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The Five Best Pairs of Koio Sneakers for Women

Koio Women's White Primo Bianco

Koio is a footwear brand that is known throughout the world for its high-quality products. The luxury designer brand offers a variety of styles in shoes that are made with durable and sustainably sourced materials. When you purchase the Koio brand, you're investing in the planet while getting some of the best shoes that money can buy. Whether you're looking for an exceptional gift for a special lady in your life or shopping for stylish and comfortable shoes for yourself, here are the five best pair of Koio sneakers for women that money can buy.

Koio Women's Capri Triple White Perforated Sneakers

5. Koio Women's Capri Triple White Perforated Sneakers

This pair of sneakers feature an upper that is made of premium textile materials with hand-painted edges for a high-end finish. The uppers are perforated with tiny air holes that give it an attractive and stylish aesthetic. The dual-purpose perforations also allow the shoe a high-level of breathability for ample airflow that prevents feet from overheating and perspiring. The suede heel counter provides a comfortable grip for the heel. The insole is made of soft cushiony material for extreme comfort. It's removable for easy cleaning. You can adjust the fit through the lace-up closure system for the perfect fit. The waxes are made of cotton material and waxed to retain their shape in all types of weather. These shoes are hand made in Italy and imported into the United States.

4. Koio Women's Aerobic Pearl

The Koio Women's Aerobic Pearl is a high-top sneaker that features an upper made of the finest quality Italian leather. This grade of leather has a soft and comfortable feel but it's strong and durable enough to provide foot support and resist creasing. Suede detailing at the toes and lace guard provide contrast and additional strength to stress points of the shoes. The sole is a custom styling designed with an athletic flair to provided exceptional traction to safeguard against accidental slips and falls. The tongue and collar of these shoes are lightly padded to prevent friction and discomfort. The inner sole is made of light and cushiony material for comfort and support. The sole is removable for easy cleaning. The laces are rounded for an attractive look. The edges of the shoes are hand-painted by artisans in Italy for a refined high-end appearance.

Koio Women's Tempo Low-Top Sneakers

3. Koio Women's Tempo Low-Top Sneakers

These high-quality versatile sneakers are made of premium materials that are responsibly sourced from sustainable supplies. The upper is made of genuine premium Italian Calf leather. 80 percent of the upper is calf leather and the other 20 percent is calf suede. The lining of the shoes is made of soft and supple calf leather that feels silky smooth against the feet. The insole is made of soft and cushiony material that gives your feet an extra spring and bounciness and soft comfort. The insole is removable so you can take it out and clean it as needed. The outer sole is made of 100 percent genuine rubber. It has a unique tread pattern that gives the shoes exceptional traction and durability. This is also a safety feature to help guard against accidental slips and falls. The low profile of this sneaker makes it comfortable enough for all-day wear. It's suitable for use with casual and casual dressy outfits. The shoes are hand-made in Italy and imported to the United States.

Koio Women's Metallic Platform Silver

2. Koio Women's Metallic Platform Silver

This model is one of Koio's most popular outfits that require a little extra bling. The metallic silver color is fun, fashionable, and suitable for wear with stylish athletic attire, casual, or casual dressing clothing choices. The upper is made of authentic full-grain calf-leather. The material is soft and supple to the touch for extreme comfort, but it's also durable for foot support. The platform sole is white-colored for a sophisticated and clean look. the lining of the shoes is made of a special Italian calf-leather that is hand-made to feature a soft and buttery feel for the ultimate foot comfort. The exterior of these sneakers has a firm and svelte texture that is high-end at a glance for the most discriminating tastes. The inner soles are made of a comfortable cushion. They're removable for easy cleaning. The outsoles are made of 100 percent natural rubber. The unique sole pattern is there to provide excellent traction. The edges are hand-painted for a finished aesthetic. These shoes are handmade in Italy by skilled craftsmen.

Koio Women's White Primo Bianco

1. Koio Women's White Primo Bianco

The Primo Bianco is a ladies' high-top profile sneaker that has a smooth and sophisticated appearance. It's ideal for use with activewear or casual athletic attire. The uppers of these shoes are made with Genuine Italian pebble grain leather. Genuine calfskin suede accents give it a sense of texture and contrast. These are the finest high-end shoes on the market today. The Primo Bianco may also be used for formal occasions. This is an understated yet confident example of the finest in Italian craftsmanship. The lining of the shoes is made of 100 percent Italian calf leather that is treated to make it buttery soft and supple for the utmost in comfort. All of the edges of these sneakers have been hand-painted by skilled craftsmen for a high-end finish. The outsoles are made by Margom, a brand that is reputed for providing the highest quality in lightweight and durable rubber traction, sourced from sustainable products. The insole is made of soft cushiony material for comfort. The insoles are removable for easy cleaning as needed. When nothing but the best will do, Koio is the brand that has a stellar reputation in high-end circles.

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