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The Five Best Pairs of Gola Sneakers for Men

Gola Ascent High Men's Sneaker

Guys who are into fitness and training know the importance of having a comfortable and properly fitting shoe. Intense training workouts can take a toll on the feet and ankles. Support and comfort for your feet are essential to prevent distracting discomfort during your workout. Gola produces some excellent sneakers with designs that give you the support you need without restricting your natural movements. It's a quality brand with exceptional craftsmanship durable materials and designs that support the feet while providing just the right amount of comfort. We recommend Gola for men who have a sense of style, but demand quality and high performance. Check out our picks for the 5 best Gola sneakers for men for 2020.

Gola Men's Harrier Fashion Sneaker

5. Gola Men's Harrier Fashion Sneaker

The Harrier sneaker for men is an attractive training sneaker designed in a fashionable retro styling. The aesthetic is reminiscent of the original 1968 design with sleek and clean lines. These low cut trainers are made of 100 percent suede materials for the upper. The materials are attractive yet highly functional with just enough give to allow for natural movement of the feet without restriction. The rubber sole provides plenty of traction for intense workouts without the worry of slipping or sliding around on gym floors. The sizes generally fun true to fit but some owners have recommended buying the next size up because they did experience a snug fit. The snugness/fit is easy to adjust through the sturdy lacing system for the perfect fit against your foot. These sneakers are an ideal choice for men who enjoy a good workout but want a stylish sneaker that is versatile enough to wear to the gym, then out for a casual night on the town.

Gola Coaster Spectrum Men's Fashion Trainers

4. Gola Coaster Spectrum Men's Fashion Trainers

Gola's Coaster Spectrum Men's Fashion Trainers were first released in September of 2015. This popular line has been available for five years and it is still one of the more popular models released by the brand. They're ultra-comfortable with just the right amount of padding and cushioning for comfort, but not so much that they weigh you down. They're highly fashionable in a low-top sneaker format with a retro vibe. The upper portion of the shoe is made of high-quality canvas material that provides excellent ventilation to help prevent overheating or perspiration. You can adjust the fit through the lace-up closure with metal eyelets for added durability. The tongue and collar are padded for extra comfort. The rubber toecap helps to extend the life of these shoes. The outsole is made of rubber that is flexible yet durable for natural movement. These shoes are lightweight which is an added benefit when involved in intense training workouts. It helps to prevent leg and ankle fatigue. The rainbow accent gives these sneakers a fun and whimsical vibe.

Men's Gola Classics Alpine Trainers

3. Men's Gola Classics Alpine Trainers

Gola's Alpine Trainers are a part of the brand's Classics collection. This model is an attractive sneaker with an outdoor aesthetic. It is offered as a hybrid shoe that makes it ideal for jogging or for outdoor adventures. The rubber outsole is cleated for exceptional traction when traversing over uneven or rocky terrain. The EVA midsole features just the right amount of height for stability. The membrane that covers the shoe is incorporated into the lining to make this sneaker waterproof to keep your feet warm and dry in all weather conditions. The upper is constructed of water-resistant nylon with suede trim. The detailing is rubberized for additional waterproofing. The snugness is adjusted through the hiker laces. The tongue is a bellowed style with neat stitching that completes the fashionable hiking sneaker look while providing you with a flexible fit for more natural movement of the feet. The Alpine Trainers are ideal for outdoorsmen who enjoy hiking in the woods and over uneven surfaces. The rubber soles are grippy to keep your feet secure in all kinds of walking or hiking environments. The Alpine Trainers make an excellent gift idea for the outdoors enthusiast in your life.

Gola Classics Men's Hurricane Suede Sneakers

2. Gola Classics Men's Hurricane Suede Sneakers

The Men's Hurricane is one of Gola's most popular sneaker in a new option for 2020. Since the secret got out these shoes have been selling like hotcakes. Gola has been around since 1905 and they use the latest technology in creating sneakers that are ultra-comfortable yet highly functional. The upper is constructed of durable yet flexible suede material. It provides the right amount of support while remaining flexible enough for the natural movement of the feet. This is a clean design with a simple off white outsole featuring white wing flash highlights for the sake of aesthetics. The cup sole is a court style that provides excellent traction in most walking surfaces for added safety and control. This is a modern sneaker for everyday wear, training, or for use on the court.

Gola Ascent High Men's Sneaker

1. Gola Ascent High Men's Sneaker

The Ascent High is one of Gola's most popular high-top men's sneakers. This model provides excellent support for the feet and ankles thanks to the high-top styling. This sneaker is a hybrid trainer with a sporty profile and a fashionable aesthetic. The upper of the shoe is constructed of British Millerain wool tweed fabric with suede and leather trims. The collar is padded for exceptional ankle comfort. The leather lining is highly breathable to prevent the feet from becoming overheated and sweating during intense training workouts. The footbed is lightly cushioned to make this sneaker comfortable enough for all-day wear. The outsole is made of a durable and flexible rubber that is grippy for added safety and control. This sneaker generally fits true to size. The lace-up closure system allows you to adjust the level of snugness to achieve the ideal fit.

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