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A Closer Look at the Nike Lebron 20 "Violet Frost"

Lebron Violet Frost

2022 will mark Lebron James' 20th year in the NBA. To celebrate his achievement, Nike decided to make the Nike Lebron 20 "Violet Frost" sneakers. This silhouette is available in different iterations. According to HypeBeast, there are all-pink and all-blank versions. The upper of this silhouette is predominantly purple.

Other colorways include orange and yellow on the eyelets and the Swoosh logo, respectively. Next, the forefoot of the midsole has a paisley pattern. Nike further demonstrates its creativity by including a playful pattern on the outsole. The pattern is an imprint of the Lebron James lion. This silhouette is set to be released on 15th October. It will be offered at a retail price of $200. If you intend to buy these sneakers, it is only fair we provide more details. Here are some features of these shoes.

The Upper is Made of Mesh Fabric

Mesh is a breathable material. That means the material provides ventilation for your feet. Ventilation is crucial since it eliminates foot odor. It does this by getting rid of sweat through evaporation. Sweat attracts bacteria that feed on it. After feeding on it, the bacteria excrete pungent gasses hence the foot odor. Besides getting rid of bad odor, ventilation keeps your feet dry. Without ventilation, your feet would get sweaty, which makes for an unpleasant feeling. Another advantage of this material is that it is lightweight. Due to its lightweight, the entire shoe becomes light. Its weight makes it perfect for long walks or running a marathon. That is because you will spend less energy moving your feet up and down. Since you will spend less energy, you will experience low fatigue levels.

Lastly, the material is able to assume the shape of one's foot. It can do this thanks to its flexibility. Since it takes the form of your foot, you will not get foot deformities commonly caused by ill-fitting shoes. Some foot deformities you can get from shoes are corns, calluses and hammer toes.

The Outsole is Made of Rubber

Have you ever walked on a surface and slipped? One possible reason is that your shoes' outsoles were likely not made of rubber. Rubber is slip-resistant since it offers a firm grip on treacherous surfaces. To offer even better traction, the outsoles contain several treads. Due to the many treads, you can confidently walk on muddy surfaces with these shoes. Rubber also protects the wearer against burns since it is resistant to heat.

According to Kaliber Footwear, it can withstand heat levels reaching 300 degrees Celsius. Due to its heat resistance, it cannot melt or buckle. So if you accidentally step on spilled acid or a corrosive chemical, you do not have to panic. Another admirable feature of this material is its elasticity. Like mesh, it stretches to mold into your foot's shape. Its elasticity makes it durable since it cannot snap. That means you can fold the material, and it will immediately resume its shape.

The Sneakers Have Zoom Air Cushioning

The cushioning is positioned in the heel. This cushioning system is composed of tightly stretched fibers and pressurized air. When the wearer's foot touches down, the fibers compress to cushion the impact. Within no time, the fibers resume their shape when the foot is lifted. Although the fibers get compressed, you will not feel the floor's surface. That means you can jump as often as you want without worrying about foot pain from the impact. Besides minimizing pain, the cushioning improves an athlete's performance. Think of the cushioning as a mini trampoline. When you jump, the fibers launch you into the air. That means you will significantly cover huge strides. These sneakers are, therefore, ideal for running or basketball.

The Sneakers Have Two Extra Shoelace Holes

Have you ever seen shoes with two extra holes? If so, you may have wondered what purpose they serve. Some people do not know their purpose, which is why they assume they are a gimmick. However, they serve a purpose, which is tightening the sneakers. The extra holes allow you to tie the shoes using a technique called the lace lock or a runner's loop. This technique secures your heel and prevents your toes from sliding forward. To do a lace lock, first, lace your shoes normally. After that, crisscross the laces until you reach the second eyelet. Next, pull each lace end up on the same side into the top eyelet to form the loop.

Still, you can use another technique called window lacing. The purpose of this technique is to relieve pressure on the top of your foot. First, unlace the shoe down to the point you are feeling the pressure. Re-lace by going to the next eyelet and then cross the laces over. Finally, tie the rest of the shoelaces like you would normally do.

The Sneakers Have Short Heel Tabs

Some people may prefer shoes with long heel tabs because they feel they offer more protection. They would be right, but so do this sneaker's short heel tabs. The heel tabs cover the ankle, so you have nothing to worry about. Due to their short heel tabs, they are easy to wear. When you wear the shoe, your feet will immediately slide in. That means you may not even need to use your hand to slide your foot. Also, the short heel tabs make it easy for you to slide your foot out. Again, you may not need to use your hands to remove the shoe. Are you prone to Achilles tendonitis? If so, this is the sneaker to get. Shoes with long heel tabs tend to cause inflammation of the Achilles tendon.


We hope you are excited to get the Nike Lebron 20 "Violet Frost" silhouette like we are. These sneakers are aesthetically pleasing, thanks to their colorways and paisley pattern. However, the reason that should motivate you to get the sneakers is their comfort level. Due to its comfort, you will hardly experience excess fatigue like with other shoes. If you have been looking for comfortable sneakers, we guarantee that these ones will do just that.

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