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A Closer Look at the Royal Huisman's Striking Blue Superyacht PHI

Royal Huisman's Striking Blue Superyacht PHI

There's a new superyacht sailing the seas thanks to Royal Huisman. The new ship is an outstanding blue vessel that complements the beauty of the sea. Superyacht PHI is the latest contribution from the famed shipbuilders and it proudly takes its place in the fleet after completing testing and passing with flying colors. We're privileged to take a closer look at the Royal Huisman Superyacht PHI for the first time.

The 2021 Huisman PHI

The Robb Report gave us our first look at the new Superyacht with its magnificent deep blue exterior. At first glance, It has all the attributes of a streamlined speed cruiser on steroids. Easily one of the most attractive vessels of the year, the silhouette is breathtaking with its sharp hull that cuts through the waves and its sleek design. The first thing that jumps out at you is the contrast of the color against the water, which makes it stand out. The exterior design is eye-catching with its gentle slopes and curves that temper the straight sleek lines for perfect visual symmetry.

Credits for the design of the PHI

Royal Huisman reports that Cor D Rover is credited with the exterior design, interior layout, and the general concept for the PHI. Lawson Robb spearheaded the interior design and Van Oossanen Naval Architects were in charge of the naval architecture. It took a huge collaborative effort to bring the concepts for the floating luxury palace to fruition in the form of a seaworthy vessel for travel and pleasure.

Specifications of the Huisman PHI

These days all new automotive designs consider the planet and conservation of resources. The PHI is not only attractive but also made for fuel and water efficiency. They tooled the engine design to a low profile that makes it fuel-efficient, with a top speed of 22 knots. The DEPP swimming pool features a design that lowers the amount of freshwater required through a patented heat and treatment system and a cove that seals the tank to prevent water evaporation or contamination. The hull design is the XL Fast Displacement platform. It features technical advances that conform to new standards in shipbuilding. The team also equipped the PHI with gyro-stabilizers to keep the ship constant during rough weather.

What we know so far

We're itching to learn more about the interior of the new superyacht, but Royal Huisman is keeping the details close to the vest. They're not saying much about the interior other than dropping a few teasers. It's okay because it allows the imagination to run wild. What we do know is that there will be three decks. Each of the levels will feature separate themes. The lower deck will represent the underwater realm, one of the other decks, the surface of the ocean, and the last, the galaxy. The PHI will offer guest accommodations for up to 12 passengers. We can only assume this means staterooms and a confirmed penthouse apartment for the owner. There will also be quarters for up to 11 crew members. We also learned that there is a spacious wine cellar aboard for those who are wine connoisseurs.

Other musings

The PHI is a 192-foot superyacht that a 118 ft vessel will accompany. The smaller craft serves as a companion for traveling from the yacht at anchor to destinations onshore. It's one of the longest vessels of its kind. We learned the PHI is on schedule for delivery to its new owners. Delivery is pending for some time near the end of 2021. At this point, all we know about the craft are the scant details shared by Huisman, but we can use our eyes to assume a few more juicy details about the mystery ship. When we look at the rear deck, it appears to be spacious, and the decks appear made of teakwood with a dark walnut stain. Sometimes it's fun to make a few educated guesses find out later how close we came.

What we'd love to see are a few photos of the interior of the ship. In our mind's eye, we're imagining a formal dining area that is decked out with unique materials and perhaps a glass area for viewing underwater marine life as a complement to the underwater theme, but it's just a guess. From an aerial view, the three exposed deck areas seem to have uniform flooring and it looks expensive. We're anxious to find out if the ship is equipped with an elevator to move between the floors, or if guests will need to use the stairs to navigate from one deck to another. It appears that most of the lounging areas exist away from the elements, with just a few options on the back, mid and upper decks for enjoying the sun or taking a swim. We also imagine a platform for the tenders hidden somewhere.

Final thoughts

We're going to have to wait until Royal Huisman leaks out a little more information before we'll know how the PHI gets its power. For now, they have made the details top secret with no leaks we could find. We're happy to have the photographs and the crumbs of information that the builder will release. We know that this is one of the most beautiful yachts in the water for now. It's a sleek and elegant craft with clean and flowing lines and a beautiful color. We know little about the hull construction, the materials, or the interior design other than who is in charge, but we know that it's one of the most beautiful boats we've seen in a long time. For now, this is all we know about the new Royal Huisman PHI superyacht for 2021. We'll have to keep our eyes peeled for more news as it becomes available. This briefing is truly a story that is unfolding slowly. Stay tuned for updates as they are released.

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