The Five Best Pairs of Velcro Sneakers for Women

Isabel Marant

Okay, okay…you have a legitimate concern causing the apprehension I hear. Velcro sneakers? There is such a stigma revolving around the wearing of these shoes that we all feel somewhat silly if we even consider them. After all, Velcro sneakers seem to exude a sense of neediness from there wearer. Aren’t they for older people who can hardly tie their laces anymore (I’ll bite my tongue for now). In response to this it should be said that yes, many who a longer in the tooth seem to opt for the sneakers with Velcro enclosures. It’s far easier to slap a strip of Velcro in place if it’s loose than it is to stop and tie a shoe several times a day…it’s the last thing you want to worry about. And what if you’re not paying attention? Well, landing on your face is a bad interruption to any good day.

The truth of the matter is that Velcro sneakers have gotten a heck of a bad rap, and as of late they have gotten some pretty big supporters in their end of the arena. While they may have been considered strictly for toddlers and seniors in days gone by, they are now being given more consideration by average-aged adults than ever before. Since things are looking up for the former ‘down-boy’ of sneakers, more and more people are considering buying a pair and putting them to the test. This is a good sign for us ladies; after all, there are never too many reasons to go shoe shopping, right? Well, now is the time to not only consider a new pair of Velcro sneakers, but to give a pair a real go for yourself. You don’t have the first clue what to buy, or where to buy it? How about price? Fear not, ladies. Below is a compilation of five of the best women’s Velcro sneakers out there today, with number one being the bestseller of the bunch. Give them a gander…you may just discover this is something you can live with after all.


1. Veja Esplar 3-Lock Sneaker

This cute little number can be found at Bloomingdale’s or Nordstrom, as well as Amazon. Shown on the Nordstrom site, the shoe comes in the color combination of Extra White/Venus/Marsala and is quite suited to more feminine preferences. It comes in a variety of sizes, so be sure to check all companies offering the shoes to ensure a proper fit (whole sizes only). Other features include:

  • Crafted and produced in Brazil
  • Three hook and loop Velcro closures
  • Leather upper/rubber sole/textile inner lining
  • Removable insole

This is a very popular shoe among the female wearers, and this is likely due to styling, though comfort has indeed been sited as a factor in reviews. What can you expect to pay for a pair? You’re looking at parting with around $130 on the average.


2. Fendi Rococo Mismatch Sneaker

This is one of the more expensive sneakers on our list today, but it is certainly a high-quality athletic shoe for the type. It is something of a ‘wrap’ sneaker, with a single Velcro strap which fastens the shoe securely on the foot. Here are some features:

  • Comes in a wide variety of colors, including, pink, black, gray, white, and more
  • Constructed of leather, with a rubber sole, textile lining, and Velcro enclosure
  • Versatile and popular

This particular sneaker can be found in a variety of places, from Nordstrom to Saks Fifth Avenue and Amazon, but as you will see, this awesome athletic shoe will come at a steep price: they start at around $650.

Isabel Marant

3. Isabel Marant Beth Low-Top Sneaker

According to, this particular Velcro sneaker is loved because of the dot perforations and low-top styling. To be honest, even with the triple-strap enclosures, they are designed in a way that remains interesting and hip. Coming in a variety of colors, you can be sure to accessorize properly, but one thing to be aware of is that this shoe tends to run a bit small. Other features include:

  • A variety of colors to choose from
  • Includes an interesting combination of leather and suede on the upper, with a cool duo-tone design
  • Firm rubber sole and comfortable insole offers much comfort to the wearer

This shoe can be found at Saks, Nordstrom, and Shopbop, and will likely run you around $385.

Acne Studios

4. Acne Studios Steffey Sneakers

While the name may not sound so appealing when it tumbles off your lips, don’t just a book by the title. The fact is that this is one of the most popular of the Velcro sneaker brands thanks to a flat-line profile and calf-skin leather upper, along with rounded toe. Wearers say that the upper is very flexible, as well as breathable, and is preferential for those reasons. Here are some other good reasons to consider this Velcro sneaker:

  • Ventilated toe-area makes for increased comfort level
  • Comes in a wide variety of colors
  • Double Velcro enclosure design
  • Rubber sole with textile insole

The attractive flat style of this particular Velcro sneaker makes it one of the more popular choices among ladies, as does the great color combination choices. This particular shoe can be purchased from Shopbop, Refinery 29, and more, not to mention the Acne Studios site, so the wide array of availability is great. The downside is yes, you are indeed looking at spending around $540.


5. Gola Coaster Velcro Trainers

These athletically versatile shoe boast being the least expensive of the five here at only $65. They are appealing, with color combinations that are straight-up and easily matchable. The flatter design is another characteristic that seems to draw active women everywhere to this Velcro sneaker. Check out some of the other reasons:

  • Padded sneaker includes padded tongue and collar
  • Many colors combos to choose from
  • Great affordable price
  • Perfect for walking; great for travel

Thinking about this quality affordable option? You can find the Gola Coaster Velcro Trainer at Wal-Mart, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Amazon, or just about anywhere that sells shoes, so for many, this is a better deal than any for a handful of reasons.

So, Run Out and Grab Some

Now we know that all the Velcro-apprehension you’ve been feeling is quite unfounded. This is actually a thing, now, and to be honest, the Velcro sneakers of today look amazing. Hopefully this piece has shown you that you have nothing to worry about, and we’ve included sneakers to fit any budget, all quality, all considered some of the very best. So, get running…and get yourself a pair of these today.

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