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10 Different Types of Yachts


Defining a yacht is not as easy as you may think. For an accurate definition, you must consider size and purpose. It is unclear when a boat qualifies as a yacht, but people seem to agree that any boat over 40 feet should be considered one. As for purpose, yachts are commonly used for entertainment. However, other boats which are not yachts can be used for entertainment. Therefore, the distinguishing feature becomes about the status of the person owning it. According to Everett Yacht, yachts were used to ferry royalty members, so people associated them with members of the high class. Due to the complexity of what is considered a yacht, we will identify ten yachts and their functionality. Tag along.

10. Classic Yacht

If you are nostalgic for yachts used between the 1900s and 1970s, you can finally hire one from those eras. Classic yachts are mostly built from wood or aluminum and contain beautiful, classic lines. Most classic yachts only retain the vintage feel on the exterior and not the interior. The interior of most classic yachts has been retrofitted to maintain their functionality and comfort.

9. Hybrid Yacht

This yacht uses more than one power source for propulsion, e.g., electric and engine power. The aim of using this yacht is to preserve the environment by not releasing greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere when using engine power. You will only use engine power when you run out of battery. Another benefit of battery power is that you save on fuel. As a result, the fuel can be used for more important purposes.

8. Open Yacht

The yacht normally has two decks with small onboard spaces. Its spaces are small to prioritize speed. On average, they can deliver speeds of up to 30 knots. Additionally, it has powerful engines which enable you to travel rapidly from place to place. So if you are fond of thrilling adventures at sea, this is the yacht to get.

7. Fishing Yacht

Some limitations occur when you fish. Sometimes, your vessel may be unable to travel very far, or it may be unable to withstand storms. Fortunately, the fishing yacht can go as far as 100 miles and withstand storms, so you do not need to worry about your vessel capsizing. With this yacht, you can venture into deep waters and catch marlin and tuna from those waters.

6. Cruising Yacht

A cruising yacht is either a sailing or motor yacht used for long-distance travel. As a result, the yacht has enough amenities to enable you to live in it. In general, it is a small yacht, so it does not require too many professional crew members to operate it. Due to its versatility (motor and sail), this yacht is highly sought after.

5. Sailing Yacht

This kind of yacht uses sails that rely on wind as the sole means of propulsion. It usually has a cabin with amenities that allow for overnight use. Since it relies on wind to run, it may be easy to assume that it runs very slowly. According to IYC, it can reach the 12-knot mark, which is twice as fast as a person on a bicycle. There are two types of sailing yachts: classic and modern. Classic sailing yachts are ideal for a small number of people, while modern sailing yachts accommodate many people.

4. Commercial Yacht

A commercial yacht is any yacht used for trade or commerce. For you to operate a commercial yacht, you must carry no more than 12 passengers. Also, if you decide to use your yacht for commercial reasons, it is preferred that it should be 78 feet long. Since different registration bodies have different length requirements, check with them before turning your yacht into a commercial one.

3. Motor Yacht

A motor yacht relies on one or two engines for propulsion. It is generally a spacious yacht, making it ideal for providing endless amenities for its users. Some amenities you may find in this yacht are bars, cinemas, spas, pools, and many other amenities. Due to the presence of pools, you can expect to get a variety of water toys.

2. Superyacht

A superyacht is any yacht that measures 78 feet and above in length. It is mainly used for private purposes. Normally, it accommodates 6 to 12 guests, which is not a high number, making it ideal for families. If you want to hire one, you can decide to go with a superyacht powered by sail or motor. Since it is an enormous yacht, it needs a lot of crew members to maintain it. Some crew members responsible for maintaining this yacht belong to the deck, engineering, and interior departments. Maintenance of this yacht occurs at sea and even out of the sea. Besides maintaining the yacht, the crew can supply you with toys like waterslides, sea pools, and trampolines upon your request.

1. Mega Yacht

A mega yacht typically measures over 260 feet in length. Since it is bigger than a superyacht, it can accommodate more than 12 passengers. However, the owner of the mega yacht may be required to have special licenses to allow them to carry more than 12 guests. Also, its gigantic size means it will have more crew members. As a result, you will enjoy rapid services. There are mega yachts that are designed for speed and long distances. So, it is up to you to hire the right mega yacht.


Even though there is no standard definition of a yacht, hopefully, this listicle will help you know what a yacht is. Since yachts can be used for different purposes, it is easy for some people to hire any yacht. Even though various yachts may look similar, be sure to find out whether you can use them for fishing or cruising. Besides understanding what the yacht offers functionality-wise, it is also essential to consider the size of your family or friends. If you have a small family, hiring a mega yacht is unnecessary.

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