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The 10 Finest Yachts from Perini Navi

SY Melek 184 ft / 56 m Perini Navi Naval Architecture - Ron Holland Builder - Perini Navi - Viareggio, Italy

Perini Navi is a company that evolved from design excellence and dreams. Fabio Perini was the dreamer with the technical skills and creativity to make his dreams reality. His family manufactured paper, and as a teenager, Perini began to produce innovative technologies for paper manufacturing. This ingenuity would eventually lead him to become the Faper Group’s head, producing leading machinery in the world of paper production.

Though Perini’s business was the process of manufacturing paper, his passion was sailing. His life and the sea were intertwined, and he sought to sail a large yacht on his own, without a large crew. The search did not yield such a yacht, so he proceeded to create the company which could build the yacht of his dreams. His studio, Perini Navi, began with yacht design but started to build ships within five years. His company created “easy sailing” with two innovative systems:

  • Sail plans which included automated systems for opening and furling
  • Computerized sail handling systems

Fascinating is that Perini adapted the machinery used for rolling paper bobbins to create the new sail furling system. That was one inspired beginning of the company which would produce extremely elegant, comfortable and high quality large sailing yachts. These mega-sailing vessels revitalized the industry.

Perini Navi Group took on the refurbishment of Picchiotti motor yachts, creating a new series of that brand in 2007.

From 1984 to 2016, the Perini Navi sailing fleet in navigation includes 57 vessels. There are three additional sailing yachts under construction for 2016 and 2017. The motor fleet in navigation includes 3 vessels. There are 12 projects underway, with a mix of sailing and motor vessels.

The current Perini Navi Group is divided into two super yacht brands, which include Perini Navi for sailing vessels and Picchiotti for motor vessels. There are four companies

  • Perini Navi, Viareggio- the Group headquarters at the Viareggio shipyard
  • Perini Istanbul, Yildiz, Turkey- the waterfront yard where superstructures and hulls are built
  • Perini Navi USA, Newport, Rhode Island- the location for charter management and brokerage services
  • Picchiotti, La Spezia- the shipyard production location for Picchiotti motor yachts

The company’s core business is sailing yachts in the 40 to 60-meter range, but it also builds sailing yachts over 60 meters, special projects, a performance sailing series, a fast cruising sailing range and the Picchiotti motor yachts.

Thirty-five of Perini Navi yachts have received awards. Ten of the finest have received numerous awards from international associations worldwide.  Here they are:

The Maltese Falcon


The Maltese Falcon made yacht history with its use of a completely computerized sail operations. It has a clipper ship sail design, similar to the Cutty Sark, but the Falcon’s 15 sails are independently furled or unfurled by Perini designed winches. The sails are housed inside the mast. There are four winches for each of the sails, and these are used during unfurling. During furling, the winches release so that a separate motor will turn the mandrel that winds each sail into the original area it is housed inside the mast. The sails can be set for any combination. When the winds become stronger, progressive furling allows for keeping the heeling level comfortable. This system, inspired by the 1960s German DynaRig, has been dubbed the FalconRig.

The Maltese Falcon is a luxury vessel filled with amenities. There is a gym on board and a massage therapist provides treatments and spa experiences for guests. There is an extensive crew which includes the captain, five officers and deck crew, three engineers, two chefs and six stewards or stewardesses. The languages spoken include English, Russian, French, Romanian, German, Swedish, Greek and Italian. The yacht is available for charter and features a varied itinerary, from its home berth in Malta.

The three decks of the yacht have a circular stairway which spirals around the main mast, and the decks have transparent floors which serve to form an atrium of light around the stairway. The main deck is open space for the saloon, the dining room, two studios and the aft cockpit. There are five staterooms on the lower deck, and a private upper deck passage cabin with private sunning area, and direct access to the wheelhouse. The private submarine takes guests to explore the ocean depths. The interior décor is a stunning mix of hardwoods and leather in elegant black and earth tones. Lodgings and lounge areas are contemporary in style. There is access to entertainment on ship and in the water with a number of jet skis and other toys. Food is gourmet and drinks are superb. An exquisite replica of the Maltese Falcon statue is displayed in golden tones in a niche on the yacht.

In 2009, the original owner Tom Perkins sold the yacht to Elena Ambrosiadou for $97.36 million USD. A charter on the yacht in 2010 cost about $600,000 for one week.

  • 2006 BMW Award: Yacht Capital
  • 2006 Superyacht of the Year: Vela e Motore
  • 2007 Showboats International Awards:
  • Best Sailing Yacht Interior
  • Best Sailing Yacht Over 40 Meters
  • Highest Technical Achievement in a Sailing Yacht
  • Most Innovative Sailing Yachts

2007 Boat International World Superyacht Awards:

  • Best Sailing Yacht 45 Meters and Above
  • Best Sailing Yacht Interior
  • Sailing Yacht of the Year

2007 International Superyacht Society Awards:

  • Best Interior
  • Best Superyacht Over 36 Meters


  • Beam at maximum: 41 feet
  • Class and LY2 compliance ABS: Malta Cross A1 AMS Yachting Service + MCA
  • Cockpit area of 3,649 square feet
  • Steel Construction:
  • Draught with the keel up: 20 feet
  • Draught with the keel down: 36 feet
  • Displacement full load 1,240 t
  • Two Deutz TBD 620 Engines
  • 100,000 liters Fuel capacity
  • 30,000 liters Fresh water capacity
  • Ken Freivokh Studio Design completed the interior design.
  • The lazarette area is 646 square feet.
  • Length overall is 88 meters
  • LWL full load is 78.3 m
  • Maximum power is 2 x 1,499 kW
  • Main mast height: 190 feet above DWL
  • Mizzen mast height: 190 feet above DWL
  • Perini Navi and Gerard Dijkstra and Partners were the Naval Architects
  • Range of 4,000 meters
  • Aluminum superstructure
  • Maximum power speed: 19.5 kt
  • Maximum continuous rating power: 16 kt
  • Saloon area, plus wheelhouse area: 3,111 square feet
  • Total area of sails: 25,833 square feet
  • Total area for crew: 3,154 square feet
  • Total area of owner and guest cabins: 4,650 square feet

Picchiotti Vitruvius® Exuma

Picchiotti Vitruvius® Exuma

Though a motor yacht, the Exuma was built with the streamlined hull of sailing vessels. The goals of optimizing volume and weight distribution to achieve a high level of efficiency were part of the designing process, and these are realized in the narrow aluminum hull, the limited length of the waterline, and a deep and straight bow. To keep the hull stable during cruising, two stabilizers ensuring zero speed roll were added. The vessel displaces approximately 400 tons, with a gross tonnage under 500 tons. The draft is reduced, and at 2.3 meters provides navigation though shallow water depths.

Notable interior features include a well-organized and efficient proportion between the superstructure and hull which allowed for considerably larger guest spaces. A focus on ensuring privacy for guests, exploration equipment and storage space is evident throughout the vessel. To achieve suitable spaces for both guests and crew, two walkways and double independent stairs were added to the design. The use of luxury woods and contemporary furnishings in warm browns and taupe, plus the addition of many recessed lighting fixtures adds comfort and plenty of light.

The yacht was built for exploration. It has a range of more than 5,500 miles with a speed of 12 knots. Fuel capacity is 75,000 liters, and fresh water tankage capacity is 17,000 liters. Large amounts of gear and equipment can be stowed in ample storage areas, so that heading to remote destinations is possible.

  • Platinum Achievement, 2010 Rina Green Plus
  • World Most Innovative Yacht of the Year, World Yacht Trophy 2010
  • Best Motor Yacht in the 40 Meter plus range, 2010 Nautical Design Awards
  • 2011 Showboats Design Awards:
  • Best Displacement Motor Yacht
  • Best Environmental Protection

2011 Custom Mega Yachts Winner of Robb Report's "Best of the Best"

Boat International World Superyacht Awards for 2012:

  • Best Displacement Motor Yacht below 500 GT
  • Motor Yacht of The Year

2012 Asia Boating Awards:

  • Charter Yacht of the Year Based in Asia

Boat International World Superyacht Awards for 2014:

  • Voyager's Award

Technical Additions:

  • Two lateral garages with gull-wing doors fore
  • Hydraulic pistons to actuate fore garage doors
  • One customized 16.4 foot amphibious craft
  • One hovercraft, made by Hov Pod, 12’
  • Two tenders
  • Two electric scooters
  • Two Seabobs
  • One jet ski
  • Diving equipment and areas

Large glass windows provide excellent visibility on each deck. The bridge deck has double curvature glass windows which give a panoramic view of the entire yacht. Titanium was used on the exterior handrails for reliable use in extreme weather conditions. Communication and navigation antennae and radars, plus a high capacity searchlight fill out the vessels technical features.

A spa pool, a saloon for relaxing, sunbathing and outdoor living are part of the luxury amenities. Easy access to vessel areas, many luxurious guest seating areas, dining areas with table for 10 guests, a large owner’s area with two staterooms and en-suite bathrooms outfitted in Italian marble provide comfort and beauty. The vessel is filled with every modern entertainment device possible. The ship’s crew has complete separate sleeping and living quarters. There is a diving area with a dive compressor, central air conditioning and a waste water treatment unit.

One main goal for the design of this yacht was to make it as sustainable and aware of ecology in terms of the materials used and its function.

Charter rental for one week is approximately $209,412.

Picchiotti Vitruvius® Grace E

Picchiotti Vitruvius® Grace E

The Grace E is a luxury yacht with many exciting guest features. The yacht has capacity for 12 guests within its 7 elegant staterooms. A guest elevator, lined in shimmering gold fabric, with capacity for five people serves four of the yacht’s decks. The Owner’s suite is full-beam, and provides two en-suite bathrooms. Each one is complete with its own bath tub, bidet, and shower for him and for her.

The yacht has an entire deck dedicated to wellness, including a beauty saloon for pedicures, manicures, make-up and hair; a complete gym, Jacuzzi, hydrotherapy room, serenity room, massage room, wet or dry sauna, cold dip tub, and an extra sauna. Guests may also enjoy the sky lounge where a cocktail bar, buffet station, and arm chair seating are available. Twenty-two crew members manage professional duties on board.

There is a lap pool which can be set to different resistance levels, and several jet tenders. There are chromatherapy, hydrotherapy and aromatherapy are offered in the hot pool. There are sun and observation lounges so that guests can enjoy the many views possible through ample windows on all decks.
The yacht has been designed for sensory enjoyment. The interiors are subtly decorated with muted shades of parchment, linen, white, tan, and light taupe with many art pieces throughout framed in metallic golds, silvers and white. The overall décor is contemporary, yet soothing. Leather and wood are artfully used within the framework of solid surfaces.


• Five decks
• Length of 239 feet
• Low fuel use of just 6 gallons per each nautical mile, at a speed of 12 knots
• Best range of 7,500 nautical miles
• Beam is 43 feet
• Gross tonnage is 1,835
• Recreation space is 12,917 square feet
• Owner’s main deck suite of 990 square feet



  • International Superyacht Design Award, 1995 Best Sailing Yacht Interior
  • International Superyacht Design Award, 1995 Best Sailing Yacht More Than 36 Meters
  • The ShowBoats Award, 1995 Finalist-Best Sailing Yacht Interior
  • The ShowBoats Award, 1996 Finalist- Best Sailing Yacht


  • International Superyacht Society Awards, 2014 Finalist-Best Sailing Yacht More Than 40 Meters
  • Boat International World Superyacht Awards, 2014 Finalist-Best Sailing Yacht Interior
  • Boat International World Superyacht Awards, 2014 Finalist- Best Sailing Yacht
  • Show Boats Design Awards, 2014 Holistic Award


Perini Navi Atmosphere

  • International Superyacht Design Award, 2000 Finalist- Best Sailing Yachts Over 36 Meters
  • The Showboats Award, 2000 Finalist- Highest Technical Achievement for a Sailing Yacht
  • International Superyacht Society Awards, 2000 Best Sailing Yacht Interiors

Parsifal III

Parsifal III

  • World Superyacht Awards, Boat International, 2006 Superyacht of the Year
  • Showboats Design Award, 2006 Best Interior Design
  • World Superyacht Awards, Boat International, 2007 Best Interior Design


Perini Navi Selene

  • Best Sailing Yacht Interior, Boat International World Superyacht Award 2008
  • Best Sailing Yacht Interior, Showboats International Award 2008
  • Finalist- Best Sailing Yacht Over 45 Meters, Showboats International Award 2008


Perini Navi P2

  • Best Sailing Yacht in 30 to 44 Meter Range, Boat International World Superyacht Awards 2009
  • Best Exterior Sailing Yacht in 30 Meter to 44 Meter Size Range, Boat International World Superyacht Awards 2009
  • Best Sailing Yacht Under 45 Meters, ShowBoats International Award 2009

Asahi (Formerly named Riela)

Perini Navi Asahi

  • Best Sailing Yacht in the 45 Meter Plus Range, Boat International World Superyacht Award 2010
  • Robb Report, Best of the Best, 2010
  • Best Interior Design, Showboats international Award 2010
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