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A Closer Look at Eric Clapton's Yacht Va Bene

Eric Clapton's Va Bene

Think of what you and your friends do during your free time and then change that picture to what you would do if you had money. Money limits us in everything; for instance even if you know what a balanced meal is and the importance of eating one, it does not matter if you do not have the money to buy all that you need to eat a balanced diet. Even the kind of sports ordinary kids engage themselves in is not the same as those from wealthy families. While you cycle around the block taking turns since probably not all of your friends have a bicycle, rich kids will be taken to a ranch to ride a horse, and perhaps their parents will buy a pony for them to take home. It is the differences in our lives that help run the world because if all of us were rich, no one would work, and the economy would be a mess. That is not to say we should not aim high and also have a taste of fine living and dining; buy a yacht and go cruising for a few months for a change instead of taking a road trip. Eric Clapton had the luxury of doing so on a boat that was not even his and today he is a multimillionaire with a net worth of $250 million according to Superyacht Fan so maybe our time is coming. Although Eric later owned the yacht, let's take a look at the boat in question and how Eric came about to buy it.

History of Va Bene

The story of Va bene does not start with Eric Clapton, and neither will it end with him seeing that the boat is listed as available for sale. Looking at it you can hardly tell that it is 27 years old, but that is how long Va Ben has been in existence ever since it was commissioned by a Greek sailing enthusiast in 1992. The yacht went ahead to be built by Kees Cornelissen, a Dutch company recognized for its experience in building luxury boats. The sailing enthusiast decided to get rid of the boat and put it up for sale where Bernie Ecclestone bought it in 1997. Bernie is a multibillionaire, and he bought the yacht for $35 million. He named the boat "Petara" after two of his daughters by combining the names of Petara and Tamara.

Eric Clapton buys the boat

For the average citizen, hanging out with friends means going to a club for a wild night out or maybe catching a movie at the theaters. However, for those who are privileged, unwinding means going all out and Eric is one not to spare any expense after traveling the world to make money with his band. In 2005, Eric thought about taking a breather from the rock star life, and he chartered the yacht.

Along with his friends, Eric cruised the Mediterranean, and he enjoyed the experience so much that upon getting back he had to borrow money for the first time in his life to have her, as detailed by CNN. It reminds you of an impulsive teenager who falls hopelessly in love with a girl that he would do anything to take her out and ask her to be his girlfriend.

Eric bought the boat and stayed with it for two years before taking it for a refit. He chose a UK service provider so that he could be close enough to monitor the work but also because he is patriotic and wanted to support his country by buying British products. Consequently, Pendennis Shipyard began working on the refit which was initially set to be completed in three months but the period doubled, but it stayed within the time limit that ensured Eric had the yacht in the month set aside to be with his family on holiday.

What does Va Bene have?

Eric parted with 9 million Euros in 2005, and since the boat still ended up needing a touch here and there, it makes you question what he fell in love with on the boat to spend millions on it. The renovation was done to ensure that the boat was changed to reflect his taste and the minute you set foot on the boat you cannot mistake to see Eric's live for art with Club Yacht describing Va Bene as a floating art gallery. You not only notice small oil paintings of Venice but his collection of marble sculptures, ceramic vases, and abstract canvasses are impressive.

Nowadays, when people talk of cleansing their body, mind, and soul, it has become important also to go off grid as evidenced by celebrities who delete their social media accounts and switch off their phones for a while. For most of us, leaving your phone at home is equivalent to leaving your soul behind, and you would rather be late for work than go ahead without your mobile phone. It is for this reason that Eric installed Wi-Fi on Va Bene to ensure his guests felt at home while on board.

Other amenities also include exercise equipment to keep himself, and the guests fit, a jacuzzi to relax in, and an air conditioning unit to keep the temperatures bearable. While anchored, Va Bene is well at rest thanks to the stabilizers. Cruising on Va Bene is enabled by the two Caterpillar engines that can reach a maximum speed of 18 knots and a cruising speed of 16 knots. Her fuel capacity is 84,000 liters meaning Eric has to spend millions of dollars to keep a full tank.

Entertainment is taken to another for the music and movie fans. You are not forced to listen to the owner's choice of music. Instead, with the Arcam iPod docking station, everyone onboard has a chance to enjoy their songs from their music library. As for the ultimate movie experience, the Panasonic Viera flat screen televisions are enough to catch up on that film you have been putting away for so long; after all, you have all the time in the world while on the Va Bene considering that you are moving at 16 knots.

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