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A Closer Look at The Air Jordan 1 Hi 85 "Black/White"

Air Jordan 1 Hi 85 Black White

Evident in the release of new sneaker colorways like the "Georgetown" and "University Blue," the Air Jordan 1 has continued to be a household name in the sneaker industry. By 2022, the iconic brand is expected to release the Air Jordan 1 Hi 85 "Black/White" colorway. According to the manufacturing brand – Air Jordan, this new release is an upgrade of the 1985's "Black/White" sneaker set to make its appearance again in the modern sneaker culture. This new sneaker is expected to come with white-colored laces, base, Wings logos, and midsoles, as well as subtle black hints across its overlays. Since its first market debut in 2020, the Air Jordan 1 High 85 has been considered the Jordan brand's cleanest and most accurate OG-style colorways. Moreover, the Air Jordan 1 High 85 was previously launched in 2014 as the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG, complete with the signature "Nike Air" branding. Presented in mostly classic yet modern colorways, the Air Jordan 1 High 1985 is the perfect homage to one of the simplest and most vintage sneaker colorways in the original Air Jordan catalog. Here, we will take a closer look at the Air Jordan 1 Hi 1985 "Black/White" sneaker.


Also dubbed as the "Georgetown" colorway, the Air Jordan 1 High 85 sneaker is considered the most accurate representation of the original Michael Jordan's first signature sneaker. Although no official images of the Air Jordan 1 High 85 kicks have been released, some of the leaker images showcase the simple two-tone "Black/White" colorway that over the years has been a people's favorite colorway across Nike's classic sneaker lineup of Air Force 1's and Dunks. When the leaked images began circulating, it was quite amazing to see how this new model captured the unique and classic fine details of the original 1985 "Black and White" sneaker. The 2022 Air Jordan 1 High 85 shoe is expected to come with the same premium-grade leather, signature Wings logo, hangtag, and digitally-recreated OG midsole as the 1885 pairs. Following the launch of the "Black and White" Air Jordan 1 High 1985 sneaker, the iconic Jordan Brand now revives the original Air Jordan 1 High signature shoe. According to Sneakernews, the Air Jordan 1 Hi 85 Black White is expected to be launched in Spring 2023 at Nike and other selected Jordan Brand retailers all over the world, online and in-store. The sneaker is expected to be presented in a Summit White, Tech Grey, and College Navy color scheme. It also has a grey base upper with rubber outsoles and navy outlays, finished off with the white signature Wings logo.

Shoe Design

According to Kicksonfire, the Air Jordan 1 High 1985 "Black/White" sneaker features the eye-catching Ball-and-wing logos on the collars and the iconic Nike logo on the shoe's tongue. They also come with the Air Jordan's 1 signature color blocking patterns with black leather overlays and a white leather base. Rounding out the sneaker's sleek design are white midsoles, black rubber outsoles, and a perforated toe box. Staying true to the classic "Panda" OG-like colorway, the new Air Jordan 1 High 85 "Black/White" model is adorned with an all-leather upper. Like the original 85 "Black/White" edition, the black overlays in the new edition are paired with white underlays creating a classic vintage look. At the beginning of the year, the iconic Jordan Brand released a series of women's exclusive AJ1 High 1985 sneakers that are expected to be released soon. Nonetheless, the expected release date of the Air Jordan 1 High "85 Georgetown" sneaker still remains in Spring 2023. This new "Black and White" edition also features a red Nike Air tag and gold zipper that gives the sneaker a more classic feel. Other notable specs in the 2022 Air Jordan High 85 are a premium leather strap at the neck, O-rings, grommets, the classic AJ1 logo stamp, clasps, and metal rivets. Thanks to the Nike and COMME des GARCONS collaboration, the new "Black/White" high 85 edition is now available in a white version that is best suited for a more casual wardrobe and a black version for a more summer-vibe look.

Air Jordan 1 85 Black/ White release details

Just as the classic Air Jordan 1 "Chicago" made its first debut in 2015, in 2022, we will expect to see the Air Jordan 1 High 1985 "Black/White" edition presented in a vintage look. According to Soleretriever, the AJ1 Hi 85 is expected to come with black hints in the collar, swoosh and wings, red fills in the overlays, as well as a white leather base, laces, and midsoles. Other fine details in this new sneaker edition include; a black rubber outsole, a white midsole, and the signature Nike Air branding. The new "Georgetown" colorway will also be available in Varsity Red, Black, and White color options. The new "Black/White" colorway is expected to come with Light grey leather bases around the forefoot, across the heel, and along with the tongue. The 2022 AJ1 High 1985 sneaker pays the perfect homage to the original 1985 "Georgetown" model by including everything from the shape of the shoe to the sizing details printed on the inner collar. The sneaker is also available in different colorways to fit everyone's tastes and preferences. Unfortunately, there is no official release date for the Air Jordan 1 High 1985 "Black/White" edition. Still, the pair is more likely to be released in February 2022, costing an average market price of $200.

Final Thoughts

Like the original 1985 Air Jordan 1 High 1985 "Georgetown" colorway, the new 2022 edition is expected to come in the same vintage styling. This includes; Navy leather overlays, white nylon tongues, black leather overlays, white midsoles, and black rubber outsoles. It is, however, not clear whether the Hoyas embroidery will be used instead of the signature Wings logo as in the original sneaker model. Get started today and get yourself the 2022 Air Jordan 1 High 1985 "Black/White" edition for only 200 USD.

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