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A Closer Look at the 351-Foot Sailing Yacht "Project Sonata"

Project Sonata

The Project Sonata Superyacht is a 351-foot sailing yacht that has recently been posted for sale. The ship is among the most unique on the water. The progressive concept for the Project Sonata features a visionary one-of-a-kind design that combines a sailing system with an inverted bow that takes on the wakes with a sleek cutting action. This very special craft deserves a closer look to fully appreciate its merits.

The history of the Project Sonata Superyacht

According to the Robb Report, the Project Sonata Superyacht is the design genius of Valentin Design, an emerging Swiss studio. The head of the design team is Valentin Weigland who has won his share of awards, including Young Designer of the Year in 2020, partnered with Romain Acquaviva, the naval architect. The pair set out on a mission to design a yacht with three main features including buildability, smart features, and more sustainability. The pair designed the yacht with the help of the latest technologies in naval architecture to arrive at a hybrid sailing yacht with the capabilities of a motor yacht.

The hybridization

The process of designing a hybrid superyacht sounds complicated, and the goal of the designers is to create a dual-powered craft with accessibility to more yachters than its predecessors. For assistance in bringing the content into reality, Divergent Yachting's director Derek Munro was brought in to work with the team to focus on eliminating potential problems before getting underway in the construction.


The process of creating a more sustainable craft was not an easy concept, but they pulled it off through Project Sonata's dual diesel-electric engines that cut down on the carbon footprint left by the operation of the craft. Supplementing traditional diesel power with electric and Lithium-Sulfur batteries seemed a workable solution. When you do the research, the Lithium Sulfer batteries are a safer choice than Lithium Ions, as they do not contain cobalt and other heavy metals. The recuperative energy provides enough energy to recharge the batteries through the propellers of the yacht when in sailing mode. It proves to be a more efficient combination of sailing and Motoryacht vessel.

Other nifty facts

The design features a low-maintenance DynaRig that is exceptionally durable. The result is cutting back the size of the crew required to maintain and operate the craft. The mast tips lend themselves to unmounting when additional clearance for gong under bridges is required. Additionally, the keel of 16 ft is retractable and lessens the draft by 6.5 feet when needed.

Outstanding features

Boat International reveals that the superstructure is crafted of aluminum and the hull from steel. The ship's designs are confident and strong with a sleek aesthetic in a futuristic vessel that offers a new look, but it is much more than that. The battery packs for the Project Sonata have the capacity to power 12 hours of hotel service. The energy recovery accomplished through sailing is in addition. The vessel has a cruising speed of 15 knots with a top speed of 17 knots.

What to expect from the new hybrid

The Project Sonata will feature accommodations for 12 guests distributed among six staterooms for luxury sailing and motor yachting excursions. Additionally, quarters for the necessary 31 crew members and staff are built-in. The largest and most luxurious space is the owner's stateroom with privacy assured. These quarters provide exceptional views and are attached to a private outside deck. Each suite has a separate dressing room and bathroom that opens into the bedroom with blind-covered windows from floor to ceiling and a spacious feel.


For amenities, the toys and tenders include a 5.4 m crew tender and a Riva ISEO limo. Guests can also enjoy the full gym that is stocked with exercise equipment for staying fit, along with a beach club, swimming pool and deck jacuzzi, jet ski, and a Waverunner. Variable draught and zero-speed stabilizers are also featured in the design.

A revolutionary design for the future

The Project Sonata 351-foot sailing yacht is a vessel that is intended to deliver the stuff that dreams are made of. Our sneak preview is a glimpse into the future of yachting and the Project Sonata may well set the bar higher for other yacht builders to follow in the future. We don't have any impressive statistics to share or information about its latest jaunts around the world because they haven't happened yet. The Project Sonata is currently in the process of being built, but it's already listed for sale. Serious inquiries from interested parties are currently being entertained. Although the shipbuilder is fairly new in the game, his fresh perspective is refreshing and it offers hope that the shipbuilding industry is jumping on board with their research and development of new designs that make these vessels more eco-friendly without sacrificing and of the elegance and luxury one would expect to find aboard a multi-million dollar superyacht. The Market Herald adds that the superyacht will have a travel distance of 3,000 nautical miles traveling at cruising speed.

Final thoughts

This is an amazing feat for a hybrid superyacht. The next big question is when will it become available on the market? The answer is that the release date is still up in the air. The approximate building time for the Project Sonata luxury superyacht is 38 months. For a high-tech dual-powered superyacht hybrid, we'd say that's not too bad. We feel safe in assuming that there has not yet been a buyer as we found this yacht advertised on two different marketing sites. The estimated completion date is sometime in the year 2025. A lot can happen in that period, but so far, the designers and shipbuilders are on task for completing this vessel on schedule. So far there has not been any mention of the asking price. The teaser gives us something to look forward to shortly.

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