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The 10 Best Sock Sneakers on the Market Today

Sock Sneakers

Sock sneakers are becoming the new rage for 2020. These shoes provide you with the protection and support of a sneaker while surrounding your feet with the comfort that you get from a comfortable pair of socks. Not all sock sneakers are created equally though. Some lack the support that is necessary for foot protection and some are not as comfortable as others. We've researched to find the best 10 best sock sneakers available on the market today. Here are our picks for your consideration.

Zara Sock-Style High Top Sneakers

10. Zara Sock-Style High Top Sneakers

Zara sock-style sneakers provide your feet with the protection and ankle support of a high-top design. They come in black with fabric that is shimmery and attractive. The upper is stretchy fabric so it moves naturally when you walk or run. The back pull tab makes it easy to put them on and take them off. The built-in sock provides additional cushiony comfort. The sole is made of flexible polyurethane foam and the height of the sole is 1.2 inches.

Puma Court Platform Shoes

9. Puma Court Platform Shoes

These attractive and comfortable sock sneakers feature a high-top design for additional ankle and foot support. The upper is made of sock material to give your feet a barefoot sense for natural and uninhibited movement. These shoes add a bit of height but the platform is solid for exceptional balance and excellent traction thanks to the grippy outsole. The sneakers come in black for sophisticated styling.

Camper Lab Helix Sneakers

8. Camper Lab Helix Sneakers

Camper Lab Helix Sneakers are made in a gray and black color scheme. If you're looking for a comfortable and highly functional sock sneaker that is responsibly sourced, this might be one to consider. The shoes are safe to wear in various surface conditions with 100 percent rubber for the sole composition. The outer part of the sneaker is made of 100 percent polyester. The lining is cushiony and stretchy with a blend of nylon, polyester, and thermoplastic polyurethane.

Adidas NMD CS2 Primeknit Shoes

7. Adidas NMD CS2 Primeknit Shoes

The NMD CS2 Primeknit sneaker is one of the brand's most popular sock-style sneakers. This model generally fits true to size, when you can find them in stock. The sock-like wrap construction features a minimalist design with an Adidas Primeknit upper. The material is flexible to move with your feet for greater comfort. The outsole is made of rubber that gives you the grip needed for safety in most surface environments. The shoe is ultra-lightweight with a distinctive Boost midsole to give you a little more energy in every step.

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6. NDG Studio Triple Black Sock Sneakers

The Triple Black 20184 model sock sneakers are made of precision knit material that moves naturally when you walk or run. These are highly stylish sneakers with just the right amount of leather placement for displaying the NDG engraved logo and the support your feet need for safety. The sole is crafted of Vibram Rollingate with a black outsole. You can even wear the sock portion rolled up if you prefer. These ultra-comfortable sock sneakers are made in Portugal.

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5. Balmain BBold High Top Sock Sneakers

These sock-style sneakers qualify on the high end of footwear. The design is ultra-modern with a futuristic aesthetic in black. They are made of black suede materials with a sock built-in at the ankle for the maximum comfort possible. These sock sneakers provide maximum support and comfort. The chunky rubber sole provides you with ample traction when walking on all surface types. They are highly stylish with branded straps and lateral holes through the soles. The pull tab at the heel makes them easy to slip on and off. The outer is made of 100 percent suede, the lining of 100% soft fabric, and the sole is made of 100 percent rubber.

Jeffrey Campbell Tenko Ankle High Top Sock Sneaker

4. Jeffrey Campbell Tenko Ankle High Top Sock Sneaker

The Jeffrey Campbell Tenko Ankle High Top Sneaker is a comfortable shoe that runs true to size. This consistency makes it a popular choice for customers who prefer to order their footwear online. This highly stylish sock sneaker features contrast stripes ringing the shaft for a sporty personality that is trending for most streetwear ensembles. These sneakers are easy to put on and take off with a pull-on sock fit. The upper is leather material. The lining and sole are both made of synthetic materials.

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3. Fendi x Fila Mania Logo Sock High Top Sneaker

This shoe is one of the most stylish sock sneakers on the market today. This sneaker is a special edition created through a partnership of Fendi and Fila with the help of British graphic artist Hey Reilly. It's an ultra-sporty sneaker that features a sock-like fit, thanks to the stretchy materials used in the sock lining. The shoes have a pull-on styling that makes them easy to put on or take off. The upper is leather. The lining is textile. The sole is grippy rubber for extra safety and stability in slick conditions. These sneakers come from Italy. They run true to size.

Zara Sock Sneakers With Air Chambers

2. Zara Sock Sneakers With Air Chambers

Zara's black designer sock sneakers are fashionably stylish and made for the ultimate in comfort. The sneakers feature a design with a single piece upper in a laceless platform for easy pull on and off without laces. The sock style is mid-height with air chambers added for additional foot comfort and support.

Balenciaga Speed LT Graffiti Sock Sneakers

1. Balenciaga Speed LT Graffiti Sock Sneakers

Our choice for the best sock sneaker for 2020 is the Balenciaga Speed LT Graffiti. This sneaker is one of the most popular imports made in Italy. The sneaker features a pull-on style with an almond toe. The sole is rubber. The lining of polyamide and elastane for the ultimate in comfort. The upper features of a blend of polyamide and elastane for stretchy comfort that supports your feet barefoot feeling comfort. The brand is from Spain.

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