip on a surface. By being resistant to slip, they minimize injuries which are especially common in athletics. Rubber also protects the wearer from burns or exposure to high temperatures. There are instances when you may accidentally step on acid or any other corrosive chemical. Fortunately, the outsole will not melt since it takes a lot of heat for rubber to melt. Besides protecting your feet, rubber does not alter the shape of the outsole hence keeping it new. When you run, some impact is transferred to your feet. Since there are games that last for an hour, it would be uncomfortable to feel this impact continually for an hour. Not only would you get foot fatigue, but you would also suffer some blisters on your soles. To minimize such discomfort, rubber absorbs the shocks from your movement, so you will not feel any impact on your feet when you run.

Mesh Upper

Have you ever walked with certain sneakers and felt they were heavy? If that was your experience, the shoes were likely not made from mesh. Mesh is a lightweight material that makes these entire sneakers light. Due to their lightweight, you can participate in athletics without experiencing foot fatigue. Besides reducing foot fatigue, you will also be able to take off since you will not struggle to lift these shoes. Another key advantage of mesh is its breathability. Breathability is important since athletes tend to sweat on their feet. First, sweat makes their feet wet, which is an uncomfortable feeling. Also, sweat contributes to foot odor since it attracts bacteria that feed on it and excrete chemicals with pungent smells. Mesh offers adequate ventilation, so if you sweat, air passes through your feet and gets rid of it through evaporation. Lastly, mesh is good for balance. You will not always want to jog on a flat surface as a runner. Sometimes, you may decide to challenge yourself by running through wet terrains or bumpy roads. However, if you use the wrong material, you could slip and get injured. Fortunately, this material gives you the proper balance, which enables you to run in any terrain


These sneakers incorporate Nike Adapt power lacing technology for their laces. According to Nike, the technology helps the laces adjust based on the shape of your foot. As a result, you will not have to keep tying your shoelaces. Shoelaces become loose due to the force from running. When you step on the ground, the force is so strong that it loosens the laces by stretching them. Since these laces attach firmly to your feet, they are not affected by force from running. Besides the irritation of constantly tying your shoelaces, loose shoelaces can cause injury. In any game, there is close contact between athletes. Therefore, there is a strong chance of an athlete stepping on your loose shoelaces. As a result, you can trip and possibly get seriously injured. With these laces not being affected when you run, you do not need to worry about getting injured.

Ankle Support

Some people have given up athletics due to having weak ankles or experiencing ankle injuries. You do not have to give up playing just yet, since you can get shoes with the proper ankle support. Fortunately, the Air Jordan 11 "Cherry" sneakers contain ankle support. First, ankle support enables your feet to move naturally. Whenever you run, your feet roll inward while your arches collapse. So, for better alignment, you need ankle support that mimics the movement of your feet. Luckily, these sneakers have a firm midsole that mimics and protects your arches. Since ankle support features cushioning, it reduces pressure on your ankles as you move. If the pressure is not reduced, that will lead to an ankle injury. Besides reducing pressure on your ankles, they reduce pressure on other areas of your feet.


The Air Jordan 11 "Cherry" sneakers solve all the fears athletes have while playing; discomfort and injury. Uncomfortable sneakers are the ones that would cause you to experience foot fatigue or feel sweaty on your feet. These sneakers contain mesh which is breathable, so you can participate in sports for long without worrying about any discomfort. Injury can abruptly end an athlete's career. With no career, they will not be able to take care of their families. Fortunately, these sneakers contain ankle support which enables you to move in any way. Therefore, your feet will not be misaligned, which is how ankle injuries start.

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