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A young, passionate team of yacht designers has entered the luxury yacht design field. NaoYacht Design & Engineering is staking a claim in a sea-faring world that has often been dominated by yacht building companies that have existed for generations, with skills handed down from ancestors to their descendants over years of mentoring and apprenticeship. Even individual yacht builders who are considered to be top designers in their field have earned their reputations for superior design by building superior yachts over many decades.

For NaoYacht to have been founded in 2015 is very recent and very rare.  But this is not an ordinary group of naval architects. This is a duo of highly motivated and well educated yacht designers. The team is comprised of Jesus Franco Martin, who graduated from the University of Cadiz as a Naval Architect and Alejandro Gonzolez Andreu, who graduated from the Polytechnic University of Madrid as a Naval Architect and Marine Engineer.

The duo team currently offers the following services:

Naval Architecture & Engineering

  • Structural designs in aluminum, composites and steel
  • Mechanical engineering for mechanism development
  • System engineering for hydraulics, electronics, air conditioning
  • Development of optimal hull forms
  • Hydrostatic and stability calculations
  • Seakeeping studies

Exterior and Interior Design and Styling

  • Concept and style generation
  • Sketches, drawings and renderings
  • 3 Dimensional render modeling
  • 2 Dimensional drafting
  • Furniture production drawings
  • Materials selection

The current NaoYacht portfolio presented by the emerging firm include the Eivissa II, the Sensations II and the Omen 65.  Here’s a closer look at their finest work.

Eivissa II

Eivissa II

This yacht takes the Catalan dialect’s name for Spain’s island Ibiza. The Mediterranean island is popular for its spectacular scenery and night life, and the vessel is a tribute to the fun loving spot. Its design is for an owner who understands luxury and entertainment and wants these while yachting.

The yacht is planned with many amenities for enjoyable boating. Within its 76-meter length, it has accommodation for fourteen guests and twenty-one crew members. The owner’s cabin will include a private lounge, an office, a full bathroom and a large dressing room. The guests will have four staterooms with en suite private bathrooms and dressing areas. There are two children’s cabins which include two single beds in each cabin, plus private bathrooms for each cabin. The crew cabins will be located on the lower decks.

The design includes a sun deck which with capacity for a helipad. The lounging area has a Jacuzzi centrally located within the sunning area. There are coffee and bar areas, and the second deck exterior will have a dining area, a living area and a movie theater. The upper deck area also includes an additional dining spot with large sofas for relaxing. There is a swimming pool situated on the main aft deck. It is a generous 5 meters wide, 7 meters long and 1.5 meters deep.

The vessel will reach a top speed of 19 knots. It will have a steel hull and an aluminum super structure. There will be two engines with 3,500 to 3,800 horsepower providing propulsion. The modern design of the yacht features bold, yet beautiful lines.

Sensations II


With its generous interior spaces and 105 meters in length, this superyacht concept promises luxurious living spaces and high performance. The vessel’s beam is 14.5 meters and her draft is 4 meters. The yacht features five decks spread over 16,684 square feet of living area. There is accommodation for as many as 18 guests and a crew capacity of 32.

The owner’s stateroom has a free-flowing design. This allows ample room for its spa, massage room, bedroom, private bath, lounge, dressing room and study. Easy, private access to the yacht’s helipad may be gained through the first deck bow entrance from the stateroom.

There are four VIP cabins on the main deck. Each of these have private balconies, which give superior viewing opportunities. Each of these has queen size beds, dressing rooms and en-suite baths. There is a double cabin located on the main deck with two single beds and an en-suite bath.

Yacht amenities include a swimming pool which can convert into a helipad, two hot tubs, area for sunbathing, an outdoor bar, and an alfresco dining area. The yacht has two 3,800 hp engines, a fuel capacity of 92, 460 US gallons and a 19 knot maximum speed,

Omen 65

Omen 65

The Omen 65 is designed to be 19.84 meters long, with an overall beam of 5.47 meters, a deep draft of 4.09 meters and a hull draft of 0.76 meters. The sail area is 242,91 square meters. The yacht will accommodate 8 guests. The Omen 65 is a long, sleek sailing vessel, with quarters enclosed within considerable amounts of glass comprising the roof area. This allows for natural sunlight to illumine the interior.

Before NaoYacht existed, Jesus Franco Martin had his own company, which was called JF Yacht Designs. JF Yacht Designs was founded in 2012. Martin’s work included designing yachts using AutoCAD and rhinoceros, preparing naval engineering using ANSYS, and performing naval calculations.

His website depicts the concept yachts which preceded his current work with Andreau.

The Eivissa preceded the Eivissa II. The Sensation preceded the Sensations II

The Sensation, in Martin’s original drawings was listed as an 85-meter superyacht. This design eventually inspired the much larger Sensations II.

The Eivissa, in original renderings, is smaller than the Eivissa II, with differences noted mostly in the shorter aft section. Much of the design elements remain similar in the Eivissa II.

The Elysium 60 preceded the Omen 65

This concept yacht is featured in the original renderings with three choices of hull colors: red, black, and white. The long, sleek design is retained, with elegant glass roof and linear pattern on the deck. An additional un-named 75-meter Super Yacht concept with clean, long lines is also depicted.

The NaoYacht duo’s passion for designing luxury concept yachts is the motivating force behind the firm. The duo offer to deliver some intriguing designs for clients who value dedication and quality. The team was inspired to create high quality, luxury vessels which evolve from the highest level of technical standards and exterior and design excellence. The firm was founded on a “love of yachting”.

NaoYacht exists to provide their clients with ‘turnkey solutions”, whether it be for completing customized designs or working from their existing design portfolio. It may take time for this young company to reach its full stride, but the duo stands ready to deliver the most luxurious of future yachts.

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