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The Five Best Pairs of Coach Sneakers on the Market Today


Coach is a name you associate with luxury, high fashion, and increasingly, mighty fine sneakers. The brand has approached its footwear collection with the same respect for quality, master craftsmanship, and innovative design as it applies to the rest of its line. The result? Sneakers that not only look the business but do it as well. Versatile, functional, and exemplative of that classic New York style the brand does so well, Coach sneakers are rapidly becoming our new favorite must-haves. If you're keen to explore the collection for yourself, you'll not find a better start than these five examples of the best Coach sneakers on the market today.

Coach Women's Lowline Sneakers

Coach Women's Lowline Sneakers

The classic low line silhouette gets a modern reimagining in these fabulous leather women's sneakers from Coach. Made from smooth taupe leather for first-class durability and featuring a tough rubber sole, there's no doubting they have what it takes to see you through more than just a couple of winters. The style is just as noteworthy as the functionality- although they're unlikely to tick the boxes for people who like their sneakers to do all the talking in the relationship, their low key, understated aesthetic and signature Coach style is the height of casual sports luxe. Comfort is accounted for by the cushioned insole for maximum flexibility and the TPU heel counter for superb support and stability. If you want a sneaker that performs as good as it looks and if you don't mind paying for the privilege (whatever else Coach sneakers are, they're certainly not cheap), these low top beauties deserve a place on your wish list. Just be aware that like most Coach sneakers, they run a little large - buy one size down to avoid a sloppy fit.

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Coach Marvel Clip Low Top Sneakers with Comic Book Print

If you're any kind of a fan of Marvel, you won't want to miss out on these comic book inspired kicks... or, for that matter, any of the other 100 pieces from Coach and Marvel's magical collaboration. As reports, the Coach x Marvel collection dropped to huge anticipation in October this year as the latest in Coach's long line up of massively popular collabs. Creative director Stuart Vevers has taken his love for all things animated and created a collection that celebrates the Marvel universe, one superhero at a time. Card cases, t-shirts, bags - they've all been given a quirky makeover with a helping hand from some of Marvel's favorite characters, including Black Panther, Captain America, and Spider-Man. Although no Marvel devotee is going to want to miss out on any of the pieces, not everyone's finances will stretch that far. If your budget will run to just one item, make it this glorious pair of low top sneakers. Crafted from the finest leather, the uppers are splashed with black and white renderings of some of Marvel's most popular faces. The contrasting electric blue laces add a glorious pop of color and complement the little touches of blue on the graphics nicely. A black heel and solid black rubber sole complete the look. Although the focus here is firmly on the design, Coach hasn't forgotten about performance - expect superior levels of comfort thanks to the cushioned insole and superb support via the TPU heel counter. If you want to wear your comic book fandom loud and proud, these are the sneakers for you. Available exclusively via the brand's Coach Outlet branch, units are expected to sell out fast - especially considering their sale price has already been bumped down a spectacular 70 percent.

Coach Patch Sequined High-Top Sneaker in Gun Metal

Coach Patch Sequined Sneaker in Gun Metal

What could be better than a classic high top? Not much, at least according to MSN and their list of the best Coach sneakers of all time. And it's not only MSN who think so - scour the feedback on the likes of Amazon, Farfetch, and countless other retailer sites, and you're unlikely to run into many negative reviews of these awesome sequined high tops from Coach. By marrying gun metal leather uppers with more sequins than you'd find on an 80s prom dress, the brand has created something that manages to be both tough as nails and decidedly feminine at the same time. The high-top profile is complemented by a classic lace-up closure and chunky rubber sole. Comfort and durability are as you'd expect from Coach, while the price point of around $395 is, while no means budget-friendly, illustrative of the quality and craftsmanship of these glamorous sneakers.

Coach Women's Sneakers with Sequins and Star Patches

Coach Women's Sneakers with Sequins and Star Patches

If you like your sneakers to be loaded with more glitz and glam than Joan Collins' wardrobe, you're going to love this sparkly little pair. Designed in a convenient slip-on style for easy on and off and featuring a wealth of standout features (including a removable charm on the back, eye-catching patches of sequins and beads, polished rivets, and a street-savvy thick rubber cup sole), they'll bring the 'wow' to any outfit you pair them with.

Coach CitySole Court Sneakers

Coach CitySole Court Sneakers

Earlier this year, Coach ambassador Jennifer Lopez dazzled us when she appeared in a set of ads wearing a very eye-catching pair of CitySole Court sneakers. New to the market for 2020, the sneakers feature plenty of standout details, including a touch of animal print, printed laces, the signature Coach 'C', and a throwback style that's reminiscent of the traditional basketball shoe. “I love the new CitySole sneakers," Lopez has enthused to Instyle. "They remind me of the styles I grew up with. I love that it looks like a classic basketball sneaker and is versatile enough to dress up or down.” She may be paid to say it, but she's right - versatile, functional, and just as glam as J-Lo herself, these lust-worthy sneakers are guaranteed to be your new favorite thing. Of course, a sneaker will live and die by more than style alone. If they're too uncomfortable to wear, they'll never win people over, no matter how fine and fancy they look. Fortunately, Coach hasn't let itself down on that score. With proprietary technology for superior comfort and flexibility. shock-absorbing cushioned pods and 3M binding for all-day support, and a grooved sole for enhanced movement and traction, in the words of Coach itself, 'your feet will thank you' for wearing these fantastic sneakers.

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