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The 10 Finest Columbus Yacht Models Of All-Time

Columbus Yachts

Columbus Yachts has provided luxury yachts for a half century. The family owned business has consistently created some of the most innovative yachts. With sleek designs, custom luxurious interiors and eco-friendly motors, Columbus Yachts are truly top of the line providing comfort and elegance while cruising the seas. Italian flair, good prices, quality service and impeccable amenities are just some reasons to love Columbus Yachts.


Columbus Yachts was founded by the Palumbo family in 1967. For three generations, the family has consistently expanded the company to include several shipyards and some of the best luxury super yachts ever built. The Palumbo family continues to own and manage Columbus Yachts and create the most innovative yachts available. With streamlined hulls and technologically superior designs, the yachts look and cruise well on the sea. Interiors are carefully designed to create spacious and elegant modern living spaces with attention to eco-friendly details and panoramic views and luxurious amenities to create the perfect yachting experience for you and your guests.

The Palumbo family began its shipping business as a small Mediterranean carpentry and welding shop and built Columbus Yachts into one of the largest marine groups in the centeral Mediterranean. Columbus The family carefully chooses the best yacht designers for the exterior and interiors of the yachts. The Palumbos are experienced yachtsmen who deal directly with clients to make sure their needs and specifications are fully met. The Columbus' 5 Mediterranean shipyards include Naples, Malta and Mareille take pride in maintaining the yachts in the most impeccable conditions.

In 2008, the Columbus Yacht Company began building luxury super yachts. The first, "Prima" was launched in 2011. Since then, the Columbus Group has created several lines of luxury super yachts including the most resent hybrid yacht which is the most eco-friendly yacht available and debuted with great success. Limiting fuel consumption and dangerous toxins, the yacht has proven popular among young and older yachtsmen alike. For the most elegant, sleek and luxurious yachting experience, look no further than Columbus Yachts.


The Columbus Group has several lines of super yachts to meet the specific needs of any yachtsman.


The original Classic line maintains superiorly built and seaworthy yachts with classic designs and modernized touches. The sleek exteriors continue to the luxurious and spacious interiors. With several guest and crew accommodations, the Classic yachts are filled with amenities for cruisers to enjoy a comfortable and sophisticated experience.


The Explorer line is Columbus Yachts answer to long distance cruising. The yachts range in size from 44 to 90 meters. These yachts are built for performance and as with Columbus Yachts' other cruisers, the Explorer yachts are environmentally friendly. These yachts are built for safe yachting in luxurious comfort.


The Columbus Sports line is the most current yacht line. It consists of both the Sport and the Sport Hybrid. The yachts range 85 to 100 meters. The sleek exteriors are built for cruising the seas at both a fast pace and a leisurely yachting pace. The newest Hybrid yachts have both diesel and electric engines to add to the cruising experience and limiting its carbon footprint. The engines consume less fuel than most and emit less toxins into the environment. The Sports line offers the same luxurious cruising experience as the other Columbus Yachts' lines.

In addition, Columbus Yachts has lines including Liberty, Berlinetta and the Oceanic Coupe.

Here are our picks for the top 10 finest Columbus yachts:


Columbus Yachts Prima

The first super yacht introduced by Columbus Yachts was the Prima Classic which debuted at the Monaco Yacht in 2011. This beautiful 53.7 meter yacht is the height of technological innovation and luxurious elegance. The superstructure is made of steel and aluminum. The beam max is 10.20 meters. The Prima travels up to 16 knots cruising speed and up to 18 knots. It's classic exterior was designed and engineered by Hydro Tec and built in the Palumbo family's Naples Shipyard. The yacht accommodates 12 guests and 12 crew members. The interior, designed by Spadolini Design Studio is spacious and provides plenty of room for lounging, dining, sleeping and sunning. Oak and walnut wood and marble create an elegant and open atmosphere. The tri-deck yacht boasts 6 staterooms including a large VIP suite and a full beam owners sweet with a private balcony.



The Divine is a 40 meter Sports Hybrid Yacht. Two high performance diesel motors allow for 22 knot speed with 15 knots cruising speed. The beam max is 8.25 meters. The yacht was designed by Palumbo and Hydro Tec with the best hybrid technology. Palumbo designed to spacious and open interior. The tri-deck aluminum yacht has 5 staterooms to accommodate 10 guests including a large owner's suite and study on the main deck. It accommodates 8 crew members. Glass cutouts and fold down balconies allow for openness and panoramic views. The Divine has received outstanding "Green" ratings for its environmental friendliness.

Eleanora III

Columbus Yachts Eleanora III

The Eleonora is a 40 meter all-aluminum sports hybrid yacht with an 8.20 meter beam max. It runs at 15 knot cruising speed and 20.50 knots. The sleek aerodynamic design is by Palumbo and Sergio Cutolo of Hydro Tech. The elegant, modern interior is designed by Hot Lab. The Eleaonora features 5 staterooms including a lower deck master suite. It comfortably accommodates 10 guests and 5 crew members. The Eleanora has plenty of lounging, sunning and deck space for elegant, easy-going and youthful cruise experiences. It is rated "Green Plus" for its eco-friendliness.



The Tabia is a 57 meter luxury yacht in the Columbus Yacht's Classic line. The yacht has a max beam length of 10.20 meters. Designed by the Palumbo Group and Sergio Cutolo of Hydro Tech, the elegant yacht travels at a comfortable speed of 16.5 knots. Made of aluminum superstructure and steel hull, it is a solid yacht. The eclectic interior was designed by Francesca Cianficchi and features nature-inspired elements with mixed wood, marble and mirrored surfaces.

Oceanic Classic 70 m

Columbus Yachts

The large Classic 70 meter Oceanic is one of Columbus Yacht's finest yachts. With a 13.40 meter beam max, the yacht has a steel hull and aluminum superstructure. Designed by the Palumbo Group, Vafiadis & Assoc. designed the classic exterior and the elegant interior. The Oceanic features 6 staterooms to accommodate 12 guests. The staterooms include a large master suite, a VIP suite, and 4 guest cabins are on the main deck.

Global Explorer

Columbus Global Explorer

The Global Explorer was built to travel the world's oceans. The large 72.5 meter yacht has a maximum beam of 13.5 meters. It travels 18 knots for comfortable, luxurious travel. Designed by Palumbo and Sergio Cutolo of Hydro Tec, the sturdy yacht comfortably allows for 14 guests with 7 cabins including a spacious master suite. The yacht allows for 22 crew members. The Global Explorer costs $66.3 million.

Liberty 38 m

Columbus Yachts Liberty 38m

The 38 meter Liberty makes the most use of deck space and the interior is customizable to suit the needs of the buyer. Built by Palombo, the maximized deck space gives plenty of room for relaxing, sunning and entertaining. A bar and formal dining area are featured on deck. The interior is customizable. It allows for 4 to 5 staterooms below deck and a master suite on the main deck. The galley can be situated on the main deck or below while the crew quarters can be located at the fore or aft. The cost is $16.1 million.

Coupe 50 m


The 50 meter Coupe is also available in 45 and 62 meters. The Oceanic Coupe is the crossover of yachts. It has a sporty appearance and can reach cruising speed of 19 knots and maximum speed of 21 knots. It is designed with automotive influence and looks sleek and powerful while its interior is spacious and elegant. It features a classic 3 deck layout. It was designed by Palumbo Group and Vafiadis & Assoc.

Berlinetta 40 m


The Berlinetta comes in 33, 40 and 50 meters. Designed by Palumbo and Marco Casali of Too Design, the Berlinetta cruises at a comfortable 14.4 knots and reaches a maximum speed of 15.5 knots. The elegant interior features 10 state rooms and spacious lounging and dining areas. The Berlinetta has a large sun pad and plunge pool. The yacht combines sport and relaxation with plenty of amenities for entertaining and cruising the sea.

Super Sport 27 m

Super Sport 27m

The compact 27 meter Super Sport is sporty and youthful. The yacht boasts speeds of 30 to 32 knots. It was designed for power by Palumbo and Marco Casali of Too Design. The sleek, luxurious and modern interior features 8 state rooms.

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