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The Top 10 Ferretti Yachts of All-Time

Luxury Flybridge Ferretti Yachts

As leaders in the world boating marketplace who design, build, as well as market luxury motor yachts, the Ferretti Group offers a portfolio of some of the most unique, prestigious and exclusive yachting brands worldwide. Their lineup of brands includes CRN, Custom Line, Ferretti Yachts, Itama, Mochi Craft, Pershing, and Riva. In addition, Ferretti has one of the biggest indoor in-water showrooms in both North and South America combined.

As a multinational shipbuilding company that was founded in 1968 by Norberto and Alessandro Ferretti, the company has its headquarters in Forlì, Italy. Ferretti's global presence is complemented by its six Italian production facilities, as well as one each in Latin America and North America. These facilities are supported by a sales and distribution presence that is global in size and stature. Ferretti has a network of 60 handpicked dealers who are located in 80 different countries.

In 1971, Ferretti produced its first motor-sailer, and by 2010 their annual revenue had soared to over $550 million.  Some well-known celebs who have been Ferretti customers include European darlings Brigitte Bardot and Sophia Loren, as well as the late great Richard Burton.

Here are our picks for the 10 finest Ferretti yachts.

Custom Line Navetta 42 - Price Not Yet Available

Custom Line Navetta 42

The largest semi-custom, semi-displacement yacht ever built by Ferretti is the Custom Line Navetta 42 model at 138 feet in length. It won’t be completed until 2018, and will be fully customizable. The basic layout offers a stern beach club, four to five lower deck guest suites, a spacious main deck owner’s suite, and a side-of-the-hull opening for launching water toys.


  • L.O.A.- 42.0m (137 ft 9 in)
  • Power- Two diesel engines
  • Range- 3,000 nautical miles
  • Guests- 10
  • Crew- 7

Chopi Chopi - $107 million

Chopi Chopi

Chopi Chopi is the biggest yacht that CRN Shipyard, which is a division of Ferretti Group, has ever completed. The 80-meter yacht was launched in Ancona, Italy recently after a 660,000 working hour building time. A massive audience was there for the momentous event which marked the 129th luxury cruiser built at the shipyard. The yacht's designers included two unique brands, namely Studio Laura Sessa Romboli for the interior furnishings and decor, and Studio Zuccon International Project for the layouts, both above and below decks.

Chopi Chopi features great attention to every detail of the five decks and aluminum and steel displacement hull. It offers a huge amount of overall space with an amazing airiness. It is capable of accommodating as many as 12 guests in six ultra-luxurious guest suites, plus 10 staff members and crew members. Other amenities onboard include an indoor fitness room complete with sauna and spa, Turkish bath with a massage area, and a helipad.


  • L.O.A. -80.00m (262'5"ft)
  • Beam- 13.50m (44'3"ft)
  • Speed- 16 knots
  • Cabins- 6
  • Guests- 12
  • Crew- 30

Custom Line 108 Vardar Superyacht - Price on Request

Custom Line 108 Vardar Superyacht

The Studio Zuvvon International design team collaborated with the in-house engineering team at Ferretti to come up with this super yacht. This is what is considered to be a maxi yacht that is truly state-of-the-art, as well as exciting and dynamic. She offers an exterior design that is stylish, functional and totally superb. Interior customization of the luxurious interior is available for discerning buyers. And, speed is a given based upon this yacht’s extended surfaces and sleek sharp lines.

It also offers a large and uncluttered flybridge, and a cocktail bar and seating area. Add to that the two sun pads and a sea terrace on the main deck that are quite large and a sunken dinette nearby and the above deck areas are truly both comfortable and unique. And, the main salon, master and guest cabins featuring wonderful wood, suede, and metal accents, are designed to wow all those who enter there.


  • L.O.A.- 108 feet
  • Power- Two MY 16V 2000 M94 engines
  • Top speed- 26 knots
  • Cruising speed- 23 knots.
  • Maximum range- 1,000 nautical miles
  • Optional extras- Electro-hydraulic stabilizing fins, gyroscopic stabilizers

Ferretti 960 - $ 8.7 million

Ferretti 960

This is Ferretti Group’s latest fleet addition. It measures 29 meters LOA with an overall hull length of 24 meters. It’s quite sporty, but with a unique luxury and elegance. This yacht was also an AUTD and Studio Zuccon International Project collaboration. The Ferretti 960 offers a contemporary lightness in its elegant interior with nuances of white, bronze, beige and silver throughout.


  • L.O.A.- 29.20m (95 ft 9in)
  • Beam- 6.72m (22 ft)
  • Power- Two MTU Model 16V2000 M94 engines
  • Speed- 27.50 knots
  • Cabins- 5
  • Guests- 10

Navetta 33 Crescendo Ziacanaia - $7,195,462.90

Navetta 33 Crescendo Ziacanaia

This is a fiberglass yacht that is quite modern with beautiful Italian styling. It can accommodate 10 guests and the master suite is on the main deck plus the lower deck has four double guest cabins. She embodies all of the luxury, elegance and high-quality that Ferretti is known for around the world. And, buyers get a choice of decor, furnishings, and fabrics to choose from, making this yacht totally customizable.


  • L.O.A.: 32.62 m (107 feet)
  • Beam: 7m (23 feet)
  • Power: Two 2 MAN V12 engines
  • Speed: 16 knots
  • Guests: 10
  • Crew: 4

33m Custom Line Navetta Crescendo 2016 - Price on Demand

33m Custom Line Navetta Crescendo 2016

Ferretti Custom Line’s latest project is a yacht design that offers the ultimate in Italian style. It offers classic external lines blending harmoniously with its interior design, which is quite contemporary. And, potential owners have the option to personalize the interior to suit their personal tastes. This Ferretti yacht offers three decks, a huge sundeck with swimming pool, massive windows, a large main deck salon, a gym, main deck owner’s stateroom and lower deck guest rooms with open views of the sea.


  • L.O.A.- 32,60m (106 ft 11 in)
  • Beam- 7m (22 ft 11 in)
  • Power- Two MAN V12 engines
  • Cabins- 5 guest and 4 crew

The New Ferretti Custom Line 100 Superyacht Desta - $8m

Ferretti Custom Line 100 Yacht Desta

This 100-foot yacht is the result of an expansion of Ferretti Group’s Custom Line. It’s the optimum mixture of performance and good looks with its modern sporty interior and impressive interior design. Glass doors slide electronically, adding to the functionality and beauty of the interior along with soft leather and luxury wood finishes.


  • L.O.A.- 30.60m (100 feet)
  • Power- Two MTU engines with 2,639 hp each
  • Speed- 26 knots
  • Cabins- 5
  • Guests- 10

Ferretti Custom Line 124 - Price on Demand

Ferretti Custom Line 124

This lightweight streamlined 124’ yacht is also quite spacious. The table in the dining salon seats 12 guests and the owners’ area is in the bow. The main deck galley connects directly to the crew quarters and the lower deck houses four extremely comfortable and well-appointed guest cabins.


  • L.O.A.- 37,82 m (124 feet)
  • Power- MTU 12V 4000 M93
  • Cabins- 5 guest
  •  4 crew

Ferretti Yachts Altura 840 - $2,750,000.00

Ferretti Yachts Altura 840

This 84-foot yacht features a beautiful teak-panelled cockpit and an attention to detail inside and out that is unparalleled in the yachting world. She can accommodate as many as eight guests in amazing comfort and style. Teak also trims the salon and stateroom areas. This beautiful yacht maximizes space while being light and airy, as well as tastefully decorated.


  • L.O.A.- 84 feet
  • Beam- 20 ft 1 in
  • Draft- 6 ft 3 in
  • Power- MTU 12V 2000 M93 engines
  • Cabins- 5
  • Heads- 4

Custom Line 112 - $8,759,915.00

Custom Line 112

This yacht features a cockpit wet bar that is fully outfitted with everything from icemaker to fridge. She also has a beautiful sun pad on the teak deck, a swim pad, electric canopy, and hydromassage tub. In addition, she offers a beautifully decorated salon with glass sliding doors that are electrically controlled, a marble dining salon table, and state-of-the-art entertainment equipment with TV satellite antenna and Internet SAT antenna, as well as marble floors in all baths.


  • L.O.A.- 34.16 m
  • BEAM- 7.08 m (112 feet)
  • Power- Two MTU 2775 12V 4000 M90 engines
  • Speed- 28 knots
  • Accommodates- 20
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