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Palmer Johnson Launches Sleek and Sporty PJ63 Yacht Line


Most of us have heard or experienced the immense grandeur of the luxury superyachts which are the ones that generally steal the lime light. Their immense size and build for spacious luxury on the water has been the focal point for decades, but what about the little guys? Palmer Johnson understands that it's high time to bring luxury to the smaller yacht and they've launched a brand new line to show us how it's done in grand style.

The Robb report gained exclusive rights to the breaking of this news and graciously shared it with the rest of us. Since the news came out it has quite a few enthusiasts applauding and anxiously awaiting more details about the line. We've gathered all of the available information so we could share it with you because we're all pumped about the release as well.

Creation of a jewel in the water

This was the initial intention of Palmer Johnson as they came up with the plans to launch the new PJ63 sport line. Open yachts have their place in the industry and there is no good reason why they can't be just as beautiful, sporty and luxurious as their much larger counterparts, except on a smaller scale with regard to size.

Not all yacht enthusiasts are in the market to purchase a super yacht for charter or for longer extended cruises. Some simply want a smaller classy version that features great dependability, functionality and comfort. Add the luxury aspect and you set the water on fire. Here is what we currently know about Palmer Johnson's new line

Intended purpose

The PJ63 is a part of the new line that is intended for shorter excursions to destinations such as Cote D'Azure, Miami and Ibiza. The head of their design department commented that preservation of the quality which is displayed with the larger yacht models is important but that there was a great need to make these options available to a larger cross section of the population. Not everyone has the ability to purchase a super yacht, but the smaller versions are priced for greater affordability to more people who have an active interest in becoming a yacht owner.


The design

Aesthetics were an important consideration when designing the Palmer Johnson PJ63 line. The smaller size lends itself to the creation of a yacht that would feature sleek lines in combination with curved surfaces that would create an attractive exterior that would have eye appeal on several levels. It would promote the sense of sensuous aggression with one sweeping visual motion. This was a lofty pursuit but they managed to pull it off nicely.

A closer look at the drive system

The JP63 yacht features a IPS pod drive system from the Volvo manufacturer with a a DPS option and a joystick. It not only has a sporty look but it is also felt when operating this amazing craft. She is designed to move across the water with total grace and beauty with the full capacity to reach a maximum speed of thirty six knots with lower fuel burn and power input.

Maneuverability and build

The yacht takes little effort to steer. It features a slender main hull which is a feature that many yacht enthusiasts will appreciate as it takes a slice through the waters with less resistance and drag. This makes for a smoother cruise and a faster speed gain.

For a smaller open yacht, this model is made to maximize available space for the greatest comfort possible. The beam measures twenty one feet and every inch is optimized. A hard top is available for use when the sun is blazing hot or when there is a need for protection from the elements but it is optional for when you want to remove it to enjoy more perfect weather conditions. There ar accommodations for ample seating with good sized sunpads, a swim platform and spacious areas intended for rest and relaxation. Accommodations for up to four guests are available in the roomy quarters which are housed below deck.


A glance at Palmer Johnson

The company was founded in 1918 and is known for their innovative spirit that has the tendency to bump up against boundaries and give them a proper shove forward. The shipyard is based out of Monaco. They produced the one hundred foot Fortuna in 1979 and at the time it was described as the fastest super yacht on the planet. This was quite the achievement and it helped to propel them into a good position for earning a solid reputation in the ship building industry. They are not strangers to luxury design on a grand scale either. They know how to build a vessel for sport and speed and they know how to make it attractive and elegant as well.

Who this yacht is intended for

The asking price for the PJ63 is $2.75 million. It is intended for anyone of course who can afford the cost which is far less than the superyachts that so many pay well over a hundred thousand to charter for an excursion. This boat is the perfect choice for use as a dayboat when you want a fast escape for an afternoon. It is also suitable for weekend getaways or even extended trips with shorter distances in between destinations.


Final thoughts

We believe that Palmer Johnson is onto something pretty big here. Their intent to bring the world of luxury yachting to more people is a magnificent idea that we're sure will be met with great enthusiasm. The PJ63 holds a lot of promise for becoming a popular choice among weekend and short excursion yachting enthusiasts. For many, it will bring the dream of ownership into a more manageable realm with regard to financing. What more could you ask in a small open yacht that sportiness, attractiveness and comfort? From all appearances, Palmer Johnson has covered all of the necessary bases and we believe that their idea is going to take of and lead them into yet further success.

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