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A Closer Look At The Nike LeBron 20

It has been almost a year since the launch of the Nike LeBron 19, which highlighted Nike's Space Jam New Legacy collection sneaker. While we have enjoyed the fantastic colorways of the LeBron 19, it is time for a new silhouette –the LeBron 20.

This sneaker was seen on the athlete himself, who was seen rocking them. The Nike LeBron 20 has been released in a shorter sneaker trim with a simple design.

The sneaker's design features the signature rounded shape seen in some of its predecessors. Other notable features in this new silhouette include; leather detailing on the eye stays, and tongue, a breathable, malleable knit material on its upper, and two Swooshes – one stitched underneath into the sneaker's background, and the other raised lifting off from the silhouette towards the heel.

Elsewhere, the LeBron 20 sole unit lacks any visible Air Units, and branding is kept very minimal. Here, we will take a closer look at the Nike LeBron 20.


Back then, LeBron's signature sneakers featured a high-top profile, with low-tops arriving later on.

For the most part, in the past NBA two seasons, the Lakers star player LeBron James has been wearing the Nike Ambassador 13 sneaker instead of his signature silhouette models from the Nike LeBron line.

While the sneaker's in the Nike LeBron line usually entail bulkier, high-top kicks with distinctively visible Max Air cushioning, the Nike Ambassador 13 is more of a low-top sneaker that serves more like a guard shoe fitted with Zoom Air cushioning.

This may probably be the reason why LeBron James preferred wearing the Ambassador 13 to the sneakers in the Nike LeBron line, as they are designed to fit his gameplay better.

Can the Lakers Win?

In the coming 2022/23 NBA season, it remains unclear whether or not the Lakers will be able to claim another NBA championship, but there is more to talk about LeBron's legacy.

This is because he is only 1,325 points away from passing the NBA's all-time leading scorer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar who has a scoring record of 38,887 points. This year marks LeBron's twentieth year in the NBA, and the Los Angeles Lakers star play has already released his new signature silhouette, the Nike LeBron 20.

These sneakers were first spotted during an off-season workout as he prepares for another championship win with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Additionally, with LeBron James favoring his Nike Ambassador 13s over the Nike LeBron Lie, the iconic sportswear brand Nike has decided to use the same sneaker design in the Ambassador 13s to create a new pair of silhouettes that perfectly suit LeBron's game style and can be listed as one of the best basketball sneaker currently available.

Nike LeBron 20 Pink Design

As mentioned, LeBron James launched the Nike LeBron 20 sneakers during an off-season practice session. We were able to get a glimpse of this fantastic silhouette that features a new low-top build to perfectly feature his gaming preferences on the court.

While the LeBron 19 came with visible Nike Air sole units and synthetic uppers, the new LeBron 20 is entirely knitted with a malleable material.

It has the usual Max Air cushioning well-enclosed in the midsoles. According to Manofmany, other notable features of the Nike LeBron 20 is its bright pink color and silver swooshes along the lateral side of the heels. With the new Nike LeBron 20, we are getting a sneaker similar to the Nike Kobe 4 and 5 silhouettes merged with the Nike Kobe 9 and 10 Elite era.

This sneaker is constructed with a breathable knit material that has become very common in the Nike LeBron line, while the Swooshes are somewhat extended past the rear part of the sneaker.

Since this is only a first glimpse at the Nike LeBron 20, there is no information about the shoe's tech specs. Still, it has been officially confirmed that the Nike LeBron 20 are the next LeBron's signature sneakers in collaboration with Nike.

When Is The Nike LeBron 20 Pink Official Release Date?

Unfortunately, no official communication about the Nike LeBron 20 has been released. According to Sneakernews, the Nike LeBron 20 is expected to be launched around the holiday or this fall.

This means that the LeBron 20 sneaker will likely make its first debut in time for the start of the 2022/23 NBA season, which is set to kick off this October.

With more details about the Nike LeBron 20 yet to be released, make sure to log into the Nike official website and stay up-to-date with the latest release information about the Nike LeBron 20 Pink. Like the official release date, the exact retail price of the pink Nike LeBron 20 is yet to be released.

Nonetheless, we would expect the LeBron 20 to be sold at a retail price of about $200 based on the current price of its predecessor, the Nike LeBron 19.

The new Nike LeBron 20 is more likely to be available for sale at the Nike store or some select Nike retailer stores. We also recommend that you subscribe to the push notifications on the SNKRS app to get the latest updates about sneaker arrivals as soon as their listing appears.

Final Thoughts

According to Sportskeeda, if you cannot wait for the release of Nike LeBron 20 sneakers, you can opt for the few alternative silhouettes that you can add to your sneaker collection.

The Lakers superstar LeBron James will achieve a huge milestone this fall in the coming 2022/23 NBA season when he enters his twentieth season in the NBA.

In preparation for this fantastic achievement, the Los Angeles Laker forward has posted a series of footage of himself on Instagram while training in the off-season practice, and seen on his feet are the yet-to-be-released Nike basketball kicks- the Nike LeBron 20.

Suspected to be his new signature sneakers in the Nike LeBron line, the LeBron 20 comes with a low-cut design, a tonal pink color scheme, a Max Air-cushioned midsole, and matching pink shoelaces for a monochromatic look.

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