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Five of the Finest Tankoa Yachts of All-Time

Tankoa S693

Tankoa Yachts S.p.A. is a quickly growing Italian manufacturer of steel & aluminum luxury mega-yachts with a length of between 40 and 100 meters. Although it was formed by a former management team from Baglietto Yachts in 2007, Tankoa began production in 2008 with two significant projects at above 65m in length. Since then, the company has advanced to even larger yachts.

These are our picks for the five finest Tankoa Yachts of all time.

Tankoa S501 (Asking price: undisclosed)

Tankoa S501

This is a 50 meter project officially unleashed to the press and public in September 2014 at the Monaco Yacht Show. The ample exterior spaces, 7-meter tender garage, floor - ceiling windows, lateral fold-out terraces, and innovative layout put the S501 in its own league when it comes to luxury and efficiency. The design was the result of a collaboration between the famous designer Francesco Paszkowski and the shipbuilder.

The idea was to achieve a timeless design while incorporating most of the facilities and amenities usually found on bigger yachts. As such, she houses six cabins, including a VIP suite situated on the main deck, a luxurious full-beam master, and 4 guest cabins integrated on the lower deck. What's more, there is a 7-meter tender garage, home cinema, and gym incorporated on board.

Tankoa S693 (Asking price: $66,838,000)

TANKOA 693 superyacht SUERTE

The magnificent S693, also known as SUERTE, is an eco-friendly Tankoa vessel revealed in 2015 at the Monaco Yacht Show. Once again, Francesco Paszkowski was behind the overall design, while Margherita Casprini concentrated on the interiors. Externally, the yacht boasts an awesome Beach Club complete with hammam, sauna, massage room, shower, day head, bar, large screen TV, and saloon. Adding to the luxury is a generously oversized lounge with a space of about twenty on the aft deck sofas.

There is an inbuilt garage that can easily accommodate Seabobs CAYAGO F7 as well as two 7.5m DARIEL tenders powered by Yanmar engines of 260hp. The two side deck garages contain the multiple jetskis while the interiors are moder, warm, and inviting, utilizing just natural and noble materials to ensure maximum privacy for the owner and guests. The decor was inspired by Japanese shelters, with slate floors, floor-ceiling windows, and greens.

The primary saloon is a real family room with a gorgeous U-shaped sofa crowned by a library. Additionally, there are comfy armchairs for more than 16, who can enjoy the latest blockbuster movies through the installed 88" curved screen 4K television. On the further end of the front is a centrally positioned dining table for sixteen people, next to gigantic floor-ceiling windows. On the side of the saloon, there is a fish tank highlighting the partition wall as a huge wine display courtesy of Paszkowski stands at the fore bulkhead.

Tankoa S531 (Asking Price: Undisclosed)

Tankoa S531

This yacht was presented to potential clients in Fort Lauderdale and Monaco. This iconic model allows for continuous change of appearance by combining and splitting both external and internal volumes via massive use of glass windows. Designed by Francesco Paszkowski, the boat maintains the Tankoa traditional style. The S531 is based on a 10,30m width Tankoa platform and provides excellent layouts for a yacht that size. It features over-sized glass windows on both the upper and main deck, with the aft deck coming with the option of a jacuzzi.

The interiors of the aft section offer a glass-wrapped saloon for more than twelve. On the further fore is a bar, TV room, and a lounge with stunning views of the sea thanks to floor-ceiling windows. The middle segment of the primary deck is designated for the staircase, lobby, full-size galley, and crew circulation areas with their dedicated stairwell. The whole wide body area of the primary deck is designated for the owner and the VIP suite, and is fitted with fold-out terraces from the side.

On the other hand, the lower deck is split into two segments. The fore part is designed for the crew quarters, with five cabins for ten-crew members, crew rest room, and galley. The captain's cabin is adjacent to the wheelhouse. The second part (aft) is designated for 3 VIP suites and a single guest, all benefiting ensuite bathrooms reminiscent of a 65-meter yacht. There is a beach club and tender garage at the aft of the engine room. The under-lower deck is accessible from the crew quarters or the engine room, where the laundry room, freezer, and cold rooms have been installed.

Tankoa S532

Tankoa S532

Based on the same platform as the previous S531, this model was designed to have a larger interior volume, almost like a shorter version of a 60/62-mete yacht. Lower running costs without compromising space and freedom on board; lower maintenance; and lower building time are the main perks of this mega yacht. The aft deck is divided to give guests the most efficient view and atmosphere when sited at anchor or outside underway.

The main deck is a complete wide-body, allowing for two masters suites, a saloon/reception area, and 2 fold-out terraces at the fore master suite. This arrangement allows for 3 suite with impressive levels of silence. The lower deck contains the galley, huge crew quarters, and mess. The aft area is devoted to 2 guests cabins and a third guest suite or gym. At the aft of the engine room, there is a tender bay that's supposed to be transformed into a beach club.

The same wheelhouse in the S531 were carried over to the upper deck, although the aft region is designated to a dining room and panoramic saloon surrounded by floor-ceiling windows. In addition, there is an outside dining with a wrap-around sofa for sixteen people at the outdoor deck aft. On the other hand, the fore deck features the same sun-pad and lounges as the S531.

The typical offering on the fly-bridge consists of a shower, day head, dining area, a saloon shielded by the hard top, and a big sun-pad on either side while the swimming pool and bar are fitted to the fore.

Tankoa S701 (asking price: $66 million)

Tankoa S701

The S701 is probably the finest Tankoa yacht of all time. Announced in 2014 at the Monaco Yacht Show, the breathtaking mega yacht is said to be completed in 2017. The design focuses on wide, open plan living spaces that extend seamlessly from indoors to outdoors. The boat, which has a close resemblance to the magestic S693, comes with a different transom and a broad upper body deck. The overall configuration has a well-researched passage taking into account the flow of guests and crew on the boat.

The S701 features an unparalleled key point: an unforgettable deliver time of 24/26 months. The boat is an open space built to incorporate all the desires of the Owner. What's more, the 70m length allows the S701 to incorporate all the top luxury amenities, making the boat the best option for those looking to engage large environments onboard.

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