A Closer Look at the $323 Million Motor Yacht A

superyacht a

One of the largest and most expensive yachts in the world has a very plain name. Motor Yacht A, often referred to as  Superyacht A and not to be confused with his other ship, Sailing yacht A, is very far from being plain or ordinary. It’s valued at $323 million and it stands out from the rest with a unique design that makes the vessel look much like a submarine at first glance. To fully appreciate the splendor of this craft, we need to take a closer look at its construction along with the multiple amenities that are built into this amazing floating luxury palace.

The commission of Motor Yacht A

Motor Yacht A was ordered by billionaire entrepreneur Andrey Melnichenko and his wife, in November of 2004. The vessel was built by the Blohm and Voss Shipyard in Kiel. It took four years for the design, construction, and testing and Motor Yacht A was delivered to its owners in 2008. This luxury motor yacht is the design of Philippe Starck with naval architect Martin Francis with a length of 390 feet of pure luxury. Upon completion, this yacht was listed as the sixth largest in its class in the world, but has since been replaced with larger vessels, but she does land within the top ten largest currently. The design team must be credited for the creation of one of the most unique looking craft on the seas as it has the appearance of a stealth warship and has frequently been compared to a submarine. Upon order and prior to the official naming of the ship, it was referred to as Project Sigma and given hull number 970 as this was the number of yachts built by Voss and Bloom at the time of starting. She is a wonder in naval architecture.


Motor Yacht A was christened with this name so it would be the first to appear on ship registries. ItRK280 is powered with 2 MAN RK280 diesel engines which provides a top speed of 23 knots, which is the equivalent of 26 mph, with a cruising speed of 19 knots, with a displacement of 5,500 ton. The range of the ship when fully fueled is 6,500 nautical miles thanks to the fuel tanks which hold 750,000 liters of diesel. The design is original so there is not another superyacht quite like Motor Yacht A. The length is 390 feet and it was constructed as a luxury liner to afford the ultimate in spaciousness and luxury with more than 24,000 square feet of interior space with a master bedroom of 2,500 square feet. The interior features six guest suites aboard with moving walls for easy conversion into four larger staterooms so the space can be altered to suit the needs of the owners upon each trip. The ship is rated for a capacity of 14 guests along with cabins for up to 35 crew members for the daily maintenance and operation of the craft. It’s been reported that the standard crew for this ship is 35. A helicopter hangar and pad are also built in as well as 4 garages to house the tenders including a 20-foot speed boat which is maintained in the hull of the ship. There are 6 guest cabins in addition to the master suite and 27 cabins for the crew.


This yacht is one of the most unique and luxurious starting with its interesting exterior design. The stealthy appearance draws the eyes of onlookers as it stands out from most other ships with a one of a kind appearance, but when you get to the interior, it’s the ultimate in posh luxury. We learned that there are three swimming pools, one with a glass bottom, a disco for night entertainment and dancing, and many of the surfaces throughout the interior are mirrored. French crystal glassware and tableware and premium furnishings were used to enhance the opulence of the yachting experience. There is also a secret room built in behind mirrored panels. We also learned that Baccarat crystal has been used for not only the glassware but also in the furniture and the tableware. A special bomb-proof glass measuring 44mm in thickness is used for the window and the ship is wired with a CCTV camera system with motion sensors, 40 cameras, and restricted areas requiring a biometric fingerprint keypad entry with an escape pod should an emergency arise. There is also a submarine as well as one garage for 2 small tenders/boats.

Final thoughts

Motor Yacht A definitely comes in as the winner for a unique exterior design because there’s not another yacht like it on the seas. The owner who commissioned the ship wanted to ensure that it was in a class of its own and that it appeared first even in ship registries. This yacht is not available for charter so there are only two ways to gain access. The first is by invitation only and the second, to get hired on as a member of the 35 man crew who keeps the ship maintained and fully operational. Life aboard this ship is nothing short of pure luxury. We’ve even heard rumors that there are several Monet paintings adorning the walls of the interior. It is one of the most spacious and opulent vessels traversing the seas and it’s been known to appear in ports from San Francisco to Antigua and beyond. The Melnichenco family are certainly getting plenty of downtime aboard their prized superyacht and it’s a treat for onlookers to behold. This is how the very rich spend their off days, weeks or months and we applaud the self-made billionaire in his success and good fortune.

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