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A Closer Look at the Nike LeBron 20 “Vivid Purple”

Nike Lebron Vivid Purple

Nike is planning to release some sneakers to honor LeBron James. One of the sneakers paying tribute to him is the Nike LeBron 20 “Vivid Purple” sneaker. Its upper is predominantly purple. Other colorways on the sneaker are black for the laces and tongue and yellow for the Swooshes. The most attractive part of the shoe is the artwork on the forefoot of the midsole. This artwork comprises leaves you would see in a forest, giving it an African feel.

Another attractive feature of the shoe is the design of the treads on the outsole. These treads contain patterns that form patterns you would recognize. For instance, there is a pattern that forms a lion-shaped figure to give the nod to LeBron. We know a bit about the sneaker, so it is time to delve into more detail about it. Here are other features you should know about the sneaker below.

The Upper is Made of Mesh Fabric

Mesh is a lightweight material, which makes the rest of the shoe light. Due to its lightweight, you will use less effort to lift the shoe as you move. As a result, you will not experience as much fatigue as you would experience with heavier materials. The sneaker’s lightweight thus makes it suitable for running a marathon. Another benefit of the material is its breathability. As a breathable material, it allows air to pass through it to provide ventilation. Ventilation keeps your feet cool during a hot season. Additionally, it keeps your feet dry by eliminating moisture from sweat. That means you do not need to worry about getting foot odor due to sweat accumulation.

The material is flexible due to its elasticity. Its elasticity means it stretches to match your foot’s shape, providing a perfect fit. That means you will no longer feel like the shoe is squeezing you. Also, the material prevents you from getting injuries you would get from wearing ill-fitting shoes. According to Passaic Foot and Ankle, potential injuries from ill-fitting shoes include bunions, hammertoe, athlete’s foot, etc.

The Forefoot and Heel are Equipped With Zoom Air Technology

The purpose of the technology is to provide cushioning. Before Zoom Air, there was Nike Air Max. Although Nike Air Max was good at providing cushioning, it was bulky and heavy. Zoom Air provides cushioning, yet it is lighter. It is light because it uses an ultra-thin air bag with hundreds of synthetic springy fibers. Since its introduction, it has remained a popular cushioning for subsequent Nike shoes.

According to Eastbay, it has been around since 1995. When an athlete’s foot touches down, the fibers compress to cushion the impact. As soon as the athlete lifts their foot, the fibers spring up to resume their shape. Since the impact is cushioned, the athlete will not experience foot injury or pain. That allows the athlete to stomp the ground with as much force as possible. Moreover, the technology gives the athlete a more responsive and energetic run. Think of the technology as a small trampoline. As a result, the technology makes athletes fast and make long strides.

The Outsole is Made of Rubber

Sometimes an athlete slips and falls in the middle of a game. Usually, the falls are not serious. However, you can still get severely injured from slips and falls. According to Batson Nolan, slips and falls may result in spinal cord injuries, broken bones, and concussions. Fortunately, rubber is a slip-resistant material. It reduces slips by providing a firm grip on slippery surfaces.

There are instances you may accidentally step on corrosive chemicals and acids. However, you do not need to worry when you have a rubber outsole. The material is highly resistant to burns. In fact, it can tolerate heat levels up to 300°C. Lastly, rubber is a good shock-absorbing agent. When your foot strikes the ground, shock is generated. If you continually strike your foot, you will generate more shock. In case the shock is not managed, your foot will experience pain or injury. To lessen the impact of the shock, rubber redistributes it to the rest of the body. As a result, you will not feel the floor’s surface.

The Sneaker Has Extra Lace Holes

Have you ever wondered why some shoes have separate extra lace holes? These extra lace holes allow you to tie your laces using the lace lock technique. A lace lock maintains the heel firmly in place. That means when you move, your heel will not slide forward towards the upper. Furthermore, the technique relieves pressure on your feet since the upper laces absorb the pressure during your movements.

Having known the significance of the extra lace holes, you are probably curious about how to tie a lace lock. First, take the left lace and pass it via the top left hole to create a loop. Next, take the right lace and pass it via the top right hole to create another loop. After that, cross the tongue with the left lace and loop it through the right hole. Also, cross the tongue with the right lace and loop it via the left loop. Pull the ends of both laces to complete the lace lock.

The Sneaker Has a Short Heel Tab

Some shoes are quite difficult to take off. One of the reasons is their long heel tabs. With a long heel tab, there is plenty of distance between the foot and the heel tab. As a result, you will take quite a long time to remove the shoe. However, with this shoe’s short heel tab, you will effortlessly remove the shoe due to less distance between your heel and heel tab. Another problem with high heel tabs is that they cause inflammation among people with Achilles tendon. Such people will be happy to know they won’t experience that problem with this shoe.


We hope you were impressed with this sneaker as we were. The sneaker delivers in terms of aesthetics and functionality. You are probably wondering when or where to get the shoes. The shoes will be released on October 7th, 2022, at a retail price of $160 on Nike’s official website.

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