A Closer Look at The The 140-foot Boating Marvel “Adastra

Adastra 140

Yachting enthusiasts will be able to appreciate the craft we’re highlighting this week. The Adastra is a Trimaran that commands the full attention of those that observe it cruising through the waters. It’s made multiple trips across the waters of the globe. The unique aesthetic combines the wonders we fantasize about from the depths of the sea to the mysteries of the planets in outer space. It captures the imagination with a nod to the ocean beneath and the stars in the heavens above us. The Adastra is worthy of an up-close look at its merits. We take a peek at it on the outside and the inside to fully appreciate all the amenities and uniqueness of the yacht.

The triple hull Adastra Super Yacht at a glance

When you first view the Adastra, the first thought that comes to mind is that it resembles a spaceship traveling across the water. The Robb Report brought this craft to our attention, pointing out the ways that it stands out from all other superyachts cruising the seas. It’s a one-of-a-kind vessel that was delivered to its first owner in 2012. It’s a trimaran yacht that features an exterior design that is streamlined in a V shape with wings that resembles a starfighter. It’s a well-balanced craft that is trimmed in silver to give it a powerful appearance of a spaceworthy jet, but it’s a seaworthy watercraft. It’s nothing short of a masterpiece in design. This is just the first impression.

The history of the Adastra

Ship Technology  reports that the Adastra was ordered by Anto Marden, a shipping baron based in Hong-Kong. The design team was John Shuttleworth Yacht Designs through the McConaghy Boats shipyards, along with Orion Shutlleworth Design. Jepsen Designs of Hong Kong provided additional input into the overall design concept. The Adastra’s concept was tested for wave impact through a computer model with a thorough analysis of its seaworthiness before the building of the structure commenced. The ship was built in Zhuhai, China at a McConaghy Boats facility, launching in April of 2012. The reported cost at completion was $15 million. It was used by the recipients to travel between their real estate between two Indonesian islands.

A closer look at the Adastra superyacht

The Adastra’s stunning profile is the first feature to pique our attention, but there is much more to know. The length of the superyacht is 140 ft with a trimaran hull, making it seaworthy for use in rough ocean waters. The structure is made of a Nomex honeycomb core combined with carbon fiber for strength, durability, and lightness. The hull construction features an epoxy resin infusion with skins of E-glass and Kevlar for additional strength and durability. A shallow draft gives the ship additional range in the areas it can safely traverse. On the inside, cabinets are oak veneered with canon and E-glass honeycomb panels throughout. The fully customized yacht features a maximized interior with an engineering design that lessens the carbon footprint left compared with other yachts of its size. It only uses a seventh of the fuel amount used by conventional motorized yachts. It also has a lightweight design for hydrodynamic efficiency. Performance and stability also conform to high standards. This is in part due to the use of carbon fiber for all possible components including hinges, portlights, ladders, hatches, and more.

The interior rooms feature rounded ceilings with ceiling windows that let in plenty of natural light. The wraparound styling of the windows combined with the skylights is one of our favorite features for the interior. Every inch of space is maximized to create a spacious open area with a Scandinavian-themed interior that is minimalist, yet comfortable. The luxury yacht offers additional space for use by occupants throughout the flared main hull that spreads out over the water beneath. The theme of natural light is perpetuated by the use of a neutral color palette and honey-colored woods for the floors and other components of the cabin.

Available space

The Adastra is designed to accommodate nine passengers in addition to providing room for six crew members. To the aft is the full-beam master cabin, with two guest cabins near the engine compartment and the galley. Guests may enjoy lounging on the large sunbed on the foredeck. A diving platform is revealed with the garage door is folded out.

An award-winning craft

The Adastra became the recipient of the World Superyacht Award for most innovative design for 2013. This was just one more accolade with multiple award-winning designer, John Shuttleworth of Britain. The Adastra has a 10,000-mile nautical range when cruising at 10 knots. The top speed is 23 knots, powered by a Caterpillar C18 engine with 1,150 horsepower. The average cruising speed for the Adastra is 17 knots. In addition to the Cat engine, the Adastra is equipped with three onboard generators, and 2 Yanmar outrigger engines, powering the generators. Freshwater is supplied by two watermakers that produce 800 gallons per hour to ensure that the 730-gallon freshwater tanks remain full. The Adastra is currently listed for sale through Burgess Yachts for an asking price of $10 million.

Final thoughts

The Adastra is a one-off craft and is not one that you can find listed for sale by the owner. It has served its purpose for the original owners, making a decade’s worth of trips across the oceans of the planet. It’s now up for sale and ready for its next fortunate owner. This is arguably one of the most interesting custom yachts on the planet today. It artfully combines the concept of space travel with ocean exploration to provide a double dose of fantasy fodder for the imagination. To get down to more practical matters, it’s a seaworthy vessel that offers reliability in a luxury setting for the right owner that could benefit from the enjoyment of ownership.

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