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A Closer Look at Domino By Riva Yachts

Superyachts are becoming more popular every year. The population of superyachts on the water is growing steadily and yacht builders are continuously testing the limits with the latest technology and design innovations with their newest and latest builds. One of the oldest and most well-known boat and yacht builders is Riva Yachts. Their history dates all the way back to 1842 and the company has gone through many transitions through the years, including a history in speedboats. Today, Riva is one of the most competitive yacht builders in the world and their superyacht lineup is as impressive as the name. One of Riva’s 2014 builds, 88 Domino Super is an example of Riva’s superb craftsmanship and unique design and it is currently for sale.

88 Domino Super

This new vessel is an adaptation of the old model but with upgraded versions of features that were already a success in the older model. The 88 Domino is 26.7 meters long with a 6.30 beam, but what is so stunning that it will make you look twice, is its profile. The colors pop and have such a distinct look with two colors that work so well together. The dark grey, “London Grey” specifically, which is complemented by a lighter grey details on specific areas of the deck.

The Cockpit and other features

The cockpit has a lot of space. It was specifically designed extra spacious to allow for guests and crew. The transom was designed to not only lead to the cockpit but it serves the purpose of an extra platform for swimmers when it’s lowered into the water. When you’re on the transom, take a few steps off to the side and you’re in the cockpit where you and your guests will find lots of comfortable lounging to mingle and relax on a Chaise lounge, sofas and even sit around a dining table with 6 foldable chairs for 6 guests to have a seat. The port side is where you’ll find a sink as well as access to the crew’s quarters. The starboard side is where you will find storage compartments, an ice maker and a flight of steps that lead to a beautiful sundeck.

A little change for the pilot has been made on the 88 Domino Super. The pilot will now have control of the yacht from the middle of the yacht, a design measure that realized the benefit of the middle ground being the best area for smoother control over the yacht. The change worked perfectly for the yacht, the pilot and the crew.

The Domino was built with added extras that the smaller version of the Domino was not. A 40 inch TV was added to the master suite, there is a third helm station and the Bimini was designed for a bow table and sofa and Gyro stabilizers were added. For the sunbathers, there is a central sunbathing at the aft for a more spacious, open area to relax and you and your guests can enjoy some time in the open-space spa where you’ll take in the amazing ocean views as you are pampered. Riva’s unique use of leather details, LED lights and stainless steel elements around you make it an even more delightful experience.

You can reach the master stateroom through the lobby and it is a bright and radiant room due to the portholes and two windows that give you breathtaking views while you cruise. All of the cabins are equipped with beds and some are designed with double wardrobes as well as some, with washing machines. The luxurious details don’t end, from one end of the yacht to the other. Glass tables, leather details, Corain flooring, plenty of storage and more, are found throughout and there is no skimping on places to sit and relax with your family and friends as you cruise on your ocean voyage.


  • Length – 26.7 meters
  • Beam – 6.30 meters
  • Displacement – 2,650 pounds
  • Engines – 2,400 – horsepower MTU diesels
  • Sleeping quarters – 2 twin-berth staterooms, owners stateroom
  • Speed – Cruising speed, 35 kt and Max speed 42 kt
  • Generators - Super tropical A/c, 2 x 28kw Generators
  • Satellite antennas – Equipped with sat antennas and receivers
  • Stern thrusters

The 88 Domino Super is one of Riva's most prized superyachts to date. Riva has stayed true to all of its values and designed another superstar with Domino. Her sleek, trim profile and luxurious interior details are ones that will impress any superyacht enthusiast. Everything you could want to make your voyage more comfortable and accommodating are found on the Domino. The Domino is currently for sale and it is a yacht, designed for anyone who loves to cruise with speed and style in the same package.

Riva Shipyard

Riva Shipyard was founded in 1842 in Sarnico, Italy when a devastating storm ripped through the area and damaged many of the locals’ boats. One man, Pietro Riva, used his boat building skills and craftsmanship to repair many of the boats which earned him the trust and respect of the locals, which was the start of his own destiny and the longstanding legend of Riva Shipyard.

Riva has moved seamlessly through the decades, creating masterpieces in many different areas of boat building, from speedboats to wooden yachts, and in most recent years, Riva has migrated into superyachts. Riva has also manage to remain true and strong to their unique Italian design and first-class quality through several changes in management and ownership through the years. The latest change was with The Ferretti Group who took over Riva Boatyard on May 1, 2000. Since the acquisition, Riva has developed a broad range of fiberglass yachts that range from 27 to 164 feet. There are currently 15 models and 3 specific product segments used for the superyachts.

One superyacht that has received a lot of attention since its 2015 launch. Riva has every right to brag about this vessel as it exhibits everything imaginable when it comes to luxury, style and performance. The 88 Domino Super is loaded with luxurious comforts and is enhanced with innovative features that have boosted this yacht’s performance level into a revolutionary era of species.


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