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A Closer Look at the $250 Million Superyacht Al Mirqab

Superyacht Al Mirqab

Have you ever dreamed of owning a superyacht? How about one of the 20 largest yachts in the entire world? Who hasn't, right? Well, the Al Mirqab is the 15th largest and has everything you could possibly want in a superyacht. That includes award-winning design and so much more. Her navy blue steel hull cuts thru the water like a knife thru butter and that's at more than 20 knots, to boot. OK, maybe all you can do is wish but here's some in-depth info about the Al Mirqab superyacht so you can dream in living color complete with all the details.

#15 Largest in the World

The amazing superyacht Al Mirqab happens to be one of the biggest motor yachts that have ever been built worldwide (#15 to be exact). It’s actually owned by the exceptionally wealthy former Foreign Minister and Prime Minister of Qatar, Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani. It was built at the world-renowned German shipyard, Peters Schiffbau Wewelsfleth, and the yacht's architect is the very talented Tim Heywood. The interior design was designed by Andrew Winch Designs. During the superyacht's construction phase, it was known as "Project May". Her current value is in excess of a whopping US$ 200 million according to Yacht Charter Fleet.

Located Near Athens, Greece

According to Wikipedia, Al Mirqab was completed in 2008. She has an overall length of 133 meters with a beam of 18. Her summer deadweight of 1,440 DWT and a gross tonnage of 9,518 GT. The Al Mirqab is built of steel and she has a cruising speed of 18.7 knots and a max speed of 20.3 knots. Currently, she is docked for a portion of the year on the Faliro coastal area in Athens, Greece.

Interior and Amazing Amenities

The yacht Al Mirqab accommodate 24 guests in her 10 guest suites and also offers two VIP suites for the yacht owner. The suites are massive and every one has its own living room, double bedroom, and bathroom. She also accommodates a full crew of 55 people.

A few of her onboard amenities include:

  • A full-size cinema
  •  A helicopter pad (gotta have one of those, right?)
  •  An interior swimming pool (just in case it's raining outside)
  •  An on-deck jacuzzi (for those big jacuzzi parties)
  •  Several beautiful sun-drenched sunbathing spots on-deck as well,
  •  Tender Garage (for keeping all of those toys),
  •  Plenty of Air Conditioning (to keep everybody cool as a cucumber)
  •  Gym (to keep everybody onboard in-shape and looking good)
  •  Spa (in case they're not relaxed enough)
  •  Elevator/Lift (in case the guests don't feel like using the amazing staircase)
  • Beach Club (for more fun, fun, fun)
  • At Anchor Stabilizers (wouldn't want to become de-stabilized while at-anchor)
  • Dynamic Positioning (and definitely wouldn't want to get lost!)

Recent Interior Update & Other Facts

According to the Robb Report, the yacht's beautifully well-appointed interior by Andrew Winch has won a number of awards and includes images with Arabic-influenced motifs all over the marble floors of some of the larger social areas. Her centerpiece is actually an amazingly stunning and quite complicated floating staircase that is also encircled by numerous custom-made glass panels. And, according to the Robb Report, she offers staterooms for 36 plus crew quarters for 45. Not quite sure whose count is correct though. Al Mirqab also has a large lower deck swimming pool that can be opened up to the ocean simply by opening the side hatches in the hull. In addition, Al Mirqab underwent a refit in 2014, which included a brand new sundeck as well as a complete interior remodel. Now, her even more gorgeous interior wows guests when they arrive onboard. (Wish we could be among them!)

Awards & Nominations

She has won a number of special awards, mainly in the year 2009, the year following her completion, including:

  • World Superyacht Awards of 2009
    Best Displacement Motor Yacht of 3,000GT and above (approximately 85m+)
  • World Superyacht Awards of 2009
    Winner of Motor Yacht of the Year
  • World Superyacht Awards of 2009
    Winner Best Interior Design - Motor Yacht
  • World Superyacht Awards of 2009
    Special Commendation for Best Exterior Styling - Motor Yacht

Al Mirqab Specs

  • Registry: George Town, Grand Cayman
  • Owner: Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani
    Builder: Peters Schiffbau Wewelsfleth, Germany
    Yard number: 681
    Launched: 2008
    Current Status: In service
    Call sign: ZCTS4
    IMO number: 1009223
    MMSI number: 319361000

General characteristics

  • Class and type: Superyacht
    Tonnage: 9,518 (gross tonnage)
    1,440 DWT (summer deadweight)
    Length: 133.00 m (436.35 ft)
    Beam: 19.00 m (62.34 ft)
    Maximum Speed: 20.3 knots (37.6 km/h; 23.4 mph)
    Cruising Speed: 18.7 knots
  • Displacement: 9,604t
  • Capacity:
    Guests: 25
    Crew: 55

About the Owner

  • Prime Minister of Qatar
  • Sheikh Al Thani held the position of Prime Minister of Qatar from April 3. 2007 until June of 2013. He was also the Foreign Minister of Qatar since January 11, 1992, until the year 2013.
  • NY Penthouse worth US$ 100 Million
  • In 2012, Sheik Al Thani bought a 100 million USD penthouse at Midtown Manhattan 's One57 tower.

Art Lover

Sheik Al Thani must also be quite the art lover since he bought Picasso's Les Femmes d'Alger (Version O) and paid a whopping US$180 million for it in May 2015. According to Superyacht Fan, that was a record price for a painting being sold at auction.

Sheik Al Thani- Net Worth

The Al Thani Family's net worth has been estimated at more than US$ 2.4 billion. Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Muhammad Al Thani's personal net worth is estimated to be US$ 1.3 billion. Al Mirqab is not available for charter, however, if you're interested, you can follow Al Mirqab's current location live.

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