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A Closer Look at Tankoa's T500 Tethys

Tankoa T500 Tethys

Tankoa Yachts of Genoa, Italy is a shipbuilder that announced the completion of its latest masterpiece. It dubbed the new superyacht the T500 Tethys. It's a massive vessel fully decked out with luxury interiors and infinite possibilities for customization. It's a massive superyacht with a few details offered as examples of how the owners can make the yacht reflect their unique tastes and preferences. The shipbuilder and interior design teams are on standby to listen to the specifications and turn them into realities with very few limitations. To fully appreciate this floating paradise a thorough investigation of its finer points is necessary.

Tankoa Yachts' T500 Tethys and its versatility

The DuPont Registry reports that the latest superyacht from Tankoa is a massive 164 feet in length. It's capable of traversing through most types of water in the lap of luxury. Anyone interested in placing an order for a customized version may opt for a traditional engine, a diesel-electric propulsion system, or a hybrid. Its nickname is the SUV of the Seas. The design is versatile and can accommodate a few different options. When it comes to the configuration and interior design, the buyer has multiple options for making it their own. The CEO of Tankoa claims that the new owner's imagination is the only limit. The lower deck offers two spaces that are convertible and may be designated as an office, a theater, a gym, or extra cabins to accommodate more overnight guests.

A hot interior

The interior of the T500 Tethys is the creation of Hot Lab, an interior design studio in Milan, Italy. Their concepts developed large lounge spaces on the two decks to enhance the capacity for large groups of guests, with a large sundeck, and other enlarged areas that function as gathering places for socialization. It's a luxury cruiser that functions as a massive party boat that is made for entertaining in grand style.

The owner's room and guest suites

The owner's room is a large suite that runs the full length of the beam with a spacious area with a walk-in closet, and a large en-suite bathroom. It's also equipped with a lounge area and an office for taking care of business matters. Yacht Interior Society expands on the cabins and confirms that guests also enjoy spacious staterooms with luxury accommodations.

Fun in the sun

The sundeck features a sun pad for sunbathing and a Jacuzzi for relaxing in the bubbling jets. There's also a bathroom conveniently located on the deck with an area to relax, a bar, and a barbecue. Guests enjoy panoramic ocean views in the area while enjoying lunches on the upper deck aft. The yacht also has an infinity pool in the center of the ship with an aft platform. The T500 Tethys is not only configured to maximize space and create multiple large areas for gathering, the elements are visually stunning and comfortable. A glance at the decks shows that there's ample room for a group to walk around the ship.

What would you do with a license to express your creativity?

Tankoa is proud of its latest project and explains that the exteriors and interiors are styled with perfect balance. The team at Tankoa takes time and thoughtfulness in handcrafting each example ordered to the new owner's specifications. The only requirement is to keep the weight of hair under 500 gross tons. It opens up possibilities for installing a gym and fitness center for guests to continue their daily workout routines. A cinema provides another area for guests to seek entertainment with luxury seating and the ultimate comfort.

The design team that makes it possible

Yachting Pages introduces a partner and head of design at Hot Lab Enrico Lumini. He explains that the T500 Tethys design features dynamic shapes with a fluidity that retains geometrical purity that avoids constructive complications. Each vessel and interior has its unique personality, and the T500 Tethys is not an exception. The Hot Labs designers gave it a masculine identity. It maintained elements that create reassuring and welcoming vibes, with the most important aspect of its persona being its versatility and accommodating vibe. They achieved the perfect balance in their combination of futuristic elements while keeping it grounded in reality and the present. Lumini is joined by his partner and marketing and strategy expert who comments that the vessel was created at Tankoa's state-of-the-art shipyard with its innovative engineers to transform a dream concept turn into a reality. Skilled professionals at Tanko work together to create the stuff of a floating palace. The collaboration between Tankoa and Hot Labs is spectacular.

Final thoughts

The current news releases about the dreamy superyacht the T500 Tethys offers an overview of the options available to new owners. Images of the luxurious interior and exterior leave many questions that remain unanswered. There is no mention of the types of wood used for the smooth and lovely decks and walkways or the fixtures installed in the bathrooms. These are the details that were left out. It's likely not a topic covered because the shipbuilder intends to create fully customized versions that appeal to the preferences and tastes of the owners. We assume that one could order teak floors if desired, or perhaps some other kind of exotic hardwood. The offer to customize opens up a new world of wonder that frees the imagination to fill in the blanks with the possible layouts, configurations, and tiny details that make a superyacht a reflection of the owners' tastes. We can see that Tankoa has developed a solid design plan that has multiple possible options for most parts of the ship. The leadership of the shipbuilder invites interested parties to investigate the possible ways to customize the solid design with their ideas of what the ultimate in luxury would be.

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