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A Closer Look at The Jordan Jumpman Diamond Low PE

Jordan Jumpman Diamond Low PE

After all these years, the kids still want to be like Mike. The Greatest of All Time, Michael Jordan, is largely retired from sports, save for the odd charity golf tournament but he's still out there. He's still in control of the Jordan Brand that makes those shoes in conglomoration with Nike that have his name and likeness on them. Recently, Sir Altitude announced that he and his brand will be donating one hundred million dollars over the next ten years to organizations that have dedicated themselves to "ensuring racial equality, social justice and greater access to education." If only we could all be like Mike, and not just on the court. The Jordan Jumpman Diamond has been out for about a year as of this writing. What have we figured out about this model so far? Well, here's 10 Things You Didn't Know about The Jordan Jumpman Diamond Low PE.

10. The Traction is Super

Wearers of this shoe find that it bites right into a clean court. The pros love this shoe because the wearer is not slipping an inch while dribbling down the court in these. They won't be putting you on skates! It's the soft rubber compund of the sole that does it. Now, if memory serves, the gymnasium floor at my old school was barely ever swept at all. A little dust might gum things up but a quick wipe and you're good to go. It may not be the best thing for outdoor courts.

9. The Support is Excellent

That diamond cage is not just for looks. It provides the stability you need to make your foot feel locked in. The internal heel counter plus the outer diamond cage deliver a good deal of containment. The wearer will be pleased to find that this shoe does not lead to instabilitiy on either side-to-side movement on lateral movements. Basketball is a sport that calls for a lot of dodging from one side to the other, trying to get a good shot for the hoop. These are basketball shoes meant for basketball, not just for fashion.

8. It Runs True to Size

. Don't you just hate it when you put on a pair of shoes, ostensibly your size, and there's enough room to set up a home office? Even worse is when they are so tight your big toe is pointing at your pinkie toe. That is not a problem here. Almost all customers are satisfied with the fit of the Jordan Jumpman Diamond Low PE. People with unusually wide feet may want to go up a size.

7. Luka Dončić Will Be Wearing a Custom Pair in the Upcoming Season

Covid has been hard on everyone, but particularly the athletic world. Not only were games cancelled but manufacture of sporting equipment was severely hampered. Luka Dončić, a Slovenian ex pat, is the new point guard and small forward for the Dallas Mavericks. This up an comer caught the eye of the Jordan Brand very recently and in turn for signing on he was given a few custom made pairs of the Jordan Jumpman Diamond in his team's colors of royal blue and gold.

6. They Were Designed by Tinker Hatfield

Yes, a guy named Tinker makes shoes. Yes, that's his real name. In fact, his full name is Tinker Linn Hatfield, Jr. which means there's another older Tinker out there. This living legend in sneaker culture is responsible for the Nike Air Max 1, Nike Air Max 90, Nike Air Huarache and a ton of other shoes under the Jordan name.  Hatfield's design of the Jordan Jumpman Diamond is the perfect blend of style and substance. Now that is dropping dimes.

5. These Shoes Were Made With Every Player in Mind

Luka Dončić plays two positions, so it only makes sense for him to endorse a sneaker that can work with multiple positions. It doesn't matter if you're a center, guard or forward. This shoe is sure to help you make it rain. These solid and responsive shoes are good for any b-baller who wants to take it to the hole. Or even just assist someone take it to the hole.

4. Two Profile Versions were Released

Do you like your shoes to have a low or medium profile? If you like a fast paced game, you may prefer the low profile version. The mid profile shoe is better suited to players who need a little extra protection in the ankle area. Get whatever works best for you.

3. The Shoe is Made with Very Light Materials

If you want lightweight shoes, you need lightweight materials to make them from. Synthetic fibers and lightweight textile make the upper part of the shoe. A light shoe lets the wearer take full advantage of their speed without being weighed down.

2. Here is the Reason Why they Are Called Jumpman Diamond

It isn;t just because they shine bright like a diamond, even though they do. It's all in the detailing. The soles of these sneakers are covered in a diamond pattern. The plastic counters on the shoe forms a weddbed network that forms a diamong shaped pattern as well.

1. It was Released as a Collection of Four

Last year, the Jordan Brand released a collection of four models of basketball sneakers just in time for the FIBA World Cup.  The sister shoes of the Jordan Jumpman Diamond include the Air Jordan 4, the Jordan 12 and the Jordan 33 SE. All were marked with Michael Jordan's motto "For the Love of the Game." as well as the markings of the flags that represented the participating nations.

And that's the Jordan Jumpman Diamond. It is a basketball shoe made with the game rather than fashion in mind but you can't deny that it is a stylish thing. It's hard to track down just how many colorways are available but it is more than five. Jordan has made custom colorways for ballers endorsing their brand. Maybe some of those colorways will become official. After all, maybe some kids want to like Luka.

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