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A Closer Look at Okto Yacht by ISA

Cruising the seas in the ultimate luxury accommodations is compared to enjoying a few brief moments of heaven, not necessarily on earth, but rather by sea. There are many superyachts built to the specifications of their new owners but Okto has raised the bar high, being the first of her kind with one of a kind features that are not found on any other yacht that is available for sale on the market today. Okto has recently become available for purchase. We were so impressed with her that we decided to take a closer look at this unique vessel to discover and share what makes her so very special. We'll review the unique features and amenities that are designed for the enjoyment of guests and all aboard. From cruising speed to toys and tenders, join us for an examination and review of the customized Okto superyacht.

Build and design

Okto is the product of the Naval Architects and builders at ISA, with engineering processes overseen by BMT Nigel Gee & Associates of the United Kingdom. She was crafted for an experienced yachtsman and from beginning inception to finished craft, the Okto is a one of a kind custom built yacht following Northern European standards and specifications. Okto spent four months in testing to ensure that all systems met with flawless performance and lived up to the rigorous standards set forth by the shipbuilders who maintain a high reputation for the production of luxurious elegance, top notch engineering and eye pleasing aesthetics. Design of the interior has been provided by Alberto Pinto with Andrea Vallicelli Inc. in charge of exterior design. Upon completion, the craft was delivered to its owner with speed performance that exceeded those stipulated within the contractual agreement.


Superyacht Okto is two hundred seventeen feet and 10 inches in length. She is a custom motor yacht which has been made to the specifications of the purchaser with delivery in 2014. Her beam is thirty six feet one inch with a max draft of nine feet 8 inches and gross tonnage of eleven hundred and forty nine tons. She features a displacement hull configuration crafted of steel with an aluminum superstructure.

She is powered by two diesel engines from the Caterpillar manufacturer model 3512C, each offering 2366 in horse power for a total of 4732 hp. Her maximum speed is eighteen knots with a cruising speed of sixteen knots. She is a seaworthy dream that can offer short or long excursions with a total range of sixty four hundred miles cruising at sixteen knots. She has a design that is fuel efficient with fuel tanks that hold up to a total of 45,093.65 US gallons. Her potable water capacity is 13, 198.14 US gallons.

Okto has been designed to provide the ultimate comfort when cruising the seas and when at anchor, even in rough waters with precision engineering that ensures low levels of noise and vibration and zero stabilization for decreasing rolling in inclement weather. She is truly a yacht for all seasons and a must see for all who enjoy one of a kind nautical masterpieces.


Okto has the capacity for up to eleven guests comfortably. She has been designed with a magnificent layout that ensures guest and crew privacy for the ultimate in comfort. She has a total of six guest cabins along with five double cabins to accommodate a crew of up to seventeen members.

Enjoy formal dining below deck in the opulent dining area that features a shelter from the sea breeze, yet offers large windows for viewing the spectacular sunrises and sunsets. The generous upper deck offers space for sunbathing, lounging or other activities. The swimming pool offers a refreshing oasis for warmer afternoons and comes with mood lights that make evening swims even more inviting. Ample seating is offered both on deck and below with comfortable luxury couches and lounge chairs. The jacuzzi offers the perfect way to relax after a day of fun and play at land or sea.

Toys and tenders

In addition to luxurious accommodations, the Okto comes equipped with gym equipment that allows guests to stay in shape so there is no need to abandon daily workout routines. Included is one bench; one set of dumbbells and one techno gym kinetic equipment.

Additional tenders

You'll also find that the Okto comes equipped with a Dariel eighteen foot Jet Drive Crew Tender with a Yanmar diesel (125 hp)' a Dariel twenty four and a half foot Jet Drive Guest Tender with Yanmar diesel (315 hp); Ski Nautique twenty two foot Ski Tender with four 409 hp (gasoline engine) and a Lancer thirteen foot fifteen horse power outboard rescue tender.


Okto has a lot to offer a new owner and she is a dream craft that is not currently available for charter. He is however, for sale. We found her pricing to be remarkable, particularly after taking a look at her elegant design and special features. Uperyacht Okto is available for purchase at the price of $54,500,000.

Final thoughts

Okto definitely qualifies as a member of the elite class of luxury superyachts because of her size and uniquely elegant design and amenities. The fact that she is a custom build which was made to order adds to her value because she truly is a one of a kind vessel. You won't find another like her on the seas today and this is only a small part of her appeal. Her previous owner showed an obviously good sense of taste and style. His status as an experienced and proficient yachtsman was applied to the design and construction of this one of a kind ship that has not been duplicated.

Her interior features luxury staterooms complete with private quarters which are well lit and offer an escape from the festivities aboard deck with soundproofing to keep out noise for moments of quiet repose. Both formal and informal dining areas are provided for a party like atmosphere for all guests to attend or more intimate al fresco dining on deck. She is packed with all of the comforts and amenities aboard her spaciously designed interior while onlookers marvel at the grace and speed of her sleek exterior design.

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