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Amore Mio: The Largest and Most Powerful Sports Yacht

Amore Mio

The Amore Mio was custom built by Heesen Yachts and launched in 2015. She is a 45-meter semi-displacement yacht which is equipped with a stabilization system that provides a smoother cruising experience by reducing roll motion effect. This ultra-modern technology is accompanied by bow thrusters which enhance low speed maneuverability. She also has a unique MOB Rapid Reaction System designed for her.

Should a man become overboard, there are many buttons situated around the vessel. These may be pressed to instantly open hatches which will drop inflatable life rings into the water. They will mark the MOB position and provide flotation aids. Simultaneous alarms will sound in the crew areas and the bridge as the location is recorded in the chart plotter program of the vessel.

She was christened privately at Heesen’s facility. Before her christening, she was named simply Project Necto. She completed an intense series of sea trials in the North Sea before she was handed to her owner in 2016. She was sold to an owner with yachting experience who wanted a sporty and fast boat.

New Captain

Tripp Hock

Her sea trials were completed under the guidance of Captain Tripp Hock, who noted that the gyro stabilizers, to his relief, “kept all the coffee cups on the tables”. Captain Hock has been a captain for more than 20 years, and he is the new captain of the Amore Mio. He is excited about his new position on the My Love. The name is perfect for him, as he grew to be passionate about her while involved with her building process. He will work for the private owner of the Amore Mio as he has done for 16 years. He typically oversees the construction of the new vessel and then plans her sailing routes. The Amore Mio’s home port will be Malta. Hock learned to captain yachts working summers in Alaska fishing. He earned his nautical miles, studied to earn his captain’s license and officially became a skipper. His boss will have him sail the Amore Mia to all his favorite, undiscovered yachting locations, and that is just fine with Captain Hock.

When Amore Mio launched, she made yachting headlines as the most powerful sports yacht, and the largest, to emerge from the Netherlands. These distinctions did not go unnoticed in one of yacht construction’s global capitals. Amore Mio has a top speed of 30 knots, powered by two MTU 16v diesel engines. Her exquisitely engineered hull, of aluminum, allows her sleek profile to power past most other 45 meter vessels.

Naval Architect

Heesen Yachts

Heesen Yachts was founded in 1978 by Frans Heesen. Located in Oss, the Dutch shipyard was the first to use aluminum for yacht hulls. A world leader in motor yacht design, engineering and construction, the firm specializes in high performance vessels. In 1992, the business expanded by including traditional displacement yacht construction, and also added superyachts beginning at 30 meters in size and expanding to 80 meters and more. Heesen Yachts has delivered close to 170 vessels. The fleet currently includes steel, aluminum, semi-displacement, displacement and fast displacement yachts. With ten yachts under construction, the shipyard has deliveries scheduled through 2018. Heesen Yachts was purchased by Mr. Vagit Alekperov, noted by Forbes to be Russia’s 9th richest man, in 2008 for about $100 million USD. Forbes Russia noted that the shipyard posted profits in 2013 of about $5.2 million USD.

Heesen is dedicated to the heritage of Dutch traditional shipbuilding, focused on pioneering innovations and secure financially. The firm is large for handling complex construction, yet small, for handling every project with care. Hallmarks of the firm’s vessels include efficient fuel consumption, superior engineering and performance, highest quality construction, advanced technology, avant-garde design, and luxurious comfort.

Exterior Design

Amore Mio Cruising

Heesen Yachts collaborated with Omega Architects by Frank Laupman to design the exterior of Amore Mio. The design firm has an extensive portfolio of yacht designs ranging from 2000 to the present. With nearly 80 motor yacht designs, ranging in length from approximately 94 feet to more than 239 feet, the company has worked to provided efficient, comfortable, and exquisite designs. Omega Architects is the winner of several prestigious design awards including three finalists in the World Super Yachts Awards 2016. Published in numerous yachting enthusiast journals and magazines, the architect group is comprised of an international team that relies on good communication to create strong design concepts.

Frank Laupman’s architect group presented Amore Mio’s design for the first time at the 2012 Monaco Yacht Show. They introduced a brand new bow shape, called a “knuckle” for Amore Mio. The exterior line of the bow is interrupted, and due to its narrow raked profile, it has a particularly aggressive appearance, but the sleek overall design successfully contributes to her speed.

Interior Design

Amore Mio Bedroom

Cristiano Gatto Design Team created Amore Mio’s wonderful interiors. Headed by founder Cristiano Gatto, the team is comprised of five young professionals who work closely together. Gatto graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Venice in 1992. He is particularly skilled with sculpting Carrara marble, and his sculptures have been exhibited in galleries across Europe. Gatto’s team members include:

  • Monica Trabucco, a graduate of the Art Institute of Venice and yacht designer since the age of 24.
  • Francesco Bortolato, a graduate of Liceo Scientifico of Treviso and College of Architecture of Politecnico di Milano, and yacht designer with Nm Yacht and Italia Yacht before becoming a partner at Cristiano Gatto Design Team.
  • Silvia Trevisan, a graduate of Istituto Tecnico per Geometri with a degree in Design.
  • Cristina Buscema, Cristiano Gatto’s wife, and administrator for the design firm.

The design philosophy of Cristiano Gatto Design Team is that beauty makes people feel better and is the source of positive attitudes and good thoughts. They use their clients’ lifestyles as their major sources for inspiration, and strive to gain insight about the client’s needs and habits in order to make good design choices. Their Italian heritage provides them with rich resources for design, and their projects include major shipyards throughout Europe. They have an excellent portfolio of 164 projects including custom yachts, hotels, restaurants and luxury homes.

The interior design for Amore Mio feature a calm palette of neutral whites and beiges accented with pops of color. The spacious interiors utilize contemporary furnishings with natural fabrics by Loro Piano who developed special marine use textiles for the yacht. All the stone onboard comes from the same block of breccia perlato stone, which contains shells and fossils within its limestone composition. Flamed American walnut wood surfaces and open grain warm Caneletto walnut veneers were used on the tabletops and furniture. Built in lounging areas paired with comfortable seating, and ample ceiling, task, and ambient lighting illuminate the living areas. The main saloon integrates the lounge area with the staircase. Polished steel supports the floating walnut treads of the staircase steps. Sanded glass adds to the reflective glow of light throughout the space. The interior is air conditioned for comfort. The exterior space includes an 18-meter deck for sunning and a cinema, plus a dining area with a teppan yaki BBQ station, an infinity terrace and a pool which is square in shape. The ship’s garage is designed to house a 5.9 meter Boesch mahogany tender. A Heesen Teflon slide is included.

The guest cabins and public spaces are sleek, modern and efficient, yet comfortable. Each of the five staterooms had en-suite bathrooms. The master suite features a bathroom with a marble lined shower, a large built-in sofa for relaxing and a port side vanity table. Mirrors cover cabinetry and closet spaces to provide a feeling of space. Flooring solutions are low level carpets, wood and tile. Bathrooms, gym areas, hallways, staircases and dining areas are elegantly casual. The overall effect is one of calm spacious comfort. Amore Mio is a stylish, safe, comfortable and speedy vessel, providing her owner with every enjoyment.



  • Guests: 10
  • Total Cabins: 5


  • Semi-displacement hull configuration
  • Aluminum hull
  • Aluminum superstructure


  • 147 feet, 7 inches long overall
  • 27 feet, 6 inches at beam
  • 8 feet, 9 inches at minimum draft
  • 360 gross tons


  • Two MTU diesel engines, model 16 V 4000 M73L
  • Twin screw propulsion
  • Maximum speed of 30 knots
  • Range of 2750 miles at 12 knots
  • Fuel capacity of 2,199.69 USG


  • Three Seakeeper Gyro M23000, Zero Speed Stabilizers
  • 80 Kilowatt, Hydraulically driven Make ZF-Marine Thrusters


  • Name: Amore Mio
  • Type: Motor Yacht
  • Model: Custom
  • Year: 2015
  • Class: ABS A1 Commercial Yachting Service, AMS Large Commercial Yacht, Code LY2
  • Hull NB: 17145
  • Builder: Heesen Yachts
  • Naval Architect: Heesen Yachts
  • Exterior Designers: Omega Architects
  • Interior Designer: Cristiano Gatto Design
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