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17 Most Expensive Yachts in the World


What are some of the world's priciest yachts? This article is for you if you love sailing or if you can appreciate the engineering marvels described below. Your net worth must be in the hundreds of millions, if not billions, to be able to afford the least expensive superyacht on this list. The top 17 most costly yachts in the world are listed below.


17. Ecstasea - $200 Million

Ecstasea, the largest Feadship ever constructed, was constructed in 2004 on Roman Abramovich's order, a Russian businessman. The yacht construction started in the shipyard of Royal Van Lent. It has a length of 282.0 ft, a width of 37.7 ft, and a deadweight of 585 metric tons. The boat is entirely composed of steel and resembles a luxury liner more than a yacht. The yacht features four primary MTU engines with a total of 12,444 horsepower. A General Electric LM2500 gas turbine, with a 30,843-horsepower output, was also added by the constructor. The yacht can travel at a top speed of more than 30 knots, thanks to its combined total of 43,287 horsepower. It has a top speed of 25 knots while only the diesel engines are running.

The Rising Sun

16. The Rising Sun - $200 Million

David Geffen, who initially acquired a half-share of the boat in late 2006, is the owner of Rising Sun. A basketball court, a wine cellar, and a movie theater are among its 82 rooms spread throughout its five stories. It is 452 ft long and is the 12th largest superyacht in the world. David Geffen has owned it since 2010. According to Wealthy Gorilla, its construction cost $200 million, and more splurging went to the opulent furnishings and fittings that characterize this vessel.


15. Octopus - $200 Million

Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft, had the 414-foot mega yacht Octopus constructed. She is among the biggest yachts in the world. German shipbuilders Lürssen in Bremen and Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft in Kiel constructed its exterior under the direction of Espen Ino Naval Architects, while designer Jonathan Quinn Barnett created the interior. It has eight decks, including a private owners' deck, and can accommodate up to 26 guests in 13 staterooms. Its 63 staff members reside among 30 cabins. Among the entertainment options are numerous bars, a spa, a library, a movie theater, a basketball court, a gym, and several lounges, including one with a forward-facing observation platform.

Lady Moura

14. Lady Moura - $210 Million

The next most expensive superyacht in the world is Lady Moura. The owner of Lady Moura is Nasser Al-Rashid, a businessman from Saudi Arabia and a consultant to the Saudi Royal family. Since the luxury liner's name is on the boat's exterior in 24-karat gold letters, it is identifiable primarily from the outside. Steel serves as the material for both the hull and the superstructure. Two KHD-MWM diesel engines, each with a power rating of over 6700 horsepower, make up the propulsion system.

When combined with propellers that the captain electronically controls for pitch, the vessel can travel at more than 20 knots. The Lady Moura's most notable feature, though, is unquestionably the distinctive, sand-covered hydraulic platform that slides out of one side of the boat and can be adjusted to sit precisely at the water's edge. For a truly realistic experience, this floating oasis also features palm trees in addition to natural sand and deck chairs as Beautiful Life describes.

Al Mirqab

13. Al Mirqab - $250 Million

This yacht construction began at the German shipyard Peters Schiffbau Wewelsfleth, whereby Tim Heywood designed the yacht's exterior, and Andrew Winch Designs designed the interior. She is made of steel, has a maximum speed of 23 knots, and can cruise at 21 knots. It has ten guest cabins that can accommodate 24 people, plus two VIP suites for the yacht owner. The spacious suites each have a living area, a double bedroom, and a bathroom. The yacht has a 60-person crew. The onboard amenities include a theater, outdoor bars, an indoor pool, an outdoor hot tub, and a helicopter pad. The former Qatari Prime Minister, Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al-Thani, is the owner of Al Mirqab.


12. Dilbar - $256 Million

The German shipyard Lürssen launched the superyacht Dilbar on November 14, 2015, and delivered it in 2016. It is the third-largest yacht by volume, with a gross tonnage of 15,917. The Russian oligarch Alisher Usmanov is the owner of this superyacht. The yacht is 511 ft long, has a 78-ft width, and has a 20 ft draft. An aluminum superstructure complements the teak decks and steel displacement hull of Dilbar. It bears his mother's name and is one of the world's biggest boats, measuring 360.89 ft. The millionaire owner frequently uses it to travel to his private islands. The Dilbar has adequate room on deck for 20 guests and a crew of 48. It also has a helipad and many swimming pools.


11. Pelorus - $300 Million

In 2003, Pelorus debuted after being constructed in Germany's Lurssen shipyard. Tim Heywood, a well-known yacht designer, created her, and millionaire, real estate developer, and chairman of Prudential Enterprises from Hong Kong owns it. She has a length of 377 ft, a 56 ft beam, and two 12V-26 engines with a combined 5500 horsepower that can propel her to a top speed of 19 knots. Additionally, she has two helipads, a landing craft, and jet skis.


10. Serene - $300 Million

Serene is an Italian-built vessel designed by Reymond Langton Design and delivered to her owner in August 2011. Russian billionaire Yuri Scheffler is the proud Serene owner and has become a popular rental option for the ultra-wealthy, reputedly costing billionaires like Bill Gates over a million dollars each week. She has an overall length of 439 ft and a beam of 60 ft, making her one of the biggest yachts in the world. Around 24 guests and 52 staff members can sleep on board, and Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia purchased it in 2015. It has a submarine, two helipads, several pools, and a panoramic underwater observation room.

Al Said

9. Al Said - $300 Million

The Sultan of Oman owns the luxurious yacht Al Said. In 2006, Lürssen received a request to build a boat. During construction, the vessel was known only as "Project Sunflower." It was launched in September 2007 by Lürssen Shipyard, making her the second-longest yacht in the world.


8. Radiant - $320 Million

Lürssen constructed the Radiant motor yacht in 2009 for Abdulla Al Futtaim, an Emirati millionaire. The Radiant has an overall length of 360.89 ft and a beam of 53.5 ft. Her two MTU 16V 1163 TB73L diesel engines each produce 8,715 horsepower, while her fuel tanks have a capacity of 360,000 L (95,000 US gal). It offers terrific amenities like zero-speed stabilizers, an elevator, a swimming pool, a beach club, a helicopter landing pad on the top deck, a massage room, a swimming platform, a tender garage, a gym, and a movie theater.


7. Dubai - $400 Million

Dubai was constructed in collaboration with the German shipyards Blohm+Voss and Lürssen and put into service in 1995 under various project names. Before 1996, the yacht builder intended it for Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei; however, the client terminated the purchase agreement the following year. Its current owner is Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Platinum by Andrew Winch nicely complements the interior furnishings. It has a length of 531 ft and a beam of 72 ft.

The yacht has a squash court, a lobster tank, a submarine, 20 water bikes, and a disco. Eight decks make up the Dubai, accommodating up to 88 crew members and 115 passengers. The four MTU-20V diesel engines, which have a combined output of 6,301 kW, can propel the ship at a top speed of 26 knots. Dubai's 1.2-million-liter fuel tanks provide for an 8,500 nautical mile range.

Motor Yacht A

6. Motor Yacht A - $440 Million

The Blohm + Voss shipyard produced this impressive-looking 390 ft superyacht in 2008. Andrey Melnichenko, a philanthropist and billionaire businessman from Russia, is believed to be the owner. It is one of the largest motor yachts in the world, measuring over 6,000 kilograms and 390 ft in length. It is propelled by two MAN RK280 diesel engines, each producing about 9,000 kW, enough to drive the boat at a top speed of 23 knots. At her cruising speed of 19 knots, she can cover a distance of up to 6,500 nautical miles before running out of gasoline in less than sixteen days. A is furnished, outfitted, and staffed to the degree that is exceptionally sumptuous for a mega yacht.


5. A+ - $527 Million

This magnificent superyacht, A+, which Lürssen built, is ranked number five. It was previously known as Topaz. Twin Pielstick diesel engines with 7990 horsepower each serve as the primary propulsion system. With this much power, the yacht can travel at a service speed of 22.9 knots and a top speed of well over 25.5 knots. The yacht weighs 11,589 gross tons and is 482 ft long and 70.5 ft in beam. It has zero-speed stabilizers, a deck Jacuzzi, two helicopter landing pads, a swimming pool, a garage for the tender, a swimming platform, air conditioning, and underwater lights. The ship has an eight-deck design, an aluminum superstructure, and a steel displacement hull. The manufacturers initially constructed the yacht in a 554-foot dry dock. However, the manufacturers had to move it to a 720-foot dry dock to finish building it. Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan owns it.


4. Azzam - $600 Million

The largest yacht ever built is this 590-foot mega yacht. The President of the United Arab Emirates and Emir of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nayan owns this vessel. Lürssen Yachts, one of the most luxurious yacht builders, constructed the Azam. It is the world's fastest and longest private motor yacht, measuring 590 ft in length. It has a 68-foot beam and a concise draft of 14 ft. A combination of two gas turbines and two diesel engines with a combined output of 47,000 hp through four pump jets may propel it at a speed of more than 32 knots. Two of the pump jets have movable duct water outlets on either side of two non-movable, spherical water outlets in the center of the stern that can be used for thrust vectoring.

Streets of Monaco

3. Streets of Monaco - $1 Billion

The Streets of Monaco is a theme park designed to resemble Monaco's opulent city-state in the Mediterranean. It has exact copies of famous locations, including the Monte Carlo Casino, Hotel de Paris, La Rascasse, and even a swimming pool that resembles a beach. This floating mini-city, whose construction is expected to cost more than $1 billion, is the creation of the unproven firm Yacht Island Design, known for creating eye-catching designs that never make it past the design stage. Even still, a lot of thought went into this grandiose farce.


2. Eclipse - $1.5 billion

The fourth-longest vessel at sea is the Eclipse, a superyacht constructed by Blohm+Voss in Hamburg, Germany. Terence Disdale created both her exterior and interior. Roman Abramovich bought this beauty on December 9, 2010. Until the introduction of the 56-foot longer Azzam in April 2013, Eclipse was the longest private yacht in the world at 533 ft. Self-defense systems, a missile detection system, and missile launchers for security are part of the security implements on board the Eclipse. By 2009, Eclipse was also an enormous ship using a Magnus effect-based rotor-based stabilization system to combat roll motion at anchor and slow cruise speeds.

History Supreme

1. History Supreme - $4.8 billion

Supposedly owned by Malaysia's richest billionaire, Robert Knok, the History Supreme is the most expensive yacht in the world. Solid gold flanks the yacht from hull to stern. Stuart Hughes, a well-known luxury designer from the United Kingdom, created the 100 ft vessel, which took three years to build and weighed 100,000 kg of genuine gold and platinum. The main bedroom features a wall made entirely of meteorite pebbles and an actual Tyrannosaurus Rex bone statue. A 24-carat gold AquaVista Panoramic Wall Aquarium is also located in the master suite as if that weren't enough. The constructors took three years to build this 100-foot engineering marvel. However, no one has spotted this yacht on the high seas. Probably because of the covert nature in which the yacht sails.

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