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A Closer Look at Benetti's New 215-Foot Superyacht

Benetti's New 215-Foot Superyacht

What would it be like to sail aboard a luxury superyacht with a master suite the size of an NYC apartment? Benetti is a famed Yachtmaster that has built a new 215-foot superyacht that offers owners this amazing comfort and luxury feature. This is only one of the many amenities and outstanding features of their latest design. It's one of the top-rated superyachts registered for 2021, making the list in the top five percent of its class. At first glance, the vessel offers enough to invite one in for a more in-depth inspection. The Benetti 215 ft superyacht deserves a closer look to truly appreciate its merit.

The new Benetti Triumph Superyacht

According to the Robb Report, Benetti's latest superyacht has been christened Triumph, exemplifying its most recent accomplishment in innovative and luxe design features in a seaworthy vessel that is uncommonly luxurious. The Italian shipyard recently delivered the aggressively streamlined and sporty yacht that is loaded with a host of special features worth talking about.

A 215-foot dream vessel

The Triumph is a vessel that offers 215 feet from end to end. While the spaciousness is impressive, it's what lies within that truly inspires admiration and a sense of awe. Bear in mind that as we delve deeper into the amenities of the ship, the outward beauty is enhanced by its exceptional craftsmanship with top-notch amenities and performance features with world-class status.

The architecture of The Benetti Triumph

The Italian Yachtmaster went with an aggressively streamlined exterior with sleek lines and sturdy construction. Giorgio M. Cassetta is credited with the exterior design, along with Pierluigi Ausonio, featuring an aluminum superstructure and a steel displacement hull for incredible strength and dependability. The in-house Benetti team joined Cassetta in the joint venture. The Triumph is comprised of six decks with interior designs led by the Green & Mingarelli Design team assisted by the style department at Benetti. The Triumph is the largest of the three most recent launches by Benetti. Others are the 157-foot Hawa, and the 213-foot Zazou, also custom superyachts. Curved windows in the yacht are large. This feature gives guests nearly panoramic views, which is a nice touch from the exterior and the interior. The superyacht features a sun deck with a dining area that seats 10 comfortably, with a hot tub. It's ideal for enjoying brunches or other meals, sunbathing, or relaxing in the cool of the evening with a soothing hot soak. The space is multipurpose. The roominess makes it an innovative feature.

The interior of the Triumph

With six decks to accessorize, the interior design team had a playground of space to exhibit their creativity. The world-class artwork of photographer David Yarrow is on display in what takes on the characteristics of a private floating gallery. The overall design of the interior creates a sense of spaciousness with a layout that optimizes the use of space to maintain a free feeling while loading it with practical and luxe amenities. The Triumph offers a capacity for sleeping 12 guests comfortably in its six staterooms. The owner suite encompasses almost 1,400 square feet, situated within proximity to the scenic upper deck sky lounge. On the main deck, the VIP suite is not far from the dining and living areas of the main deck. The other four guest cabins sit on the lower deck along with the crew quarters and the galley.

Other amenities

The Triumph has a range of drop-down platforms for direct-to-sea access, with a 753 Square foot beach club. Other amenities include a massage room, a gym, a sauna, and a helipad for ferrying guests to and from the vessel by air. The Triumph is an upgraded custom vessel that adds another deck beyond its predecessors that only offered five.

Performance of the Triumph

Triumph cruises at a speed of twelve knots. The vessel can cover 4,700 miles for maximizing fuel economy on a fresh tank of fuel. It's powered by a set of two MTU 12V 4000 M53R engines with a cruising speed of 15 knots and a top speed of 16.5 knots.

Guests are attended by a crew of 15

According to Superyacht Times, the recommended size of the crew required for safe and efficient operation of the Triumph is 15. When you consider that the crew's quarters can house 15 persons, this increases the sleeping capacity to roughly 27 persons. The large crew number includes necessary maintenance and operations as well as the preparation and serving of food for guests.

The Benetti Triumph Superyacht statistics

The Triumph is one of the most impressive superyachts built by Benetti in its custom market. It's a remarkable vessel featuring a higher than average cruising speed than other yachts in her class range. She is among the top five percent of all superyachts in the world by LOA. She is registered under the Cayman Islands flag along with 1,216 other registered superyachts. She is currently at home at the Port Hercule superyacht marina in Monaco at a resting place before making another leg of the journey to become the possession of her new owners.

Final thoughts

There has been a lot of excitement coming from the Benetti shipyards this year. The new Triumph superyacht is a magnificent vessel that offers a glimpse of the customization skills of the in-house team as well as its proclivity for producing innovative new designs that immediately catch the eye from the outside. The beautiful six-deck vessel maximizes the space aboard to provide owners and guests with premium amenities for a luxurious stay with all of the benefits of staying in a five-star luxury hotel, on a floating paradise. It's the largest of the three most recent launches released by Benetti and it's caught the attention of superyacht enthusiasts around the world. The yacht has been sold and is in the process of being delivered to its new owners. The selling price is undisclosed at this time.

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