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A Closer Look at the Jordan Zion 2 “Prism”

Jordan Zion 2 “Prism”

Jordan has been missing in action in the last year. The company has not released a new shoe brand in the entire 2021-2022 season. In this New Year, they are looking forward to expanding the Zion Williamson signature brand by introducing the Zion 2. Jordan Zion 2 Prism is a shoe that features white colors highlighted with a different array of colors around the shoe. There are multi colors on the ankle, tongue, and around the heels. The shoe has the 90s-inspired theme of Zion Air Forefoot straps.

Overall Review of Jordan Zion 2

Zion Williamson is a famous American basketball player who plays for New Orleans Pelicans. He did not play in the 2021-2022 season because he was out on commission. Fellow teammates and fans have wished him a quick recovery and are awaiting his return. It looks like the wish of his beloved fans and colleagues will soon come true as it is expected that he will join his team, The Pelicans, for the 2022-2023 season. His return will also mark the Jordan Zion 2 prism launch, in which they recently released the official images of the shoe. Jordan has redefined the modern sneaker culture, and everyone is looking forward to owning a pair of these gorgeous shoes. The company has had a successful career in the shoe market and has made a name for itself as a top shoe-selling company. According to Kicksonfire, the history of Jordan dates back to 1985. Nike, the parent company of the Jordan brand, is always taking pride in this iconic brand, and they honor it often. The Chicago Bulls is a renowned basketball team that picked Jordan in their third overall draft. They wore Jordan shoes in the 1982 NCAA championship. Later in the summer of 1984, they won the Olympic gold in the final basketball tournament. Later, Jordan entered into a partnership with Nike, where they signed an endorsement deal of five years. The deal is estimated to be worth $2.5 million, including the royalties. This is an enormous deal for an athlete who has yet to establish his name professionally.

There are a few challenges that emerged along the way. NBA suspended the deal they had signed with Jordan because of failure to meet the company’s strict policy on colors and uniforms. Jordan accepted the blame and wore the shoes. They had committed a court offense where they faced a fine of $5000 per game and had to pay the NBA the money. Every cloud has a silver lining. Nike spotted an opportunity in this cloud of a challenge, and they took the marketing opportunity which had presented itself. Nevertheless, Nike paid the fine, and they witnessed a boost in MJ rocking their shoe brand on the epic Rookie of the year honor. Later, Nike introduced a unique Air Jordan model that is the only shoe version to feature the Nike Swoosh logo. Since 1985, Nike has made a trademark wings logo. The Jordan shoes are known to feature leather overlays on the upper part, which is a definition of durability. The leather is also perforated for ventilation. It is easy to color block the shoes.

Features of the Jordan Zion 2 Prism

There is a drastic change in design from the Jordan Zion one. There are two angles of the shoe, the 45 degrees, and the lateral side angle. On the forefoot, the rubber sole has a ZW signature which stands for Zion Williamson. The shoe also features a one-way strap design that says zoom air underneath the strap where the actual Velcro looks like the strap goes halfway into the tongue but still maintains a one-strap look. The only challenge with one-strap shoes is you can’t tighten the shoes. The forefoot does not specify if it’s a full-length zoom strobe. You cannot see any foam on the midsole; the outsole looks like it extends. The photos make it hard to tell if the colored midsole is exposed or not. The shape of the sole is exceptionally straight, and it resembles the Jordan 12 with a little curve on the forefoot. The shoe is also clunky and heavy with an old-school theme because of the use of leather material. According to Nicekicks, Jordan Zion 2 prism has both an aesthetic and an old-school feel. On the tongue, it says Zion, and the forefoot is made from some mesh material and leather. There is a big difference between the first and the second version.

Availability and Price

The new Jordan Zion 2 Prism is set for release in 2022, with no mention of the specific release date. You can follow Nike’s official Twitter account for the release dates. Other Jordan enthusiasts like Kicks Founder are on the lookout for the official release date. The retail price is estimated to be $140. The shoe will be available on the official Nike and selected third-party retailers. The color of the shoe is expected to be half blue, pink prime, and deep royal blue.

Value Speculation

According to Trapholizay, Jordan Zion 2 Prism is expected to be sold for $140. Fans have been anticipating the release of this shoe since 2021. There has been an online discussion where different influencers speculate that the price will likely hike after the release date. Where there is smoke, there is fire. The move is predictable because of all the hype around the shoe and the previous trends where past Nike designs have seen a hike in prices after they have been unveiled. It is mere speculation, and we cannot be sure that it will happen, but we will know the truth after the set 2022 date when the shoe is ready for an incredible launch.


Jordan Zion 2 Prism is set to be released in 2022. The company has not mentioned the specific date of the official launch, but it might be sometime in the summer. The estimated price is $140. It will be an epic shoe, none like you have seen before, with a rating of nine out of ten.

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