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A Closer Look at Feadship Superyacht Vertigo


Very few purchases can cement a person’s status as much as a yacht. These ships impress upon viewers the supreme style, confidence, wealth, and sophistication of the owner. While yachts range in size, larger yachts tend to offer superior comfort and features. These superyachts are able to provide spacious accommodations and lounging areas, as well as a wide variety of features for entertainment and recreation. Superyachts provide passengers with a well-rounded cruise experience.

However, such incredible experiences are not cheap. Chartering or purchasing a superyacht is a highly expensive venture, so individuals should be certain about their choice before proceeding. In order to have confidence in choosing a yacht, a person should look at the shipyard where it was constructed. One shipyard that is recognized as an industry leader is Feadship. Not only has this company produced consistently impressive ships; it also has a long history that dates back to 1849. Since this time, the company has produced over 250 custom yachts. This award-winning brand has been responsible for some of the industry’s most important innovations. It is a partnership of several Dutch shipyards. Their combined resources allow Feadship to routinely create award-winning vessels.

One ship that is sure to make an immediate impact on the yacht industry is the Vertigo by Feadship. This large superyacht is currently under construction, and features an innovative design. As well, its accommodations and entertainment features rival even the most highly-regarded superyachts on the market. With Vertigo, Feadship continues its legacy of building industry leading ships.



This superyacht hosts spacious accommodations and an abundance of features. In order to combine such options without crowding, it is quite large. The ship is 96 meters in length, and boasts 6 tastefully appointed guest decks that are replete with every luxury imaginable. As well, there are 7 guest cabins and two additional convertible cabins that provide accommodations for up to 18 guests. This ship is set to become Feadship’s newest industry leading yacht.

Its exterior is incredibly elegant and sophisticated. It was designed by Redman Whitely Dixon, and is defined by graceful, large, and sweeping curves. Further, it features Feadship’s characteristic flared bow. The interior of the yacht was designed by Paris-based Chahan Interior Design. The gorgeous interior is defined by spaciousness, style, and the generous use of natural lighting. Warm colors and luxurious materials ensure that the ship is both welcoming and sophisticated.

Accommodations and Comfort

While those interested in a superyacht may look forward to the amenities and entertainment features, the accommodations of the Vertigo are an attraction in themselves. The ship boasts 7 gorgeous guest cabins, each of which is thoughtfully designed. In addition, there are quarters for up to 34 crew members. In addition to its wide range of exciting features, this yacht has spared no expense on creating the most luxurious cabins possible.

Vertigo’s accommodations were crafted in collaboration with an experienced yacht owner, ensuring that they are open and spacious. The most impressive cabin is, naturally, the Owner’s Suite. This expansive suite features its own lounge, large wardrobe, and his-and-hers bathrooms. In addition, it was designed with incredible wraparound windows for the perfect view. As well, there are two spacious VIP Staterooms and four Double Cabins available for friends and family. The ship also contains two additional convertible cabins. Each cabin comes equipped with en suite facilities.

While the ship’s accommodations are so lovely that they are nearly a resort in themselves, the yacht features several wonderful areas for lounging and relaxing. Most notably, this includes the large main saloon, which features a large lounge, full bar, and formal dining area. The Bridge Deck is also perfect for relaxing, as it was designed as a club lounge. It features generous seating, massive windows, a full bar, humidor, and grand piano. In addition to the indoor lounge areas, the exterior decks of the ship are excellent for soaking in the sunshine or enjoying al fresco dining.

There are also several enjoyable features outside of the accommodations and lounge areas. Most importantly, this includes a gorgeous infinity pool constructed of reinforced glass that is located in the main deck aft. This pool actually forms the ceiling for the beach club below. Additional features include the at-anchor stabilizers to ensure a comfortable and smooth on-board experience, and the gorgeous woods, leathers, and marbles that were used in the construction of the ship.



While the Vertigo has rightfully garnered a great deal of praise for its luxurious accommodations and versatile lounging areas, it also comes equipped with a wide range of entertainment options. For streaming music, movies, and videos, as well as keeping up with friends and family, the ship comes equipped with fast wireless Internet access.

As well, the ship boasts several large televisions and impressive sound systems. This includes a cutting-edge entertainment system located in each of the guest cabins. In addition to these options that allow for personal or small group entertainment, the ship includes its own movie theater. Perfect for larger groups, this theater is a wonderful option for enjoying luxury and entertainment with friends and family.

Just as with its thoughtful layout and accommodations, Feadship has left no stone unturned when it comes to the yacht’s entertainment systems. From personal devices to a large movie theater, the Vertigo comes equipped with entertainment options to keep every passenger happy and preoccupied while cruising.



Not only does the Vertigo host incredible accommodations and a wide range of entertainment options, it also comes equipped with gear and toys that will provide guests with a great deal of fun and excitement on the water.

Most impressively, the yacht hosts four luxurious tenders. These include a 10-meter custom Feadship Limousine, a 10-meter custom Feadship Open Tender, a 7-meter X-Craft Tender, and a 5.7-meter X-Craft Tender. Further, there are a wide array of toys for playing in the water, as well as included gear for exploring beneath the surface.

Although most guests would be satisfied with luxurious accommodations, expansive lounge areas, and a wide range of entertainment features, the Vertigo also provides many options for recreation.


What truly sets the ship apart from other comparable superyachts is its incredible array of leisure facilities. This remarkable superyacht ensures that passengers are properly pampered with a massive beach club. Located at sea level, this beach club is located directly below the stunning glass infinity pool. Its revolutionary design features three fold-down balconies. It leads directly to a spa with a fully functional massage studio and steam room.

In addition, the Sundeck also features a fully equipped gym. From lifting weights to practicing yoga, the Vertigo ensures that guests need not deviate from their fitness programs. This is a superyacht that concerned not only with providing guests with a great deal of fun and excitement, but also ensuring that the cruise experience is relaxing and luxurious.




- Length: 96 meters
- Beam: 14.5 meters
- Gross Tonnage: 2999 tonnes
- Configuration: Displacement
- Superstructure: Aluminum
- Hull: Steel


- Guests: 18
- Crew: 34
- Bedrooms: 1 Owner’s Suite, 2 VIP Suites, 4 Double Cabins, 2 Convertible Cabins


- Max: 17 knots
- Cruising: 15 knots


The Vertigo is a combination of the greatest possible style, comfort, entertainment, recreation, and leisure. As such, it can be expected to come with a significant price tag. The actual price is available upon application. For those with the funds, a cruise aboard the Vertigo will be an unforgettable experience. The ship is set to be launched in early 2017.



Feadship is a company that is renowned worldwide for its incredibly luxurious and innovative superyachts. The Vertigo is set to continue this tradition into 2017. With guest cabins that are both spacious and comfortable, passengers will be sure to have a relaxing stay on the ship. As well, a great deal of fun can be had with the yacht’s entertainment system and recreational features. This superyacht is as impressive on the inside as it is stunning on the outside.

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