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Can Feetz Be a Game Changer in Sneakers?


Is it possible that Feetz is about to transform the way people purchase and wear shoes? We think so. The Feetz company has come up with an idea that could well revolutionize the way shoes are created and offer the greatest fit imaginable. What would it be like to have every pair of shoes you own fully customized through state of the art technology? We think that Feetz is about to show us. We're taking a closer look at this new and innovative company.

What is Feetz?

Feetz is a new company with the goals of creating shoes that fit perfectly through the use of three dimensional printing technology. What's more is that their plans not only include making custom fit shoes, but the process is designed to take an eco-friendly approach with shoes customized in the USA. We think that they're definitely onto something with great potential.

The company behind Feetz

DSW Inc. is the company behind Feetz. They are a leading branded company that offers footwear and accessories. They offer a large selection of designer brand name items for athletic, casual and designer dress styles for men, women and kids, so in essence, they cover the gamut. They have recently opened retail supply centers in DC and Puerto Rico with operations in 42 states with a total of 481 stores.

About the founder of Feetz

Lucy Beard had the idea to begin the Feetz company. She saw a tremendous problem for people who had trouble finding the right pair of shoes for matching outfits and being comfortable at the same time. It can be difficult to find the perfect pair in appearance, let alone with a good fit. She had the idea to address the problem by creating Feetz. She knew that it was time to reinvent how shoes are made to enhance customer satisfaction and in short, to give people exactly what they're looking for.

Lucy took two years to further develop her ideas and to create the technology that would be the most useful for bringing her concept to life. She consulted with experts in cobbling from around the world including Italian shoe cobblers and New York's best fashion design experts. 3D printers offered the exact type of technology that could be used to make customized shoes. In collaboration with software designed to customize the fit and the style, she had a winning system. She even threw in an eco-friendly twist to do her part to help save the planet.

Strategic partnership

Feetz, under the direction of Lucy Beard entered into a strategic partnership agreement with DSW, Inc. to begin the planning phase for using Lucy's technological innovations to manufacture custom footwear. Under the leadership of DSW, Inc., Feetz has begun campaigning for series A funding and is including previous investors who are backing this venture. Existing invesors include The Jump Fund and Khosla Ventures. The new board of directors for Feetz will include Vijit Sabis of Khosla Ventures, Uli Becker former CEO of Reebok, and Sr. Director of Innovation at DSW, Erin Kelly. They're getting their houses in order and preparing for a dramatic launch.

Testing results are positive

DSW is very pleased with their new arrangement with Feetz. The opportunity to provide customers with a custom fit shoe on demand is something that has not been done with this type of technology. At least not in large quantities. It is a real game changer for the footwear industry. The potential is high for great success. Finally advances in technology are being used to offer people customized footwear that is fast and easy to obtain. This could really cut down on the amount of time and frustration involved in finding the ideal pair of shoes, or even simply a pair that is well fitting.

The advantage that Feetz has in the footwear industry

The biggest edge that Lucy will have with her Feetz company is that she is giving customers precisely what they are looking for. She is ending the need for constant shopping trips, and for coming home disappointed and empty handed or with a pair of shoes that do not fit as well as they could. It's going to add convenience for customers and possibly some stiff competition for competitors who are not on board with this type of technology and customer service.

Potential implications for the footwear market

Feetz has the support of DSW Inc. and therefore has access to large numbers of potential customers. Their marketing strategies have such high potential that we see the possibility of gaining a type of monopoly for gaining new business. Of course there are consumers out there who are satisfied with their favorite brands and will continue to remain loyal. However; there is a larger segment of the population who are constantly in search of well fitting shoes and this is the sector that is likely to flock to Feetz for custom fitted shoes.

The potential implication for the footwear market is that competition will make smaller manufacturers or those without custom fit options move towards becoming obsolete in the near future. We could see some big changes coming in the footwear industry, depending on how well this new idea catches on. For that, we'll have to wait and see.

The future of Feetz

From what we can tell at this point in time, Feetz has all of the ingredients for achieving tremendous success in the footwear industry. Within a few months of production, the world will have a better idea of how well this new trend in footwear design is received. The Feetz company has found a good situation with the DSW Inc, corporation and has made the necessary steps to secure financial backing. Now it appears that the future success of Feetz rests in the hands of the consumers. Customer demands will either skyrocket this new venture to great success or a lack of demand will keep it hovering near the ground floor. We favor the first option. We believe that people are ready for change and Feetz has the potential to give them what they want.

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