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The Finest Yacht Concepts from Red Yacht Design

Red Yacht Design

Red Yacht Design is the brainchild of industrial designer Serdar Sisman, architect Cana Gokhan, and naval architect Fatih Surekli. The team has put their talents and expertise together to create some incredible projects for various shipyards and brands including Metur Yacht and Sensation Yachts. Red Yacht Design develops interiors as well as exteriors, and their concepts and sketches show just how far they push the limit of their creativity.

Here are the finest design concepts from Red Yacht Design.

1. Stella


Stella is one of the largest concepts that Red Yacht Design has come up with. The 50 meter beauty has a powerful yet sleek appearance and is a design that was developed exclusively for Turkey based Mengi-Yay Yachts.

This yacht was primarily created to be enjoyed by its owner, and it shows in the details. Though there are plenty of spaces on Stella to entertain guests, the owner's comfort and pleasure was first in mind. The owner's cabin on this yacht has a spacious layout complete with a dressing room, working area, and bathroom. There's also a spa in the owner's cabin with two balconies that can be operated without the assistance of the vessel's crew.

The highlight of Stella's deck area is an onboard beach that has a large lounge section, sunbeds, and a pool. On the deck right under this is a garage that's meant to safely harbor water toys, diving equipment, and jet skis.

2. Eva

Eva Red Yacht Design

The Eva is a concept from Red Yacht Design that has made it to the construction phase and is being built in Turkey. This gorgeous yacht effortlessly combines elegance and style, yet is far from overdone. The superyacht measures 11.65 meters and is very fast -- it will be able to reach a top speed of 40 knots.

Eva was engineered to accommodate up to eight passengers and the interior includes one bathroom and a comfortable cabin. Up to two guests can rest overnight on the yacht, and its large deck areas are made for enjoyment and having fun on the water.

3. 24m Vip Cruiser

24M Vip Cruiser

Red Yacht Design's 24m Vip Cruiser is designed to be just shy of 24 meters long and comes in at 23.9 meters. The hull is 22 meters in length, and the 24m Vip Cruiser has a cruise speed of 22 knots. It's two high performing C18 engines should give it a maximum speed of 27 knots.

The 24m Vip Cruiser is a concept that was created for Ares shipyard, and it will be part of a duo of cruisers that will be available for charter in and around Qatar. The country has a reputation for being a playground for the wealthy, and it's evident that Red Yacht Design had this clientele in mind when creating the 24m Vip Cruiser.

One of the highlights of the yacht's interior is its VIP lounge cabin that hosts up to twelve guests and surrounds them with excellent amenities and entertainment. The 24m Vip Cruiser was created to be suitable for pleasure and business, and there is plenty of room to hold meetings while other guests onboard enjoy the views and lounge under the sun. The interior also includes a carefully designed crew area complete with crew cabins, a mess hall, and galley.

Inside, the 24m Vip Cruiser was engineered to be powerful, comfortable, and speedy. The vessel is planned to be constructed of high density foam, hybrid fiber, and epoxy resin to keep it from being too bulky and heavy. The 24m Vip Cruiser will be the perfect play toy for water goers who want to cruise the world in style.

4. Snapper 65

Snapper 65

Red Yacht Design's Snapper 65 is a beautiful combination of modern style and the classic features of a long range trawler. It's designed to have great stability in any sea condition and will be perfect for long range cruising. It's 19.85 meters long, has a cruise speed of 12 knots, and a peak speed of 18 knots. Snapper 65 is a concept aimed at the Western market and will be offered as a semi-custom build.

The interior of the Snapper 65 sports spacious entertainment areas and cabins. A plush seating area positioned in front of an entertainment system with a 42 inch flat screen television, large armchairs, a relaxing saloon, air conditioning, and plenty of space to sunbathe on the main deck all make the Snapper 65 great for entertaining or simply cruising in a lavish setting.

There's two configurations that owners can choose for the Snapper 65's cabins: two staterooms or three staterooms in a charter configuration. All cabins will have luxe private bathrooms with vanities, ample storage, washbasins, and built in bathroom accessories.

There's a well equipped galley included in the design, as well as a dining table that seats six. The finishes, flooring, and fabrics available for the Snapper 65 all exude refinement and class -- this boat may not be the largest on the sea, but from the looks of it the Snapper 65 will pack plenty of style and have great performance.

5. Snapper 55

Snapper 55

The Snapper 55 is a long range yacht from Red Yacht Design that measures 17.2 meters in length. This is the follow up concept to the Snapper 65. It's designed to reach a top speed of 32 knots and has a cruise speed of 24 knots. The vessel is designed to be eco-friendly, fuel efficient, and stable in all sea conditions to provide a very smooth, comfortable yachting experience. To keep emissions low, the Snapper 55 is designed to have low emission engines and use hybrid propulsion.

The plans for the Snapper 55 include hand laid and infusion techniques that use unidirectional glass, epoxy resin, and PVC foam. The design also includes a frame supported hull, partition bulkheads comprised of veneered plywood, and a PVC based superstructure.

The lines of the Snapper 55's exterior make it look almost futuristic, and it has an angular profile. It was designed for potential customers in the North American market and is a semi-custom build, meaning owners can choose their preferred wood paneling, fabrics, and some of the furnishings for the yacht's interior.

The teak deck of the Snapper 55 is polished and refined, and inside the yacht is a host of fabulous amenities and entertainment. High quality sound speakers, a luxury dining area complete with a banquette and table that seats six, air conditioning, a seating area with a flat screen television, and double helm chairs are just some of the included features. The yacht will be able to accommodate up to four guests.

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