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The History of The Jordan Jumpman Pro

Jordan Jumpman Pro

The Jordan Jumpman Pro is a sneaker with a rich and storied history. It's been around for 25 years and in 2022, the rumor is that it is making a comeback. We learned that twenty-five years after its debut, the Jordan Jumpman Pro is coming back for another run. It's good news for sneaker buffs with a penchant for vintage models with a modern twist. It's a wonderful way to celebrate the quarter-century anniversary of the shoe. Some will remember it from the earlier versions and others may not know the history. We take a look at the history of the Jordan Jumpman Pro as a refresher and look at the new version that is set to drop soon.

The history of the Jordan Jumpman Pro

Sneaker News reminds us that it's been twenty-five years since the debut of the Jordan Jumpman Pro. It dropped in 1997 with four variants available in the collection. It offered sneaker enthusiasts a small range of choices in a shoe fit for competition sports on the court or everyday wear. The original version was made for intense activity with durable construction and ample comfort, but it came out before the latest technological advances and newer materials were available. The limited range of choice in colorway was noted and addressed when the sneaker model was re-issued in 2008. It made another comeback in 2017 with more colorways available for both of the new model years. The Jordan Jumpman Pro sneakers were hot sellers from the late 1990s and with every new release.

Recapturing the nostalgia

The advantage Nike has with its Jordan sub-label is the years of rich history to draw from in its quest to deliver a return to happy times and good feelings with its vintage throwback issues. In this case, it goes back twenty-five years and the 2022 edition will find an audience with those fond of the originals as it draws from the crowd seeking to recapture the best elements of the era with feelings of nostalgia that the new Jumpman Pro offers. Sneaker History points out that some of our most beloved star players sported a pair of Jordan Jumpman Pro sneakers, including Eddie Jones, on down through more current celebrity sports figures such as Victor Olapedo, Jimmy Butler, Blake Griffin, and others who wear Team Jordans regularly. The Jumpman Pro was first worn in 1997 by Ray Allen. It lends a bit of significance to the model's history. Sales maintain consistency showing the demand remains high for the current and future reissues of the Jumpman Pro. The 2018 release of the Jordan Jumpman Pro Quick was a court-inspired sneaker, but it was the most suitable as a casual everyday shoe. Reviews were decent for that release. RunRepeat confirms that reviews noted the high-quality materials with solid support from the upper, cushioning in all the right places, ease of putting the sneakers on and taking them off, and an aesthetically pleasing look that made them exceptional accessories for casual outfits. Consumers noted that the 2018 version lacked the high-performance features of the original and they were just not the same. The classic style was maintained with a nod to the vintage elements from the original, but they were not carbon copies. It was a sneaker with the greatest appeal to collectors and not professional athletes.

Build of the Jordan Jumpman Pro

The Jordan Jumpman Pro is valued for its Nike Air cushioning and innovative Nike Air cushioning. The heritage of the sneaker speaks for itself. It's a comfortable sneaker for every day with a foam midsole and Air sole unit for additional cushioning without adding excessive weight. It's light and springy with responsiveness. It makes it feel agile on the feet. The Jumpman Pro is designed for jumping with cushioning to lessen the impact. The outsole is solid rubber with a herringbone pattern for exceptional traction. It provides ample foot control on and off the court and added safety from accidental slips and falls on most surfaces. The pattern of the outsole provides a multidirectional grip. The heel tabs make it easier to slide on and off. The uppers are made of combined leather, mesh, and synthetic material for ultimate support, flexibility, and ventilation. The design elements contribute to the attractive aesthetic while getting down to the nuts and bolts of performance. The side panels feature tumbled leather for strength and support with mesh on the tongue to allow air to flow over the feet to prevent overheating and sweating. Sneaker Bar Detroit confirms that the 2022 edition of the Jordan Jumpman Pro will appear in a Chicago Bulls colorway featuring a white leather base with red accents, the Jumpman branded logos in Black and red lining. As of June 28, 2022, the brand has not yet released news about the date of its release nor have they indicated a price.

Final thoughts

Jordan Jumpman Pro fans have a new version of the sneaker set to drop sometime in 2022. Nike has not yet provided details about the month or day of the release, nor have they indicated a price range. Much about the 25th-anniversary re-issue remains a mystery. We know that it will appear in a white and red colorway, but the brand has not given any other details. It's a strategy that is intended to build hype and fan the fires of desire into a frenzy, and it's working. We anticipate that the special edition will sell out fast. Nike has not indicated the number of shoes it plans for the production run, nor if it will be a limited edition. With this in mind, anyone with a strong desire for ownership, should keep their eyes open and ears to the ground. We expect news about its date of release in the next few weeks. The anticipated reissue could become one of the most collectible versions of the Jordan Jumpman Pro.

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