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The Top Five Reebok Crossit Sneakers of All-Time


Ever since 2000, when CrossFit, Inc. was founded by physical exercise proponents Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenai, atheletes who follow the fitness regimen have needed appropriate clothing and footwear which can stand up to the mix of movements necessary to participate in the program. It’s a popular methodology for improving fitness, drawing from multiple disciplines. Gyms dedicated to CrossFit training have equipment representative of a wide range of sports and exercise routines.

In 2010, Reebok announced that it would partner with CrossFit. As part of the partnership, Reebok opened CrossFit locations and sponsored the CrossFit Games. Along with this strategic move, a line of footwear and apparel, co-branded to signal the partnership, was revealed in the Fall of 2011. Reebok also embraced the red delta sign, using it on subsequent fitness collection products. The red delta replaced Reebok’s vector logo, and is meant to represent Reebok’s increasing presence in the fitness industry. The delta sign is meant to represent physical, mental, and social self-change through positive participation in fitness activities.

The first CrossFit shoe officially produced by Reebok is the Reebok Nano. It was introduced in 2011, and since that time Reebok’s partnerships with CrossFit and with New Zealand group fitness program Les Mills have resulted in a stream of fitness footwear, apparel and workout programs. The Nano has evolved into generations of Nanos, and each has been met with varied levels of approval.


The Historic Significant Five

One. Reebok Nano 2011-the first of its kind

Two. ZQuick TR with Reebok’s Z-Series Foam and new delta logo in 2014-new levels of comfort and branding focus

Three. Reebok CrossFit Compete 6:14- the first sponsorship of a CrossFit athlete, and design input directly from the athlete to the shoe

This shoe was designed in part by Rich Froning Jr., the American CrossFit professional athlete. Froning has won the CroffFit games four times, earning the “Fittest Man on Earth” title. He won first place in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2015. He also won team victories in 2015 and 2016 for CrossFit Mayhem Freedom. His wins led him to more than $1,050,000 and sponsorship from Reebok and other sports brands. The CrossFit Compete 6:14 bears the Bible scripture which is tattooed on his side.

The CrossFit Compete 6:14 is a competition day shoe designed to be stable and hug close to the ground. It is part of Reebok’s Nano franchise, with the trademark Kevlar Combat Cage seamless exterior, trademark Duragrip to protect the foot while moving, and the trademark RopePro added to support climbing ropes. The company removed its traditional overlay and underlay construction to allow Froning the most stable and anatomical shoe that Reebok has ever built. The shoe was a first in that it included the insights of the athlete. The shoe was specifically made to be a performance shoe used on the day of competition, rather than for training. It was made available in the US on February 26, 2015 for approximately $200 USD.

Four. CrossFit Oly- a version designed to handle the weightlifting rigors of Crossfit using an Olympic weightlifting shoe style

Five. CrossFit Nano 6.0- the latest and greatest of the Nano generations


The Current Top Five Rebook CrossFit Sneakers

OutdoorGearLab, an independent outdoor product review panel comprised of professional outdoor guides specializing in numerous outdoor sports, conduct reviews of outdoor gear in a systematic process. This group of guides are extreme athletes in their own fields, awarded and honored for their accomplishments. They are dedicated to their work as product reviewers, spending hours using the products. The reviewers select and purchase at retail the top products for each review category. They purchase literally hundreds of products in a category. They do not accept free evaluation units typically offered by manufacturers. They lab and field test the products side by side in rigorous, detailed tests, and then score the products throughout a full range of weighted categories. Each product is ranked, described and awarded accordingly. Their results are published online.

Their August, 2015 testing for CrossFit shoes included the wide range of movements used in the Workout of the Day (WODs) for the CrossFit program. Each product was tested for performance during weightlifting and running. Each was put through the benchmark program activities, while gauging for comfort, protection, sensitivity and support. Of the top ten CrossFit sneakers tested, there were four Reebok models included. They ranked 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 6th when the results were finally calculated. Here are what the experts had to say about the models they tested:

Reebok Nano 5.0


New updates to the Nano line added comfort to this new model. An additional elastic strap from inner midsole to the tongue provided more security and a tighter fit than in previous models. Using Kevlar mesh on the exterior added support, though took longer to break in. The sole is very stable for squat motions, and rigid so allow easy weight transfer throughout the shoe. The Kevlar allowed the shoe to be thinner and lighter without sacrificing durability. The toe box is also narrower, which facilitates flexion while running. The sole is efficient to support extremely heavy lifts, so there is no need to purchase Olympic lifting shoes in addition to the Nano 5.0. These were ranked the best on the market for recreational or serious CrossFitters.

  • Upper: Synthetic/mesh/kevalar, rubber
  • Weight: 9.7 ounces
  • Heel to toe drop: 3mm
  • Awards: Editors’ Choice
  • Overall Score: 99/100
  • Star Rating: 5

Ratings by Category:

  • Breathability 10/10
  • Comfort 10/10
  • Protection 10/10
  • Running 10/10
  • Sensitivity 9/10
  • Support 10/10
  • Weightlifting 10/10

Pros: The shoe is durable, comfortable, supportive and attractive.

Cons: The shoe is expensive.

Price: Approximately $130

Reebok Nano 4.0 – Men’s


The biggest change in this Reebok model was made to the way the toe box fits. Many athletes were not fans of a wider toe box and were happy to feel the tighter fit of this newer shoe. Another plus they noted was that this model is lighter than its ancestors, without losing strength. The company accomplished this by adding Kevlar aramid fiber to the construction. The new rigid shell around the shoe’s medial portion offers more grip for robe climbs. The sole is flexible, and lessons ground impact during strides. It is a good choice for investing in training with CrossFit because it is versatile in all types of movement.

  • Upper: Synthetic/mesh, rubber
  • Weight: 8.0 ounces
  • Heel to toe drop: 4mm
  • Awards: Best Buy
  • Overall Score: 96/100
  • Star Rating: 5

Ratings by Category:

  • Breathability 10/10
  • Comfort 10/10
  • Protection 10/10
  • Running 9/10
  • Sensitivity 8/10
  • Support 10/10
  • Weightlifting 10/10

Pros: The shoe is comfortable, breaks in quickly, breathable, protective and great looking.

Cons: The shoe is available in limited color selections.

Price: Approximately $120

Reebok Nano 3.0


Though the Nano 3.0 model has recently been discontinued, it is still possible to purchase it from retailers who have it remaining in stock. The benefits of the 3.0 include improvements to its sole which allow it increased stability, rigidity and better grip. Its upgrades from earlier models include a rope guard for climbing, a 4mm drop from its heel to its toe, and a newly modified toe cage. Consumers who are able to find the 3.0 will benefit from its ability to handle the CrossFit program’s typically wide movement variety. OutdoorGearLab experts recommend purchasing the Nano 4.0 Men’s model as an alternative.

  • Upper: Synthetic/mesh, rubber
  • Weight: 9.8 ounces
  • Heel to toe drop: 4mm
  • Awards: N/A
  • Overall Score: 87/100
  • Star Rating: 5

Ratings by Category:

  • Breathability 8/10
  • Comfort 9/10
  • Protection 10/10
  • Running 7/10
  • Sensitivity 6/10
  • Support 10/10
  • Weightlifting 10/10

Pros: The shoe is comfortable, versatile, stable and durable.

Cons: The shoe is costly.

Price: Approximately $120

Reebok Nano 2.0


This is one of the most versatile and well-rounded CrossFit shoe which Reebok makes. It is a well-rounded shoe useful for all CrossFit categories. It won the Editor’s top pick award because it is an excellent shoe for someone just starting out in CrossFit.

  • Upper: Synthetic/mesh
  • Weight: 9.3 ounces
  • Heel to toe drop: 4mm
  • Awards: Top Choice for All Around Use
  • Overall Score: 74/100
  • Star Rating: 4

Ratings by Category:

  • Breathability 8/10
  • Comfort 8/10
  • Protection 8/10
  • Running 6/10
  • Sensitivity 6/10
  • Support 8/10
  • Weightlifting 8/10

Pros: The sole is supportive and comfortable.

Cons: The shoe wears down more quickly.

Price: Approximately $110

Reebok Nano 6.0


The new Nano 6.0 sneakers were purchased in July 2016 and used by athletes for testing with OutdoorGearLab. The athletes tested the new Nano 6.0 individually in a round of WODs, worn by high ability CrossFit athletes. Initial results indicated that this newest model excels when running, as they provide much more comfort than previous models. Athletes felt they were the best for running, and were much more comfortable during weightlifting and squatting than earlier versions.

Reebok representatives for the new sneakers stated that the goals for the new model included looking like the Nano 2.0, fitting like the Nano 4.0, and performing like the Nano 5.0. The Kevlar rope protection feature is included in a delta pattern which provides the best grip of any of the earlier Nano editions. The shoe is said to fit more in a more natural and anatomic way than ever before, and this is what provides its comfort during running.

The Kevlar is softer and smoother, and the shoes seem to fit right away without the need to break them in. Some athletes are viewing the Nano 6.0 as the best new shoe on the market for CrossFit training. CrossFit athletes have been posting YouTube videos reviewing the Nano 6.0s since their July release, but the hot on the market model hasn't been out long enough to have been part of an extensive public testing.

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