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The 20 Most Expensive Yachts in the World in 2019

If you've been aboard a luxury yacht, you're probably aware of some of the extra perks that they afford for passengers in terms of plush interiors and deluxe amenities, but there are some yachts in the world that go to the ultimate extremes. These are the super yachts and the mega yachts that are designed by the finest minds in the yacht building business and some of them are even laden with precious metals and jewels. We were amazed by the lavishness we discovered in our research of the 20 most expensive yachts in the world that you absolutely have to check out.

20. The Rising Sun - $200 million

The Rising Sun Yacht

The Rising Sun is a super yacht that was built for Larry Ellison of Oracle, in 2004. The craft measures 453 feet in length and contains 82 guest rooms. It's loaded with luxury amenities including a sauna, cinema room and wine cellar just to name a few. The helipad is also used for a basketball court in this ultra luxury yacht which was purchased from Ellison in 2010 by David Geffen.

19. Lady Moura - $210 Million

Lady Moura Yacht

The Lady Moura is a Blohm and Voss Shipyards special design that was created for Nasser Al-Rashid, a billionaire businessman from Saudi Arabia, in 1990. The ship is 344 feet in length and es equipped with a helicopter onboard, a pool wit a retractable roof, and all of the amenities including deck chairs and sand to make it the equivalent of a desert oasis for up to 30 guests. 30 crew members are also on board to perform daily maintenance and other tasks.

18. Al Mirqab -  $250 Million

Al Mirqab Yacht

Al Mirqab is a luxury super yacht that was made for the Prime Minister of Qatar by the German shipbuilding company Peters Schiffbau Wewelsfleth. This extremely beautiful yacht was delivered in 2008 with ten luxury suites with room enough for 24 guests, who each have the pleasure of their own living rooms, double bedrooms and bathrooms. There are also 55 crew cabins as well as a sun deck, a helipad, outside bars, a swimming pool, jacuzzi and an on board cinema.

17. Ona - $263 million

Ona Yacht

The Ona is a yacht with an interesting history. It is the Dilbar which was updated and renamed by the new owner., Alisher Usmanov, Russian oligarch. It's a 360 foot long ship with ultra plush cabins, a swimming pool, jacuzzi, and other luxury amenities. There is room for up to 16 gusts and it takes a crew of 41 to maintain the floating luxury vessel.

16. TV - $268 million

Lurrsen shipbuilders TV Yacht

The Lurrsen shipbuilders constructed the TV super yacht in 2008. This vessel features a host of luxury amenities including a jacuzzi, swimming pool and complete gym. There are 12 rooms for guests aboard in this amazing floating luxury liner.

15. Pelorus - $300 Million

Pelorus Superyacht

Pelorus is a super yacht which is valued at an amazing $300 million. It's 115 meters in length and can reach up to 19 knots in speed. It's loaded with amenities and has two helipads, landing boats, and jet ski's for enjoying water sports. Pelorus has gone through a few billionaire owners including Roman Abramovich, then a business man from Saudi rabia and is now owned by a billionaire from Hong Kong.

14. Al Said - $300 Million

Lurssen Yachts Al Said

Al Said was made by the Lurssen Yachts shipbuilders and was purchasd by Qaboos Bin Said Al Said ho just happens to be the Sultan of Orman. The ship is shrouded in a bit of mystery as the owner likes to maintain as much privacy as possible but we do know that it is designed to accommodate up to 70 guests, there is a large concert hall and it takes a crew of 154 persons for operation and daily maintenance.

13. Radiant - $320 Million

Radiant Yacht

Radiant is a Lurssen built super yacht which was completed in 2009. It belong to Abdulla Al Futtaim. The Radiant can reach speeds of up to 21 knots and it houses up to 20 guests and requires a crew of 44 for operation and maintenance. Tim Heywood was the designer. The ship features a movie theater, a gym, a jacuzzi, a deck, a massage room, a tender garage and swimming platform plus many other luxury amenities.

12. Motor Yacht A - $323 Million

Superyacht A

Motor Yacht A is 390 feet in length and features an original design, created by Blohm and Voss. The vessel is over the top in luxury amenities with three swimming pools, a helicopter hangar, a disco and six guest suites with moving walls that convert the suites into various sized staterooms as desired. It also houses and is equipped with a 30 ft. speed boat and did we mention that one of the pools is glass bottomed? It takes a crew of 35 to operate and maintain Superyacht A.

11. Serene - $330 Million

Serene by Fincantieri

Serene is the build design of Fincantieri, completed in 2011 it measures 439.4 feet in length. This super yacht is one of the largest in the world. It was a custom order for Yuri Shefler, Russian Vodka magnate, but it was eventually sold to Mohammed bin Salman. The yacht accommodates up to 24 guests and it requires a crew of 52 for operation and daily maintenance. It's an ultra luxury ship with interior design compliments of Reymond Langton Design. The ship offers amenities such as a piano room, a conference room, a bar, an outdoor cinema hall, an underwater viewing room, domed fireplaces, a beauty center, dance floor an observation room, a sauna and much more.

10. Dubai - $350 Million

Dubai Superyacht

The Dubai Super yacht was a joint venture between Lurssen shipyards and Blohm and Voss. It is the commissioned craft of Brunei Prince Jefri Bolkiah. The ship was completed in 2006 after a decade of work went into it. The Sheik Mohammed Rashid al-Maktoum acuired the yacht and designed the interior to his liking iwth multiple swimming pools, jacuzzis and handmade interior design elements with lavish luxury. The Dubai an accommodate up to 115 guests and it requires 88 crew members to maintain and operate on a daily basis.

9. Streets of Monaco - $400 Million

Streets of Monaco Yacht

Streets of Monaco is a very unique super yacht that was built by Yacht Island Design. It was made to imitate the literal streets of the country of Monaco. This ship is a billionaire's dream with 509 feet of length, it features a go kart circuit, a mini submarine, 3 swimming pools, a replica of the Grand Prix Course and the Monte Carlo Casino, a large helipad, cafes, basketball and tennis courts, a library, a spa, parking spaces so smaller yachts can dock to the vessel and much more with VIP suites that are 3,800 square feet for the ultimate in luxury accommodations for guests. There is room for 16 guests aboard and it takes 70 crew members to keep everything running smoothly aboard the Streets of Monaco.

8. Sailing Yacht A/White Pearl - $450 million

Sailing Yacht A/White Pearl

The Sailing Yacht A also known as the White Pearl is the eighth most expensive yacht in the world. It is valued at a whopping $450 million. It's one of the largest sailing yachts in the world boasting 468 feet in length and a staggering height of 300 feet with eight floors. The ship features six guest rooms, three swimming pools, a disco, multiple mirrored surfaces and a landing area for helicopters. The yacht is loaded with tons of luxury amenities.

7. Luna - $500 million

Luna Mega Yacht

The Luna is a mega yacht that fetches a half billion dollars in value. It has been at the center of controversy in one of the priciest divorces in the history of Great Britain. There was a fight over who would get the luxury vessel. It's packed with a spa, two helipads, a swimming pool, and many more luxury amenities. The ship is 377 feet in length, and the ex-wife is likely very pleased about winning it as a part of the settlement.

6. Topaz - $527 Million

Topaz by Lurssen

The Topaz is a super yacht that was completed in 2023 by Lurssen Yachts of Germany. Tim Heywood ws in charge of the exterior design with Terrance Disdale in charge of the interior. The ship measures 482 feet in length and has a top speed of more than 25.5 knots. The interior is ultra plush and extravagant with unerwater lights, a full gymnasium, a helicopter pad times two, a large conference room, a cinema hall and many more amenities. The owner of the Topaz is Shaikh Mansour who is the United Arab Emirates Deputy Prime Minister.

5. Azzam - $650 Million


Azzam is a mega yacht which was made by the prestigious Lurssen Yachts, especially for the Emir of Abu Dhabi and President of the United Arab Eirates, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nayan. Azzam was previously the forth most expensive yacht on the seas, but was unseated by the Double Century. The interior of Azzam is complements of Christophe Leoni in an Empire styling with a turn of the century twist. The yacht an achieve speeds of up to 30 knots.

4. Double Century - $770 million

Double Century Yacht

Double Century is valued at nearly three quarters of a billion dollars in our list of the top 20 most expensive yachts. It's a 88 feet tall craft that is composed of nine decks and measures 656 feet in length. It takes a crew of 100 just to operate and maintain this giant luxury watercraft. It's equipped with two helipads, several swimming pools, enough guest suites to accommodate fifty and a theater that seats 126.

3. Admiral X Force 145 - $1 billion

Admiral X Force 145

The third highest value yacht in the world for 2019 is the Admiral X Force 145. This yacht is an incredible 456 feet in length and exhibits the features of a palace. There are crystal chandeliers in the state rooms which are numerous and the interior is decorated with premium and even exquisite materials including fine marble. There are two cinemas aboard as well as a bi level swimming pool and two helipads, just to get started on the luxuries that are found aboard this floating palace of luxury.

2. Eclipse - $1.5 Billion

Eclipse Yacht

The Eclipse is the second most expensive yacht and it was purchased by Roman Abramovich, a Russian billionaire. The yacht boasts a build of an incredible 536 feet in length It takes a crew of 70 just to keep it maintained It's one of the most extravagant luxury yachts with 24 guest cabins, two helicopter pads, a missile defense system, bullet proof windows, armor plating and a laser system that destroys pictures taken by members of the Paparazzi or other prying eyes. It also has a variety of hot tubs, two swimming pools, a disco hall and many other luxury features and amenities.

1. The History Supreme - $4.8 Billion

The History Supreme Yacht

The most expensive yacht in the world as of 2019 is without a doubt, the History Supreme. This floating luxury palace is 100 feet in length and it took the Stuart Hughes shipbuilders three years to complete from inception. It's the most lavish yacht to sail the seas with about 220 pounds of precious metals such as platinum and gold used in the trim and accents. The design team even wrapped the base in a thin sheet of gold. Other unique and rare materials used in the design include authentic T Rex dinosaur bones which are shaved for an extra special decor. There is even a wall that is made from meteor rock which is also very rare and quite expensive to purchase. We can't forget the 500 diamonds and two rare diamonds encrusted into an iPhone that goes with the ship, nor the Aquavista Panoramic wall aquarium that is made with 24 karat gold. It's no small wonder that the value of the most expensive yacht in the world is worth $4.8 billion. Although he preferred to remain anonymous, it is believed that Malaysian Billionaire Robert Kuok was the buyer.

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