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Appreciating The Work of British Yacht Designer Mark Berryman

Mark Berryman has long been regarded as one of the top yacht interior designers in the world. In fact, the British designer has been designing some of the world's most exclusive yachts for the last 25 years. That said, he recently took his talents into an additional direction, something that he likes to think of as an expansion of his previous work. These days, he's not just designing yachts, but also private jets.

A Long History of Excellence

There is no doubt that Beryman’s work is highly regarded. In fact, he has a long list of some of the most exclusive clients that you could ever imagine. Just last year alone, he was responsible for the interior design of the yacht that everybody was talking about, the Flying Fox. It didn't come as any surprise to anyone in the know that he was responsible for its interior design. After all, he is the go-to person when it comes to designing most high-end yachts. In fact, prior to the pandemic, his work was in such high demand that he had a waiting list a mile long. When a person knew that they were going to build a yacht, even when everything was still in the very early planning stages, they would contact him and tell him that they wanted him to design the interior.

If they were lucky, he would be available to take that job on by the time the rest of the yacht was finished. In other cases, clients have waited until he was finished with previous work so that he could do the interior of their own yachts, even if it meant that the boat essentially sat untouched for months. That is how popular his work has become. Once the pandemic hit, even he found himself wondering what projects he would take on next. Like a lot of other people in his chosen field, he started expanding his horizons and looking to do work with aircraft, something that he had never taken on before. As it turns out, he has a penchant for doing that, too.

His Go-To Design Concepts

Berryman has certain go-to design concepts that he relies on more often than not. In a lot of his designs, he incorporates bamboo in conjunction with earth tones in order to create a slightly Asian flair. His goal is to make the interior of whatever he's designing, be it yacht or aircraft, as relaxing as possible. It has to be functional and it has to be an area where people want to spend time. He has become something of an expert at combining these two worlds, something that isn't always easy to do. When you consider the need for something to be both functional and practical, it doesn't always bring thoughts of a relaxing atmosphere to mind.

However, he has learned how to combine the two so that a person can be in their personal space which allows them to relax and focus, all while having all of the practical, functional things at their fingertips. The end result is that people tend to be happier with his designs and they tend to get more done. He even goes as far as incorporating certain pieces of artwork or small pieces of greenery in an attempt to make the space feel as much like home as possible. In the case of his designs for aircraft, he set out with one singular goal in mind, to make people feel like they were not on an aircraft. To this end, he even went as far as incorporating additional bulkheads so that each person would have their own space where they could work, sleep and relax with equal levels of ease.

Real-World Experience That Pays Off

Perhaps the reason that Berryman’s designs are so unique is because he has plenty of that real-world experience that has allowed him to see what consumers truly want. He spent 11 years working for a top UK-based yacht design company. While he was there, he designed more than 25 high-profile projects on yachts alone. The company was so impressed with his efforts that they also employed him to tackle additional land-based projects that they were involved with. Eventually, he felt like it was time to move on and develop his own company, something he did back in 2007. Since that time, he has been designing yachts for some of the world's richest and most influential people and he has experienced a great deal of success. He says himself that the thing that sets him apart is that he doesn't base his designs off of the most recent trends.

Instead, he prefers to do things that are completely unique. He wants his designs to reflect his own ideas, to be sure. However, he also works directly in conjunction with his clients so that the design reflects certain aspects of that individual's personality. The end result is a mixture of both his input and his client’s. More importantly, each design is completely unique when compared to anything else out there. Even though he's done literally dozens of designs over the years, none of them have ever been the same. That is precisely what keeps his work fresh. It's also why so many people are interested in hiring him when it comes to designing various projects.

There is no doubt that his work with yachts over the years is what got the attention of Boeing, who eventually hired him to work on two of their jets for his most recent projects. The fact that he doesn't rely on industry trends or simply copying what other designers are doing sets him apart from virtually everyone else in the business. He has truly come up through the ranks in the most genuine way possible. In doing so, he relies on his own creative ideas in order to do something that is unlike anything else in existence. It's easy to understand why so many people are clamoring to hire him. It would be difficult to hire anyone else with more talent.

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