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A Closer Look at Golden Yachts' O'Pati


Superyachts are the epitome of luxury living. They offer supreme comfort and style, offering expansive accommodations and pleasant designs. In addition, superyachts often feature numerous entertainment and recreation options, allowing passengers to enjoy themselves inside and out on the water. However, most yachts feature a similar external design. Most yachts are white and aim to achieve a sophisticated, almost regal look. The O’Pati by Golden Yachts, however, stands out from its peers with a decidedly sporty look.

Golden Yachts is a renowned ship building company that produces yachts with both luxury and unique style. Founded in 1996, they specialize in building and refitting custom superyachts. Although the company is based in Greece, they utilize partnerships with other firms located all across Europe in order to produce the highest quality ships. They have a team of specialists who work to create yachts that suite each individual buyer’s desires. Golden Yachts has experience building custom ships from 94 to 272 feet.

O’Pati is a particularly interesting superyacht by Golden Yachts. It is an award winning mid-size unit. The O’Pati stands out not only because of its superb luxury and features, but also because of its distinct and exciting design. This is a yacht that offers high-end performance as well as great comfort.



The O’Pati is a 40-meter yacht, making it a mid-size unit. However, Golden Yachts has designed this ship to feature accommodations and entertainment that are normally found in much larger yachts. It was constructed in 2011, and features a semi-displacement, fully aluminum construction. This yacht refuses to compromise on anything; it offers only the highest degree of style, performance, comfort, and entertainment.

The naval architecture for this yacht was provided by Hydro Tec. Its exterior as well as interior was designed by the Italian firm Georgio Vafiadis & Associates. It features a gorgeous jet black exterior that makes the yacht look dynamic and sporty. However, its interior offers all the warmth and comfort that one would expect from a luxury superyacht. It boasts three powerful engines to ensure smooth and speedy cruise.

Of course, no superyacht is meant to be enjoyed alone. The O’Pati is designed to provide spacious accommodations for up to 12 guests. As well, there are quarters for up to 7 crew. It is an ideal yacht for anyone who wants to charter a yacht that stands out from the crowd. Individuals seeking excitement, comfort, and fun all in one yacht will adore this ship by Golden Yachts.

Accommodations and Interior


In order to provide the maximal comfort for each guest, there are 5 cabins available on the O’Pati. All of these cabins are located on the lower deck, allowing the rest of the ship to be used for leisure and dining. There is a large owner’s suite, two twin cabins (which also include Pullman berths), and two double cabins. Up to 12 guests can comfortably enjoy these accommodations, while the 7-person crew will ensure every detail of the charter is looked after.

Most impressively, the Master Suite lies forward on the lower deck of the yacht. It is very spacious, spanning the full width of the ship. It boasts features like a walk-in closet and en-suite with its own shower room. As well, every guest room includes its own en-suite bathroom. Each room also has a unique splash of color to give the rooms a fun identity and atmosphere. The accommodations are simple and elegant, designed with chartering in mind, making them perfect for families.

Guests can look forward to enjoying the sun and fresh air while eating, as the O’Pati includes a table on the upper deck for alfresco dining. It even features a large C-shaped couch for guests and a retractable awning for shade. For formal meals, there is an interior dining room with a long table, ample seating, and bar. The interior dining room covers the full width of the main deck.

For lounging, the yacht has multiple areas designed to allow guests to relax and enjoy themselves whether inside or out. There is a spacious main salon which features a delightfully warm atmosphere. It includes large windows which maximize natural lighting and thoughtful seating arrangements. There are also spacious sunpads brilliantly located in the aft of the upper deck for privacy as well as additional sunpads at the front. One feature beloved by guests is the ample seating in the bridge, which allows passengers to accompany the captain while developing an itinerary.

Georgio Vafiadis & Associates have created a sleek, modern design for the exterior of the ship. Its black color and sharp lines make for a more athletic look than most yachts. As well, the light leathers and woods of the interior ensure a relaxed feel for guests. The cabins in particular are designed with simple, neutral tones in order to instill a sense of calm, tranquility, and sophistication.



Superyachts may be defined by their excellent style and comfort; however, guests require more than a stylish design to fully enjoy the charter experience. For this reason, the O’Pati includes a bevy of entertainment features for guests to make the most out of their stay. This even includes Wi-Fi for streaming shows and music or staying up to date with friends.

There are also televisions and DVD players located throughout the yacht. Most impressively, the main salon boasts a 45-inch LCD television with its own home theater system. Guests will love gathering together in the salon to watch movies on this screen. There are also satellite TVs in each cabin. The ship also features an iPod dock and Dolby sound system in the hallway, making this the perfect ship for partying as well as relaxing.



For guests who need more excitement than simply lounging or enjoying television and music, the O’Pati comes equipped with a wide variety of toys and gear for enjoying the water.

For example, guests will love the excitement and fun of the yacht’s included 3-seater Yamaha Wave Runner. There are also water skis and wakeboards which are always favorites. For relaxing on the water, there are inflatable tubes as well as a swimming platform.

To satisfy even the most adventurous guest, the O’Pati has equipment available for other activities. This includes snorkeling and fishing. There is also a Zodiac 4.8-meter tender with a 150HP engine.

Cruising on the O’Pati means so much more than enjoying comfortable accommodations and sunbathing. Chartering this yacht will provide guests with a well-rounded experience that is both relaxing and exhilarating.


In order to ensure that the charter lives up to guests’ expectations, there are quarters for up to 7 crew members. These individuals are passionate and experienced. As well, the layout of the yacht was specifically designed to minimize disturbances to guests while maximizing the efficiency of the crew routes.




  • Length: 39.5 meters
  • Beam: 7.2 meters
  • Gross Tonnage: 148 tonnes
  • Hull Material: Aluminum
  • Superstructure Material: Aluminum
  • Configuration: Semi-Displacement


  • Guests: 12
  • Crew: 7
  • Bedrooms: 1 Master Suite, 2 Double Cabins, 2 Twin Cabins


  • Quantity: 3
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Power: 2000 hp, 746 kW


  • Max: 27 knots
  • Cruising: 24 knots



Despite the incredible array of features and thoughtful design, this ship is available for charter for a reasonable price. Weekly prices range from approximately $94,000 to $120,000. The O’Pati can be chartered in both the winter and summer seasons. Guests can look forward to cruising the East and West Mediterranean in both seasons. For those with the means, this yacht offers an exceptional and unforgettable experience.



This 40-meter yacht includes many features that are more commonly found in larger ships. It is an award-winning unit that contributes to Golden Yachts’ reputation as one of the emerging leaders in the luxury superyacht industry.

With spacious and comfortable accommodations, up to 12 guests can enjoy all the benefits of chartering this wonderful ship. In order to provide the best possible experience, there are a wide range of entertainment options, from music to television to Internet access. In addition, there are toys and gear included to allow every guest to enjoy the water. It is truly an exceptional and unique yacht, balancing a sporty design with a luxurious interior.

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