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Check Out Benetti’s 208-Foot Superyacht “Moca”

Benetti’s 208-Foot Superyacht “Moca”

Anyone who loves boats and cruising follows news regarding the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. It usually attracts over 100,000 yachting enthusiasts who attend to view the variety of boats on display for the five days the event runs. The 2021 boat show ran from October 27 through October 31, and five of the largest yachts expected there included Moca, Avanti, 4 Roses, W and Zenji. While they are all phenomenal vessels, let us focus on Benetti’s 208-foot superyacht Moca, which stole the show. She is a superyacht currently listed for sale. This detailed sneak peek into her features will help you make an informed decision should you decide to charter or buy her.

She was Previously Named “Waku”

According to Superyacht Fan, the yacht that is now known as Moca” was previously called “Waku.” Her owner was Samark Lopez, and while some sources she was delivered in 2015, others cite the delivery date as 2016. Whichever the case, there is no confusion regarding the yacht being arguably among the nicest Benetti has ever built. Benetti collaborated with FM Architettura d’Interni, the latter being tasked with interior designing. Benetti SpA was in charge of naval architecture and exterior designing. She is the 16th largest ever yacht that Benetti has built and ranks 376th worldwide. Upon her delivery at Benetti’s yard Livorno Italy, Lopez went on a cruise to the Bahamas. He was so careful about subjecting his beloved yacht to the boisterous waters that instead of having her sail across the Atlantic, Lopez had her shipped to his desired location. However, maybe he did not like her enough to keep her because he listed the yacht after cruising twice. She was sold in 2019, and the name immediately changed to “Moca.”

Benetti's Moca Features

According to Superyacht Times, she has a steel hull and aluminum superstructure, which were in line with the previous owner’s preferences. The 35-foot beam offers the vessel a spacious interior while the 13-foot draft keeps the 1,081 gross ton yacht stable. 2 MTU 1,029 hp engines power Moca, enabling her to cruise at 12 knots and a top speed of 16 knots. Moca's maximum range is around 5000 nautical miles. The interior design layout facilitates the accommodation of 14 guests, housed in 7 cabins. The cabins comprise a double cabin, three identical twin cabins, 2 VIP suites, and an upper deck master’s suite. The suites and cabins are luxuriously styled, each with an entertainment center, bathroom, and shower. The owner’s suite on the upper level has been described as an entire apartment whose walk-in closet is the largest in a yacht of her class. The 38-foot-wide suite houses a large bathroom and walk-in shower. The owner’s suite opens up to a private outdoor deck at the press of a button. The top-level then opens up to a room that used to be a massage and yoga room before COVID-19. It has since been transformed into a kids’ classroom.

That is not to say that they have done away with wellness and fitness because the yacht still has a massage room and gym a few steps from the classroom. Moca is also large enough to have 15 crew members on board. Since the current owners prefer having their extended family on board, the yacht has a large dining table that can seat ten guests and a large U-shaped sofa that 16 people can occupy. Of course, given how much the owners seem to love cruising, the pantries, wine cellar, and freezers are large enough to stock supplies that can last up to four months. The formal dining table can seat eight guests. Comfort has been prioritized: an air conditioning unit on the ceiling keeps the yacht cool while a glass-tube elevator enables quick access on all four levels; a bridge provides access to the sun deck. The yacht was refitted in 2021, but not everything was done away with; it retained the originally fitted joinery, which complements a few modern touches, such as the centerpiece gals and bronze coffee table. According to Boat International, traditional lighting was also retained, but during the refitting, they installed LED lighting. The big windows in the main salon ensure the yacht is flooded with natural lighting while still providing spectacular oceanic views.

It Costs $475,000 Per Week to Charter Her

Owning the Moca superyacht is possible if you can afford the hefty price tag of €39,950,000, which is approximately $46.6 million. For a yacht that was built five years ago, you must wonder what makes her so expensive; after all, you would expect her to have some wear and tear. However, according to Robb Report, Moca has only sailed for around 1,000 hours since her delivery. Besides, the recent refitting has added some worth to the five-year-old yacht, because every piece of machinery was overhauled. Her owners also are very picky about who gets to charter Moca. They do not allow day charters or parties on board. They prefer having Moca spend summers in The Hamptons and winters in the Bahamas. If you cannot afford the asking price, maybe you will settle for chartering her for $475,000 per week. However, even then, you have to prove that you are caring enough for the current owners to permit you on their prized possession. If you need any more convincing about what Moca has to offer, Blue Water Yachting has published pictures to give you a clue of what you will be signing you for the minute you write that check. She is currently at Nassau, and the $46.6 price tag is a fraction of her replacement cost. You can schedule a private viewing either in person or virtually by contacting FGI Yacht Group through the contact form on the page, and a broker will reach out to you with more information regarding Moca.

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