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A Closer Look at the First Ferretti 860 Yacht

Ferretti 860 Yacht

With much anticipation, the first Ferretti 860 was launched on Wednesday, June 22, 2022, eight months after this project was announced. Measuring 26.95 meters, it was commissioned by an Italian owner who intends to spend the rest of the summer cruising along the Mediterranean Sea with its final destination at the Cannes Yachting Festival.

In September 2022, it will officially make its global debut upon arrival. This is the third yacht designed and developed in collaboration with Filippo Salvetti. It was he who designed its exterior. Ideaeitalia is the designer responsible for 860's interior design. The Art Deco architecture offers an uninterrupted outward view from the vessel's main saloon and dining area. There is also a spacious seating area from the aft deck, making it ideal for al fresco dining.

Above the flybridge, there is an exterior helm station to starboard feature, as well as a sit-up bar and an L-shaped sofa. There is a third al fresco lounge, which is located at the superyacht's bow. Warm and dark colors sum up the interior, which was chosen as a "Classic Mood" option. There are three double cabins on the lower deck and can accommodate up to six guests.


There's also the master suite and crew cabins. Ferretti 860 offers two propulsion packages. The first is a pair of MAN V12 2000 engines, allowing a maximum speed of thirty-two knots and a cruising speed of twenty-seven knots. The MAN V12 1800 is the second option, offering a top speed of twenty-eight knots and a cruising speed of twenty-four knots. According to Boat International, there is a total of six Ferretti 860 units made.

Ferretti's engineering department has architected over four hundred other superyachts and now has a total of 5,295 motor yachts in the fleet that are classed in the 24-30 meter size range. It has also joined 236 other yachts that are registered under Italy's flag. According to Robb Report, Ferretti 860's maiden voyage on the Mediterranean will have this yacht featured at the Ferretti Group Private Preview in Monte Carlo. From there, it will continue the journey to the boat show in Cannes.

About Ferretti

The Ferretti Group is an Italian-based multinational shipbuilding company that is headquartered in Forli, Italy. This company is in the business of designing, constructing, and selling luxury motor yachts. It was founded in 1968 by Alessandro and Norberto Ferretti. At first, these two brothers were a manufacturer of small boats that produced their first motor sailer in 1971.

Their decision to produce luxury motor yachts came during the 1980s. Then, the fate of this company changed after Alessandro's sudden death in 1995. When this occurred, seventy percent of Ferretti's ownership was acquired by Permira. Over time, it expanded at an international level after acquiring a number of companies between 1998 and 2012. Since then, it has also operated in the United States under Ferretti Group North America, Inc.

It also has a subsidiary company in Brazil, located in Sao Paulo and in Foz do Iguacu. There is also a Ferretti Group Asia Pacific, which has representative branches in Hong Kong and Shanghai. Some of the more notable customers that have purchased a Ferretti yacht include Brigitte Bardot, Richard Burton, and Sophia Loren.

Fast Forward to Today

Today, the company markets motor yachts in Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, the USA, and Venezuela as a Ferretti of America, Inc. subsidiary. It also liaisons with sales networks already present in Britain, France, Germany, Greece, and Spain. Starting in 2000, the Ferretti Group listed itself on the Official Italian Stock Exchange.

In 2001, it was later admitted to STAR as a high requisite share segment of Borsa Italiana. However, after September 11, 2001's attacks, it went back to a privately owned company. In 2006, Permira listed the company shares on Milan's Stock Exchange. This was postponed after a light level of interest was raised by private equity buyers. In an auction, Candover purchased sixty percent of the company's shares in an auction, leaving thirty percent to its founder, and the remaining ten percent to Permira.

Pinmar S.L., a Spanish-based company specializing in painting mega-yachts for Irish entrepreneur Sean Ewing, purchased the Ferretti Group. Come March 2010, the company continued divesting by selling Apreamare S.p.A. to Aprea and Pollia, the same two families responsible for the founding of the historic brand, Sorrento. In 2012, it was then acquired by Weichai Group, a Chinese multinational heavy machinery company that also specializes in automotive manufacturing.

Today, Ferretti's equity is now divided between Noberto Ferretti and management at 38.2 percent, Mediobanca at 8.8 percent, and fifty-three percent in exit participation rights among senior and mezzanine lenders. All voting rights regarding the company and its business direction are done by its management team and Mediobanca, even after it sold sixty percent of its holdings in December 2009.

Teaming up with Mitsubishi

Since teaming up with Mitsubishi, the Ferretti Group has developed an anti-rolling gyro (ARG). This is used as a means to reduce the effects of waves each time they hit up against their boats. It uses a counterweight and gyroscope to make an otherwise bumpy ride run smoother.

When visiting the company's website, its landing page promotes the 860 yachts as a beautifully orchestrated superyacht designed to bring a new symphony to life. Designed as a flybridge yacht by its Cattolica-based shipyard, there is a splendid mix of architectural elements and the luxurious style is carefully detailed.

Thanks to cutting-edge technology, this is a yacht that has all the best luxuries a yachting enthusiast could hope for. This yacht is capable of hosting up to twenty people on board and can hold 1,849 US gallons of fuel. When going over promotional information on Ferretti Yachts website, it reveals this project design as a classic contemporary model in the "A' design category and is classed as a B + F Aa (Sound Emission) RINA S.p.A. The base price of this yacht starts at 5,682,798.00 USD, at least according to the listing found on itBoat.

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