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A Closer Look at The Nike Off-White Lemonade Air Force 1

Nike Off-White Lemonade Air Force 1

The longstanding collaboration between Nike and Virgil Abloh resulted in the announcement of a new model in the Nike Air Force 1 collection. Teasers in early 2021 hinted at a pending release sometime in the year, offering details about the new model that stirred the public, whipping sneaker enthusiasts into a state of anxious anticipation. They monitored news outlets for when the new Off-White Nike Air Force 1 Lemonade would drop. It finally hit the shelves on July 10, 2021, with an MSRP of $150 per pair. The Lemonade Air Force 1 has been out for nearly a year.

What is the Off-White Nike Air Force 1 Lemonade?

The model is another collaborative effort between Virgil Abloh and Nike. It's a refreshing and brightly colored sneaker called the Lemonade colorway for its bright University Gold uppers with accents of metallic silver. The off-white branding offers a brilliant contrast to the attractive sneaker. Sneaker Bar Detroit confirmed that the July 10, 2021 release was scheduled for the Virgil Abloh ICA Boston exhibit for its debut to the public. The exclusive release featured a raffle for the EM PTY Gallery in New York that ran all day from 9 in the morning till 6 PM on July 10. Although an exclusive release, the new sneaker was also available through other select vendors.

Specifications of the Off-Whtie Nike Air Force 1 Lemonade

Sole Collector reported that the sneaker took a year to complete. The final product revealed a leather upper in University Gold in a version similar to the Off-white Nike Air Force 1 Low cut styling. The iconic Nike Swoosh is stitched to the outer sides of the upper in a deconstructed silver material with black stitching on the borders. Nike kept the Air label branding on the tongue on the side instead of at the center. It's in white with gold print. A slightly brighter hue of the University gold color creates a slight contrast for the laces. Nike built-in plenty of air vents in the perforations above the toes and upper foot. Following the traditional comfort and stylishness of the Nike Air Force 1, the sneakers are designed to keep the feet cool and dry. The ankle collar and tongue have ample yet controlled padding to prevent rubbing during activewear.

The exposed foam on the ankle collars and tongue is a signature feature of the model. They also came with the signature zip tie. We have to comment on the tight stitching that gives the Air Force 1 their air of confidence. They're well-constructed and built to hold up for the long run. The inner part of the uppers has an attractive lining with padded mesh material providing cushiony softness and comfort for all-day wear. Nike also provides a cushiony footbed that simultaneously supports the arches without taking them over the top. Vibrant orange tabs match the interior color of the sneakers for a little more contrast. The shoes are constructed with the iconic Nike Air technology to enhance their comfort and performance.

The Nike Air Force 1 Lemonade release and success

The Nike Air Force 1 Lemonade arose from an ongoing collaborative effort that began in March of 2020 in discussions about how the sneaker would look. The process took more than a year to complete the conversations and design features of the sneaker, according to Sneaker News. The first shipments of the new model were released in small numbers to select vendors like the NSKRS Stash, online raffles for New York, Las Vegas, and Miami stores, and other select vendors and Off-White stores. it may be one of the most vibrant editions of the Air Force 1 with its University Gold upper, metallic silver swooshes, and deconstructed branding.

The early bird catches the worm.

If you were not among the first buyers to get their hands on the Nike Air Force 1 Lemonade colorway during its first days of release, you'll likely have a hard time finding a pair in your size. The sneaker is one of Nike's best events for 2021. The original price of the sneakers, upon their initial release, was set at $150 per pair. The popularity and hype surrounding its release resulted in buyers lining up to get their shoes while it was still available at a reasonable price point. As predicted, savvy resellers got their hands on as many pair as they could find, and now offer their stock for astronomical markups. StockX offers the Nike Air Force 1 Lemonade for $1,550 a pair. It's cheaper at StockX as Goat's prices are as high as $1,770 a pair. You may wonder how much the Air Force 1 Lemonade is worth today? In less than a year after its debut, the sneaker has a value of whatever collectors or sneaker enthusiasts are willing to pay. We've seen them sell for as high as $3,000 per pair and consumers are paying that much for the privilege of ownership.

Final thoughts

The Nike Air Force 1 Lemonade may be one of Nike's most successful collaborations yet. The partnership with Virgil Abloh took over a year to construct the finer details of the design. Stockrooms sold out fast and the only examples to be found are through resellers who are sitting on a goldmine. The Lemonade in its attractive and vibrant University Gold with a deconstructed silver swoosh on the sides and black stitching is an iconic sneaker that became a collectible item from the day of its release back in July of 2021. Those who got in on the $150 price point in the early days of its release were the fortunate ones. Now the cost has gone up as high as $3,000 per pair to an average of $1600. Supplies of the Lemonade in new condition are becoming scarce, but there are still a few out there offered at auctions and through savvy resellers.

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