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A Closer Look at the $1 Billion Admiral X Force 145

Admiral X Force 145

What could possibly cost $1 billion that sounds more like a military naval vessel than a ship designed purely for recreational purposes? Well in fact, the vessel in question is actually as yacht, said to be the world’s most expensive yacht ever created. It is as project created in collaboration with Dobroserdov Design and Admiral Centro Stile, unobtrusively named the Italian Sea Group project. As we take a closer look at this vessel, it is important to see that the world is changing in many ways regarding real estate investments. Much of the prime real estate in the world is already owned by billionaires from everywhere, so there is not much out there to highlight one’s affluence. Taking to the high seas and carving out your own portable niche that has no real geographic boundaries actually makes some sense – until the oceans start looking like downtown Manhattan in New York City. But that is a ways away.

The Most Important Information

Consider the fact that the Admiral X Force 145 is longer than two jumbo jets from front to back. For sports enthusiasts, that is equivalent to one and a half football fields. When nighttime falls, the yacht can be recognized from afar by its ring of lights that ring the entire ship. It is designed to be garish and noticeable, as we will see once we look closer inside. It is worth noting that there are an endless number of windows that allow passengers to get a view of their oceanic surroundings from the inside. To begin with, you will be walking on solid marble floors and give you the feel of simply taking a stroll down the halls of an exclusive land-based hotel. Polished to a glassy finish, they reflect the light well in the interior spaces that are not illuminated by the crystal chandelier displayed as the centerpiece of the yacht. Those familiar with the concept of displacement understand the sheer weight of this feature requires avoiding shallow waters.

If you are wondering how the yacht will dock, it is not certain that it will be able to – at least not in the conventional way. There is a small hint to this presupposition based on the fact that there are two helipads on the vessel. It may be simply a sign of luxury, or actual functionality. Contrasting this idea is the fact that it has a garage. It is not clear why or how anyone would want a garage in a yacht, but those in the know know. The company’s website says that this area is basically “a large hangar for toys and cars.” One can only imagine the kinds of toys an owner or their guests would bring aboard. The website also points out that the helipad area can be used for sunbathing. Who would have thought of a multi-functional helipad?

From a more “traditional” approach to designing a yacht, you will find the requisite gym facilities and two movie theaters to watch late night movies. There are two pools and a bi-level pool area, which are mutually exclusive from one another. Forget about sitting in front of a 60 inch LED television, we are talking about a luxury movie theater exclusively built to seat as many guests that the owner invites. This is also true of many other areas of the Admiral X Force 145, which is more interested in interior roominess than trying to make the most of the available space. When looking at pictures of the yacht you get the idea that the designers prioritized the interior first, then decided on the size of the ship and the engineering requirements that would have to be met to make it all happen.

When you look towards the front of the boat, you will see that the entire half deck has been created solely for the owner. The opulence of the master bedroom is always a key to defining affluence, and the Admiral 145 is indeed a force to be reckoned with. When viewing the suite you walk into a room whose space is surrounded by a Zen garden, emanating the stereotypical aura of peace and tranquility. A consistent theme that is found in virtually every room of the yacht is the double-height feature. There are balconies in many of the bedrooms, and likewise there are spiral staircases everywhere that lead you to the balcony areas. This is a ship design where it is less likely you will find square corners and more likely to find circular continuity.

Other Information

Looking towards the stern (back) of the boat you will find a bi-level spa and bar designed by Turin, Italy-based architect Gian Marco Companino Design. The fact that a single architectural firm was called in to design a single area of the yacht tells you as much as you need to know. One website notes that despite all of its affluence and opulence, even going so far as characterizing it as “over the top luxurious” it has a “warm and inviting” aura about it.  The very fact you would be invited on to such a massive piece of luxury should make you feel all warm and fuzzy before even getting on board.

A couple of final notes. The stated $1 billion price tag is only a guesstimate, as the actual price is only available by contacting Admiral, the seller. If you are wondering how this design is possible given the weight and size dimensions, it was decided early on to build the yacht on a naval platform used by a commercial ship. This means that instead of the designers concerning themselves with interior dimensions, they had a much larger foundation to build upon. In fact, there is the possibility that all future superyachts will incorporate this basic concept. The attraction to this type of lavishness by the general public who will never be able to buy one, is similar to the public’s gravitation to the world of celebrities. But for the serious buyers of the Admiral X Force 145, it seems to be more of a long term investment that has all the benefits of owning your own piece of property away from the masses.

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