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A Closer Look at the Nike ISPA Sense Flyknit

Nike ISPA Sense Flyknit

The Nike ISPA Sense Flyknit is the latest silhouette from Nike’s ISPA (Improvise, Scavenge, Protect, Adapt) lineup. Some elements that make these sneakers conspicuous are the Light Bone colorway and the midsoles. The colorway combines off-white shades with a hint of light grays on the upper, while the black accent is reserved for the outsole and branding. As for the midsoles, they are gigantic with labyrinth-like patterns. The bold proportions of these sneakers make them resemble the Nike Hike and Nike ACG from the 1980s and 1990s, respectively. In terms of branding, there are small Swooshes on the collar and toe of the sole. Next, the ISPA logo is on the medial strap. There are other crucial features of these sneakers that we need to mention. Tag along.

The Upper of the Shoes are Constructed With Flyknit

Flyknit is a material made up of strong, lightweight strands of polyester. The strands are woven together into one piece that is sufficient to occupy the wearer’s foot. Essentially, the material is supposed to mimic a sock. Before Flyknit came along, uppers were mainly designed by weaving several materials. Since a lot of materials were used, it often led to wastage. On the other hand, Flyknit eliminates wastage by building a seamless upper that is built to size. According to JD Style, Flyknit reduces wastage by 60%.

Besides reducing the wastage of materials, it is a lightweight material. Its light weight is due to the material being slightly looser than other fabrics. Another reason for its light weight is that it lacks overlapping seams. Due to the material being light, the overall sneaker is light making it ideal for athletics. Lastly, the qualities that make Flyknit lightweight also make it breathable. This means the material is able to eliminate sweat from our feet through evaporation by providing ventilation.

The Silhouette Uses Nike React Foam to Provide Cushioning in the Midsole

Nike React is a kind of foam that is responsive, despite being soft. According to Nike, the foam is 11% softer than Nike’s past cushioning foams. The goal of the foam is to reduce running-related injuries. One reason why running-related injuries occur is due to instability. In order to provide stability to the runner, the foam has a wider base to accommodate the runner’s entire foot.

That means the foot will be level, hence reducing any instability. The other benefit of the foam is to act as a shock absorber. Each time a person walks, their feet strike the ground repeatedly. If the person wears a shoe with no foam or an inferior one, they will feel the impact of their steps. The continual striking of their soles means that they could get blisters. To prevent this from happening, the foam absorbs the shock caused by you striking the ground. With no shock to your feet, you will not even feel the ground as you walk.

The Sneakers’ Midsoles are Made of Rubber

Rubber provides a lot of advantages to the wearer. First, it is a good shock absorber. Its shock absorbing properties can be attributed to its high deflection capacity, energy storage, and inherent damping. To further ensure that the midsoles protect you from shock, Nike made the material unusually thick. With its high thickness, you will barely feel the surface you are walking on. The other important function rubber plays is offering traction. If you play any sports with shoes that do not have a rubber midsole, you are likely to slip and fall as you run.

Falling down is risky since you may get injured. Thankfully, rubber provides traction by offering a firm grip on whichever surface you are on. Besides using these shoes for sports, you can also use them on muddy surfaces without worrying about slipping. Lastly, the material offers the best protection against harmful chemicals, acids, and fire. If you accidentally stepped on acid that was spilled on the ground, the material will not burn since it is non-flammable. That explains why workers put on rubber-soled shoes in most factories. Rubber can resist heat up to 300 °C without melting.

The Sneakers Contain Perforations on the Upper

One could argue that the perforations on these sneakers make them visually appealing. That may be true for some people, but their primary role is to keep moisture away from your feet. Have you ever accidentally stepped on a puddle? If yes, did you feel some water get into your shoe? Assuming you answered yes to the second question, the incident was likely due to your shoes lacking sufficient or no perforations.

The perforations in the shoe drain excess water from your feet. Interestingly, the perforations are designed in a way that they can allow water out but not into the shoe. The other important role it plays is in providing ventilation. Without ventilation, you will develop foot odor. Through ventilation, the air gets rid of sweat through evaporation. Bad odor occurs when bacteria consume sweat and release pungent chemicals. Fortunately, you can wear these shoes without feeling self-conscious about any foot odor occurring.

The Sneakers Have Mudguards

Some shoes are difficult to clean after some mud or water splashes on them. When that happens, you scrub them. However, if some mud splashes on this shoe, you do not need to worry since the mudguard will trap the mud. All you will need to do is wipe it off with a cloth or flick it off.


The Nike ISPA Sense Flyknit sneakers are one of the most comfortable shoes you can get. First, they are light. Every person needs shoes that can enable them to walk for long distances without experiencing fatigue. Another reason to purchase these sneakers is their durability. Let us face it; replacing or repairing shoes every few months is frustrating. With the sneakers’ thick rubber midsoles and durable Flyknit technology, you will wear this silhouette for a long time without visiting any shop.

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