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A Closer Look at the Gulf Craft Majesty 122

Gulf Craft Majesty 122

The Gulf Craft boat builders of Ajman, UAE have come a long way since their humble beginnings, making open boats in the early 1980s. They since graduated to building small yachts and center console fishing and leisure craft, and most recently, have gotten into the business of building mega yachts. This was a rumor that had been circulating for a few years prior and it has finally become a reality for the two brothers and their friend who established the business in 1982. The Majesty 122 has become their showcase craft and is in competition at yacht shows as a major contender for winning awards for its high-quality design and craftsmanship. If you're not yet familiar with this magnificent vessel, it merits a closer look as it is a beauty that stimulates sheer admiration for yacht enthusiasts.

Description of the Gulf Craft Majesty 122

The Majesty 122 was ordered by a client from Australia and delivered to its new owner in 2016. Looking at the ship from the outside it's a sleek and sporty craft adorned in a black base with white trim atop and it appears to cut through the water, offering the impression that it's a fast and agile yacht. The outward appearance is nothing short of spectacular, and one can tell by the ample amounts of window class and the railed decks that there have been spacious accommodations made for walking the decks safely on the outside or from taking in the views while lounging in the cabins. This is just one example of how Gulf Craft will customize the order. Another sibling features a sporty red and white exterior. The main saloon is spacious and opulent with every inch of space used to maximize the full potential of the area with a mixture of luxury furnishings and amenities, large viewing windows on both sides, and open spaces which allow for plenty of room for standing or walking. Sliding doors open directly onto the deck for fast and easy access to the outside. In the main saloon, there are two large television flat screens, a living/lounging area and a full-sized dining table for taking formal meals. There is space for a family or small party to enjoy time together or to find privacy in one of the many rooms or lounging areas dispersed throughout the ship. The sleeping quarters consist of large open space and luxury king-sized beds in the cabins with ample storage space for personal belongings. A spiral staircase with LED lighting leads to the upper deck in this exquisite luxury craft.

The design of the Majesty 122

Erwin Bamps is the current CEO of Gulf Craft and he explained that the philosophy behind the design of the Majesty 122 is to create a floating resort, and from our preview of the yacht, it appears that they have made good on this endeavor. The ship features panoramic views from the main living areas as well as state of the art technology for the comfort and enjoyment of the passengers. A recent customized version of the Majesty 122 is the Ghost II, which was built with specifications for use as a charter yacht. Gulf Craft extended the balcony and focused their design scheme on creating multiple lounging and entertainment areas. This iteration features a built-in flybridge which can hold a maximum of 120 persons as well as a garage that can hold up to five tenders for jet ski enthusiasts and those who enjoy playing in the water. This is Gulf Craft's Award-winning yacht which placed first in the World Superyacht Awards for 2016.

Specifications of the Majesty 122

The Majesty measures 122 feet and four inches in length with a beam of 24 feet 8 inches and a draft of 6 feet. The displacement is approximately 174 tons. It has a fuel capacity of 7,360 US gallons and a freshwater capacity of 1,680 gallons. With regards to passenger accommodations for overnight stays, there are 5 cabins and 10-12 berths. It is powered with 2 x MAN V12 1900 PS engines for ample power on the seas. Each of the guest cabins is equipped with its own private bathroom. The standard version of the ship is a one and a half deck type and the hull is crafted of fiberglass materials. The top speed is 24 knots. This is truly a superyacht that has a lot to offer and from our evaluation of the reviews, they have created a firm base of satisfied customers who would recommend them to others without hesitation.

Final thoughts

The Majesty 122 by Gulf Craft is the company's premier superyacht which is made to order to suit the customer's requirements and preferences. There are several layout options available upon this spacious yacht and the skilled engineers at Gulf Craft are experts at achieving the desired results for both exterior and interior aesthetics and amenities. Gulf Craft has made great progress in their evolution as shipbuilders, from simple open boats to some of the most magnificent and award-winning superyachts to sail the seas. The Majesty 122 won awards for its high quality as well as for being excellent value for the cost. The brand is eager to please their customer base by providing the very best in quality and design that money can buy, but without affixing the highest possible price tag on their work. Anyone who is considering the commission of a superyacht for their personal enjoyment or for a commercial enterprise should consider a consultation with the Gulf Craft shipbuilders first as their reputation for building quality ships to order has been well established throughout the world. The company that started out serving clients in the Middle East has now expanded its reach throughout Europe as well as the market as far away as China and beyond. The Majesty 122 can be built to your specifications by skilled craftsmen who are proud to stand behind their work.

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