A Closer Look at The Jordan React Elevation

Nike has been on a roll with a plethora of new sneaker releases. At a time when the country is going through crises on multiple fronts, they gently remind us that the colors red, white, and blue unite us all regardless of our differences that we are a part of a great nation that is based upon freedom and equality. As we painfully strive to achieve a united front and to close the gap on the sentiments that would tear us apart, the symbolism of our national flag reminds us that we are a country of brothers and sisters from all walks of life. The Jordan React Elevation Basketball shoe bears a patriotic colorway and here are 10 things about the highly anticipated sneaker that you didn’t know.

1. The Jordan React Elevation is inspired by teamwork

This sneaker is a basketball shoe that is designed to give the individual player firm foot control to take on the opposition and play at peak performance as a member of the team. It’s constructed with arch, heel, and ankle support that fits snugly to the foot without feeling restrictive for more natural movement on the court.

2. Premium materials are durable

Nike chose a combination of both real leather and synthetic textile materials for the construction of the upper. The rationale for this choice was to create a sneaker that is both lightweight and durable. Leather is durable but a sneaker that is made entirely of this material is heavier and less breathable. The brand blended the perfect ratio of different yet strong materials to achieve a perfect balance of strength and comfort.

3. The Jordan React Elevation is highly responsive

When you’re playing a high stakes game on the court, you need to know where your feet are and where they will go. The React Elevation is properly named because it allows players to react with a responsive shoe that is made with a layer of foam under the heel that delivers on smooth and responsive cushioning. It puts a spring in your step. Nike calls it Zoom Air cushioning and it is specially designed to fit under the ball of the foot to return energy to the feet.

4. It’s lightweight

The use of both leather and synthetic materials has helped to keep the weight of the Jordan React Elevation as light as possible. This combined with the other light materials gives you the feeling of walking on air. The midsole of this sneaker is cut into two pieces to help keep the weight down. It is securely stitched to the upper so you can depend on it to hold up under intense play on the court.

5. The traction is outstanding

The outer part of the sole of the Jordan React Elevation is made of strong and durable materials. The bottom features a herringbone design for the tread. This makes the sneaker extra-grippy whether you’re walking on the sidewalk or hard at play for some court action. The traction of this sneaker improves the amount of control that you have when you’re making slides, pivots, and cuts.

6. It’s ideal for rotational motion

While traction in a basketball shoe can be overdone and interfere with precision moves, that’s not the case with the Jordan React Elevation. The design of the sole features a pivot circle that is placed at the front of the bottom sole. This allows you to make smooth rotational moves without interference.

7. The Jordan React Elevation is out in a triple black colorway

We’ve just learned that the React Elevation is going to be offered in a Triple Black colorway. It’s the same shoe as the red white and blue version, just in a more sophisticated scheme. It’s tastefully contrasted in white stitching with suede supports at the side profiles with branding on the heel. This gives a neutral color scheme with outstanding tooling with Zoom and React with a touch of light blue at the heels. The grey strip rolling down the middle of the shoe is where the Jumpman insignia to add versatility.

8. The fabric is breathable

Jordan React Elevation sneakers are designed for the ultimate in comfort with excellent ventilation. This helps to prevent your feet from overheating or perspiring, even when you’re active in playing a game. The total base of the sneaker is made with mesh fabric that allows air inside of the shoe to circulate around the feet. The sheer size of the panels is enough to tell that the shoes are very well ventilated at a glance. The use of suede and textile materials are elements that help to create a more breathable sneaker.

9. The React Elevation is loaded with cool features

This sneaker is likely to become one of the more popular releases of the season in all available colorways. Some of the unique features that we love about this shoe include the translucent rubber that is used for the outer sole. Zoom Air cushioning is placed at the heel and at the forefoot for outstanding comfort and an energetic spring to each step. To ensure support Nike placed a torsion bar at the midfoot. The React Elevation appears to have everything you could possibly want in a sneaker.

10. The new Jordan React Elevation sneakers are reasonably priced

When compared with many of the new releases, we were pleasantly surprised to learn that the manufacturer’s suggested retail selling price is just $120 per pair. With many of the hot new releases going for $190, this is a real bargain when you consider the quality of the materials and the design. If you want to get into a pair of new Jordan React Elevation sneakers for the suggested retail price we recommend getting yours soon. As supplies begin to dwindle, it’s likely that any available reserves will be sold at auction for much higher prices.

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