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Five of the Finest Vicem Yachts in the World

Vicem Yachts

Vicem Yatchs made their first mark in the industry in 1991, and more than twenty years later have produced at least 150 yachts to become one of the leading manufacturers of classic luxury motor yachts. Based in Turkey, Vicem produces and installs every one of their pieces by hand. This includes building the layered epoxy and mahogany composite hull, all the way to curving the furniture. Vicem is famous for yachting due to their classic, east manufacturing style, as well as their outstanding quality of handcrafted construction process.

The company’s vintage line, which includes the Cruisers 78, 92, and 100, and Flybridge 52 to 75, is built through the cold molded process. This is a unique construction technique that utilizes laminated mahogany in addition to a certain formulated epoxy resin to create the main structures, deck, and hull of every yacht. The result is a smoother, stronger, and quieter vessel with automatic insulation from noise and humidity. In 2009, Vicem introduced megayachts in their production, starting with the Vulcan Line that consists of the 32 RPH, 35m tri-deck, and the 46m.

To that end, here are five of the finest Vincem yachts in the world.

1. Vulcan 46M Tri-Deck Motor Yacht

Vulcan 46M Tri-Deck Motor Yacht

The 46M Tri-Deck can be simply described as a fiberglass sandwich. The idea behind the construction of this super yacht, which was designed by Frank Mulder, was to showcase the company’s legendary craftsmanship. This ultimately led to 460 GRT, using a pair of 3650 HP MTU engines with a top speed of 27 knots and effective ocean-crossing range at a reduced speed. The boat was constructed in Antalya, Turkey, in a high-tech facility, using composite materials instilled with sandwich techniques and resin infusion to achieve the most conducive strength-weight ratios. This unique yacht provides easy access to the foredeck with the main deck situated on the side of the starboard, leading to a full-beam master stateroom.

There are six staterooms including the guest and owner accommodations, as well as three crew cabins and the captain’s Suite, which is located close to the pilot house. The primary tender rests besides the fly-bridge deck. Additionally, there is a transom garage that houses two wave runners. The award winning interior design, which was done by Art Line Studios, introduces a whole new dimension of luxury. The combination of the Sundeck design and the three decks offers outstanding elegance, while the open Atrium design reveals forty five feet of continuous natural lighting. The master Suite in the main deck utilizes every inch of the thirty-foot beam in the yacht, and includes a private gym and CEO office.

The last price for the Vulcan 46M was $32.5M.

2. 65 Flybridge

65 Flybridge

The elegant 65 Flybridge is one of the finest yachts Vicem has produced, with an 18’5’’ beam and enough interior space to add a dinette or convertible office below, or accommodate a luxurious gallery down or gallery up alternative. The boat’s dimensions feature a 1.60m – 5’3’’ draft and 19,8m-65′ LOA with 49,500kg of displacement with complete load. The entire Vicem 65 is handcrafted using the finest materials available and is classified as the finest in its size range and class. The yacht was designed by the company’s own design team and features an attractive classic look, offering a smooth, quiet ride due to the superior construction technique behind the manufacturing process.

The boat contains a galley up while the deck below comes with three cabins in addition to a berth that is accessible through VIP cabin for a maximum of eight guests. The unique two-in-one cabin displays the customizability the company offers. The 65 Flybridge runs by 2X Volvo Penta D13-900, and has easy maneuverability due to the conventional shaft drive and Volvo penta control system. It features a long range of 1000NM and above at 10 knots, and 350NM at 22 knots. Maximum performance can reach up to 27knots.

The asking price for the 65 Flybridge was $2,750,000.

3. Vicem 78 Cruiser

Vicem 78 Cruiser

The gorgeous 78 Cruiser features a classic, angular design with lines that are reminiscent of the ‘50s. But while the yacht has a certain old appeal, below decks she contains all the modern conveniences and systems of the twenty first century. The 78, which is designed for cruisers who understand the significance of the cold molded construction, sells at about $5.7 million and over. Of course, this is a reasonable price if you are looking for a convenient medium range yacht with classic figures. Apparently, some of the fifteen-member design team behind the Vicem’s construction felt the need to return to the future by incorporating a few modern amenities.

The extensive flying bridge is large enough to accommodate both a PWC and a tender, and includes a davit for controlling them. In addition, there is a Jacuzzi spacious enough for 4 people. The yacht even features stabilizers to ensure a smooth ride. The Vicem 78’s standard layout comes with four cabins: VIP, master, guest with twins, and guest with queen. What’s more, there are two additional cabins for a three-member crew, which will be required to maintain the yacht appropriately. The heads, galley, and other amenities meet the quality and size of a cruiser of this caliber.

4. Vicem 107 Cruiser

Vicem 107 Cruiser

The modern 107 Cruiser is the epitome of the 3 hallmarks of all Vicem yachts: applying the cold molded technique of construction, exemplifying the company’s ideals for unique craftsmanship with a dedication to complete customization, and exuding a classic outlook of timeless design. Furthermore, the timeless classic figure of this Vicem has passed through a complex makeover with several refinements, thanks to the company’s own design team. The vintage cruiser is an outstanding boat for friends and family entertainment, with exemplary exterior and interior spaces that include a surprisingly large mid-ship, two extraordinarily spacious VIPs, and a full beam master cabin. The cruiser has an overall surface of 70 square feet, and goes for about $4,950,000.

5. Vulcan 35 Superyacht

Vulcan 35 Superyacht

This 35 Tri-Deck is one of Vicem’s Vulcan series, a fast, world class super yacht that comes with a fantastic design. The yacht is equally as sleek and fast as the 46 sister described at the top of the list. Also designed by Frank Mulder, the boat features an excellent life quality on board, with the ability to accommodate up to twelve guests. It is also certified by RINA and comes with a maximum speed of 20 knots. At 12 knots, it can cover 1,600nm. The yacht also features five staterooms and can accommodate guests in 3 double cabins, 2 full beam VIP staterooms, and a full beam master suite, all with stunning Art Line interiors.

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