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Check Out This New 728-Foot "Yacht Liner" By Somnio

728-Foot Yacht Liner By Somnio

Some people dream of taking an annual vacation in Bali, while others wait until their wedding to spend their brief honeymoon in Hawaii. Every dream is valid, but if you could have it all, why not spend time aboard a superyacht traveling to every corner of the globe? If that is on your bucket list, you have to check out this new 728-foot "yacht liner" by Somnio; it promises short stints in the Mediterranean and long expeditions in Antarctica. Since it grants such an incredible experience, the yacht liner has been appropriately named Somnio, which is Latin for "dream." Before you get excited about making your reservation, here are a few things to know, and some could limit your ability to board the yacht.

The Only Residential Superyacht Worldwide

According to Robb Report, Somnio co-founder Captain Erik Bredhe brags that the yacht liner will be the only residential superyacht worldwide. He added that it had been designed to the exact standards that measure up to the life of opportunity. Besides the unique design, it will comply with the highest operational, health, safety, and environmental standards, rules, and regulations. Since it comes equipped with top-notch research equipment, marine experts and scientists will explore oceanic environments. Therefore, as owners enjoy their cruise, they will also learn more about environmental issues. Furthermore, as scientists seek to carry out their research, the yacht will sail the world per the owners' wishes hence its description as a "never-ending life-at-sea experience with carefully selected destinations."

Bidding is by Invitation Only

The 33,500-ton yacht liner will measure 222 meters long, and the beam will be 27 meters long. Somnio will have six floors that hold restaurants, bars, an onboard beach club, and 39 apartments. The apartments are luxurious, and as disclosed by Stuff, each comes with a personal kitchen, gym, library, and walk-in closet. The apartments are customizable, offer indoor and outdoor dining areas, and can be outfitted with multiple cabins.

Of course, some of the amenities will be shared; for instance, the tasting room and wine cellar; it is unlikely to run out of wine, given that it can hold up to 10,000 bottles. The main deck will have pools, while the beach club will provide water sports facilities. Besides other common areas such as the bars and restaurants is the lounge where owners will get panoramic views while they sail. The owners would not get their money's worth if the yacht lacked a concierge service that caters to all their needs both onboard and on land.

The seven-star experience does not come cheap as every apartment has a starting price of $11.2 million. However, don't rush for your checkbook yet because you will have to wait to get an invitation to start bidding on the remaining apartments. So far, a few have been purchased already, but the owners' identities are being kept secret. Owning an apartment could be one way of safeguarding your health because, as CNN reports, you will be guaranteed world-class medical care to keep you safe from the pandemic and other risks.

The Project Will Take Three Years

According to Architectural Digest, Sweden's Tillberg Design and London's Winch Design are collaborating on the project expected to be unveiled in mid-2024. The superyacht that boasts of being the largest on the face of the earth in both size and volume will cost around $600 million, and the project is being led by Carl Le Souef, the founding partner of Somnio Global. The costly project is already underway in Norway, where revenues from off-plan sales are being utilized to finance the rest of the construction. VARD could not hold its excitement for having been chosen to construct the vessel, which will be the largest so far to have been built by the company. The first outfitting phase and the hull will be conducted in Romania at VARD Tulcea, and according to Boat International, construction has been underway for the past 18 months hence the expected delivery in Spring 2024.

More Residential Ships Expected in 2024

The history of cruise ships with residences dates back to the early 2000s when The World, a residential yacht built by Fosen Yard in Norway. The founders say that the ship was build due to a demand by cruise ship passengers who wanted to enjoy longer voyagers. For this reason, The World was constructed with 165 residences that had several options, including three-bedroom residences. Regarding the amenities and aesthetics, it pales in comparison to the residential ships underway. Then again, since its construction, people's preferences have changed, and passengers are ready to spend extra for comfort. Therefore, more vessels are being built for residential purposes rather than for cruising. Although Somnio is 222 meters long and will cost $600 million, there is another yacht, Njord, much longer at 293 meters. Njord's construction was announced in 2020 by Ocean Residences and is also expected to be delivered in 2024. The designer of the 293-meter yacht is Espen Ѳino, who will collaborate with FM Architettura. The ship's interior design will incorporate earth, wind, fire, and air, and due to the strictness of the interior design, even the furniture will be designed by the studio. Njord will hold 118 apartments that will also be customizable to suit owners' tastes. The residences will have 21 distinct configurations comprising two, three, four, and five-bedroom apartments ranging between 1,291 square feet and 8,601 square feet. The largest residences will include two triplex and 24 duplex apartments with private elevators. The yacht will be similar to Somnio in some ways, such as the research equipment to enable scientists to record the sea conditions and map the ocean floor. It will also have walk-in closets, personal kitchens, and a fitness studio. According to Forbes, other unique amenities have resulted in Njord being praised as the ultimate private superyacht.

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